Denny's Tour Photos Featuring John Inman and Nicholas Smith (AYBS)

(Left to right) me, Ron (John's partner), John and ? (one of the Pledge producers at WHYY)

"I had just designed and produced this new t-shirt as a pledge premium and John and I introduced it to PBS at WHYY in Philadelphia in 1997. We traveled together for about 7 or 8 stations and used the shirt at every one of them."

"We were in the green room trying to figure out what wording John would use to introduce the new shirt as a Pledge premium."

"Again, in the green room at WHYY trying to do our best to work out the shirt and pledge."



"These photos of Nic are the ones we used while we were on tour, I think in 2000. He is a fabulous guy and his wife Mary is real sweet. You couldn't ask for two nicer people."
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