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Born on February 26, 1905 in Petersfield, Hamphire, England.
Birth Name: Frederick Arthur Baker
Spouse: Elizabeth Addyman (1929-1978); has one daughter Joanna.
Married at Seaford Parish Church on July 29, 1929.
Height: 5'2"
Died on May 28, 1978 in Folkstone, Kent, England.


TV Appearances

(1976)London Conspiracy (Moorehead)

(1975)Royal Flash (King Ludwig of Bavaria)

All 3 images ©Two Roads Productions/Twentieth Century Fox

(1974)"Bless This House" - Money Is the Root Of...(Mr. Sayers )

(1973)The Adventurer-I'll Get There Sometime (Uncredited)
© Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1973)"Upstairs, Downstairs"- A House Divided (Stallinbrass)

All images ©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1972)"Doctor in Charge" - The Long, Long Night (Medical Officer of Health)
(1972)"Jason King"- The Constance Missal (Jenkins)

(1971)"The Persuaders!"- Greensleeves (Moorehead)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1971)"Doctor at Large" - The Viva(Mr. Begley)
(1970)"Doomwatch" - Invasion (Sandy Larch)

(1970)"Dad's Army" - A Wilson (Mr. Boyle-Manager)
Both images ©BBC

(1970)"The Adventures of Don Quick" - The Quick and the Dead (Odin)
(1970)"Fraud Squad" - Robbing Peter... to Pay Paul (Peter Taylor)

(1969)"Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)" - That's How Murder Snowballs (Snowy)
©Ghost Productions

(1968)"Sanctuary" Magistrate- To Err Is Human (Magistrate)
(1968)"Public Eye" - Have Mud, Will Throw (Rowan)
(1967)"Champion House" (Reg Hapsley)
(1966)"Blackmail" - The Haunting of Aubrey Hopkiss
(1966)"Adam Adamant Lives!" - The Terribly Happy Embalmers (Mr. Percy)
(1965)"Z Cars" -Checkmate (Josh Oldroyd)
(1962)"Z Cars"- Further Enquiries (Mr. Jevons)
(1960)"Barnaby Rudge" - Ep 1.1 (John Willet)
(1960)"Death of a Ghost" (Chief Superintendent Oates)
(1960)The Challenge (Landlord) Appeared opposite Jayne Mansfield
(1959)The Night We Dropped a Clanger (Admiral Bewdly)

(1956)The Green Man (Landlord)

Both images ©Grenadier Films Ltd.

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AYBS Stats

Menswear Department

AYBS timeframe : 1972-1977


"Dear Sexy Knickers"
"Our Figures Are Slipping"
"Camping In"
"His and Hers"
"Diamonds Are a Man's Best Friend"
"The Clock"
"Cold Comfort"
"The Think Tank"
"Big Brother"
"Hoorah for the Holidays"
"The Hand of Fate"
"Coffee Morning"
"Up Captain Peacock"
"Cold Store"
"Wedding Bells"
"German Week"
"Shoulder to Shoulder"
"New Look"
"Christmas Crackers"
"No Sale"
"Top Hat and Tails"
"Forward Mr. Grainger"
"Fire Practice"
"Fifty Years On"
"Oh What a Tangled Web"
"The Father Christmas Affair"
"Mrs. Slocombe Expects"
"A Change Is as Good as a Rest"
"Founder's Day"
"The Old Order Changes"
"Goodbye Mr. Grainger"
"It Pays to Advertise"


Magazine/Newspaper Covers/Articles

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(1973)"Are You Being Served?" - Camping In (Sang with group: "Keep The Home Fires Burning").



AYBS Facts/Trivia

-Was a problem, much to the amusement of the cast in the canteen, when custard or spaghetti was his meal since they kept getting caught in his teeth. :-)







Real Life Facts/Trivia

-Appeared with Avril Angers in "The Green Man".

-Had been retired 13 years prior to getting the role of Mr. Grainger on AYBS.

-Started a repertory theater in Folkestone, Kent ("Arthur Brough Players") in 1929 until 1969 spanning 40 years!

-His wife, Elizabeth, died on Easter in 1978 and he died about 2 months later.

-First job choice was to be a teacher (schoolmaster), but ended up working in a solicitor's office before going into acting.

-Enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1940; helped in the evacuation of Dunkirk. Served in H.M.S. Calpe. Left the Navy in 1945.

-Decided to become an actor at 12 years old.

-Completed R.A.D.A. in 1927 and worked in Ben Geet's Shakespeare Company.

-John Inman and Arthur Brough both were cremated/buried respectively at Golders Green Crematorium.





(Nov 19, 1976)Morison Son & Jones-Dover branch was opened by Arthur Brough.

Plays/TV Plays

(1967)Half a Sixpence (shopkeeper)-Appeared with Tommy Steele.

(1965)"The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre" - Dead Man's Chest (Groves)
© Merton Park Studios

Image in this section used with permission from:

(July 9, 1962)The Broken Heart (minor role) (Chichester Festival Theatre (Program)(Review)
(July 3, 1962)The Chances (old lecher)

(1960)"ITV Television Playhouse"
- The New Man (Mason)
-The Bush and the Tree (Chairman)

"Kipps" (Shalford)-After appearing in "She Stoops to Conquer" he was discovered by Laurence Olivier who casted him in "Kipps".

(Nov 26, 1961)-BBC Sunday Night Play-"She Stoops to Conquer" (Hardcastle)

(1955-1956) The Undesirable Residence (Little Theatre in Bristol)

Nov 25, 1952-1959)The Mousetrap (Ambassadors Theatre and St Martin’s Theatre (London).

(1947-48)The Winslow Boy (Little Theatre in Bristol)

(1941)Shepherd's Bush (Empire Theatre) (Anne Shelton also made an appearance).

(Sept 26-27, 1926)The Taming of the Shrew (Servant) (Apollo in London)

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