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Born on May 9, 1919 in Aldershot, Hampshire, England (UK).
Birth Name: Arthur Leslie Norman English
Height: 6'
Spouse (?-1975): Ivy English
Daughter: Clare-Louise English
Died on April 16, 1995 from Emphysema. Ashes are interred at Aldershot Crematorium.


TV Appearances

(1987)"Never Say Die" (Sid)
(1987)"High and Dry" (Fred Whattle)
(1985-1990) "In Sickness and in Health" (Arthur)

(1985)"Magnum, P.I." - Deja Vu: Parts 1+2 (Newspaper Seller)

(Acted alongside Tom Selleck!)

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All 4 images © Belisarius Productions/Glen A. Larson Productions

(1984)"Des O'Connor Tonight" May 21st episode
(1982)"The Gentle Touch" - Joker (Jimmy Ogden)

(1982) The Boys in Blue (Man on Motorbike)
©MAM Ltd./Apollo Leisure Group

(1982) "Maths Counts"
(????)"Smuggler" - In at the Death (Rummy Culbert)

(1981)Celebrity Playhouse-Pygmalion (Alfred Dolittle)

All 7 images©Yorkshire Television (YTV)

w/Robert Powell ----------and------- w/Twiggy

(1981)Boys in Blue (Man on motorbike)
(1979)"Everyday Maths"
----Cheap At Half The Price

---- Fast and Furious (Sam)
---- Try It for Size (Sam)
---- Say It with Figures: 2 (Sam)
---- Which Way to Go? (Sam)
---- Ten Per Cent Per Ted (Sam)
(1978)"Everyday Maths"
----Play Now, Pay Later (Sam)
----The Long and Short of It(Sam)
----A Number of Things(Sam)
----The Round Up(Sam)

(1978)"This Is Your Life"

Both images ©Thames Television International

(1976-1977)The Ghosts of Motley Hall" (Bodkin)

All 4 images ©Granada Television

(1976)"The Sweeney" - Taste of Fear(Tug Wilson)
(1974)"Crown Court"-Winklers
(1974)"How's Your Father?"( Ted Cropper)

(1974)"Thriller"-A Coffin for the Bride (Freddy)
(Acted alongside Helen Mirren!)
All 7 images ©Associated Television (ATV)

(1974)"Dixon of Dock Green" -Knocker (Knocker White)

(1974)Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (Cockney Spiv)
©Reg Grundy Productions Pty. Ltd.

(1973)"Doctor in Charge" - The Pool (Vincent)
(1973)Malachi's Cove(Jack Combes)
(1973)"Crown Court" - Murder Most Foul
(1973)Love Thy Neighbour (Carter)
(1973)"Barlow at Large" - Confidence (Hall Porter)

(1972)"Doctor in Charge" -The Devil You Know (Vincent)
©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1972)"Dixon of Dock Green" - The Loser (Tasty)
(1972)For the Love of Ada (Arthur)

(1971)"Follyfoot" (Click on banner to visit archived site)

(1971)"Doctor at Large" (Vincent)
---- Pull the Other One!
---- Operation Loftus
(1971)The Laughing Stock of Television
(1971)"Bless This House" - For Whom the Bell Tolls(Traffic Warden)

(1971)Percy (Pub Comic)

(1970)"Dixon of Dock Green" - The House in Albert Street(Knocker White)

(1970)"Dad's Army" - Absent Friends (Policeman)

Both images ©BBC

(1970)"Doctor in the House" (Vincent)
---- The Royal Visit
---- It's All in the Little Blue Book

All 3 images © London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1969)Friends in High Places (Second Angel)
(1969)"Galton and Simpson Comedy" - Friends in High Places (2nd Angel)
(1967)To Lucifer, a Son (Voice)

(1963)The Hi-Jackers (Bert)
©Butcher's Film Service

(1963) Echo of Diana (Punter)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS timeframe : 1976-1985


"Top Hat and Tails"
"Forward Mr. Grainger"
"Fire Practice"
"Fifty Years On"
"Oh What a Tangled Web"
"The Father Christmas Affair"
"Mrs. Slocombe Expects"
"A Change Is as Good as a Rest"
"Founder's Day"
"The Old Order Changes"
"Goodbye Mr. Grainger"
"It Pays to Advertise"
"By Appointment"
"The Club"
"Do You Take This Man"?
"Shedding the Load"
"A Bliss Girl"
"Happy Returns"
"The Junior"
"Strong Stuff, This Insurance"
"The Apartment"
"Mrs. Slocombe, Senior Person"
"The Hero"
"Anything You Can Do"
"The Agent"
"The Punch and Judy Affair"
"Is It Catching"?
"A Personal Problem"
"Front Page Story"
"Sit Out"
"Heir Apparent"
"Closed Circuit"
"The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe"
"The Sweet Smell of Success"
"Conduct Unbecoming"
"Memories Are Made of This"
"Calling All Customers"
"Monkey Business"
"Lost and Found"
"Goodbye, Mrs. Slocombe"
"Grounds for Divorce"
"The Hold-Up"
"Gambling Fever"
"The Night Club"
"Friends and Neighbours"
"The Pop Star"

(1977)Are You Being Served? -The Movie (Mr. Beverley Harman)

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Arthur English wrote an Autobiography with Linton Mitchell called "Through the Mill and Beyond" in 1989 with a foreword by Sir Harry Secombe.
Published: 1989
Publisher: Basingstoke Press
ISBN 0 9514492 0 6

View pages from book here:

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Variety Bandbox (BBC)

FollyFoot Facts/Trivia


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Real Life Based

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-Enlisted in the Army and reach Sergeant status.

-Was a painter and decorator.

-Was President of the Aldershot Town Football Club and created a club badge for them.

Here are some pictures of him used with permission from Aldershot Town Football Club :

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TV Plays

(1983)"Play for Today"- Wayne and Albert (Albert)



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"On this occasion he was at The Oval on the fourth and, as it turned out, last day of the 6th Ashes Test. England won this match by an innings an 94 runs (!) and the series 3-1."

Photograph and caption by John Oram (Used with permission).



Old Tyme Music Hall

(Image above used with permission from Cindy who runs

    Meet Mr. Tombs
Palace Theater (Plymouth)  
Chiswick Empire  

(1968-1969) Aladdin at the Weymouth Pavilion

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(1982-1983) Babes in the Wood at the Ashcroft Theatre Croydon

(1986-1987) Cinderella at the Princes Hall Aldershot

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West End School Circa 1926


"Back Row 3rd From Right Is Arthur English. I Believe That 3rd Row, 3rd From Right Could Be My Gran' Ruby Greenwood Who Was The Same Age As Arthur & Was In His Class & Front Row 3rd From The Left Ruby's Brother Jack, Who Was One Of Arthur's Friends."

(Image and info used with permission from Pete).