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Known Name Variations: Ahmed Kahlil/Ahmed Khahil/Ahmed Khail



TV Appearances

(2011)Kayd El Nisaa (Adawiya)
(2010)Al-Gamaa's (Ali Maher Pasha)
(2010)Reesh Naam
(2006)Children of Streets
(2004)"Ya ward meen yeshtereek"
(2004)"Mahmoud Al-Masri"
(2004)The Hamburg Cell (Mohammed el-Amir)
(2003)"Malak rohi" (Abdel Majid Rateb)
(2001)Gana el bian el taly
(1997)Shooting Fish (Prince Ahmed)
(1997)El Katl El-laziz (Ahmed)
(1993)Son of the Pink Panther (Otter pilot)
(1993)Crime Story (Suhail Sindi)
(1992-1993)The Good Guys (Ajit Singh)
(1992)Civvies Ep 1.2 (Raoul Al Mohammed)
(1991)"Specials" Ep 1.12

(1991)"The Piglet Files"- Trouble with Reception (Bishwani Ambassador)
©LWT London Weekend Television

(1989)"Saracen"- Girls' Talk (Bassam)
(1989)"The Bill"- Pressure (Mr. Shah)
(1988)Screen Two-Lucky Sunil (Mandeep)
(1985)"The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" (Mr. Singh)

(1985)"Mr. Palfrey of Westminster"- Music of a Dead Prophet (Sheik)
©Thames Television

(1984)"The Irish R.M."- A Royal Command (Mr. Kangari)
©Channel 4 Television Corporation

(1983)"Auf Wiedersehen, Pet"- Home Thoughts from Abroad (Indian Waiter)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)/Central Independent Television/ Witzend Productions

(1983)"The Old Men at the Zoo" (Sultan Neri)
(1983)The Nation's Health (Nurse Balg)
(1983)Grange Hill-Choices (Mr. Singh)
(1982)"Doctor Who"- Black Orchid: Part 1+2 (Latoni)

(1981)"Only Fools and Horses"- Cash and Curry (Vimmal Malik)
All 3 images ©BBC

(1981)"The Chinese Detective"- Release (Jamshid Kamal)
(1980)"Watch All Night" (Colonel Ferrata)
(1980)The Gentle Touch (Kumar Gupte)

(1979)"Minder" - The Bengal Tiger (Aslam)
©Euston Films

(1979)"Mind Your Language"- I Belong to Glasgow (Sheikh El Hamid)
(1979)Suez 1956 (Ahmed Hussein)
(1978)The Thief of Baghdad (Melon Seller)
(1978)Parables-Britannia Mansions (Abdullah)
(1976)Well Anyway-Be That As It May (Paraguayan Officer)

(1976-1978)"Gangsters" (Khan)
All 3 images ©BBC

(1974+1976)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"

(1975)"Quiller"- Political Jungle (Carlos)
(1975)Six Days of Justice-Belonging (Mr. Stone)
(1969)"Paul Temple"- Who Dies Next (Indian Student)

(1968)"Sherlock Holmes"- The Sign of Four (Lal Rao)

(1968)The Devil's Bride/The Devil Rides Out (Indian)
Both images ©Associated British-Pathé

(1964)"Crossroads" (Arif Malik)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1976

Episode: "Fire Practice"




Production Assistant

(2010)Nova-Riddles of the Sphinx


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Contact Info

20 Garrick Street
Covent Garden
London WC2E 9BT
United Kingdom




TV Plays

(1975)"Play for Today"- Gangsters (Khan)
(1975)Six Days of Justice-Belonging (Mr. Stone)
(1972)"BBC Play of the Month"- King Oedipus (Soldier)