Here are some artwork from AYBS Fans as well as some AYBS cast members themselves. If you have any artwork to share, let me know! Thanks.



(Lego images above used with permission from Caterina Valente).


Fan Drawings

See a larger size image of the artwork here

(The artwork images and text above has been used with permssion of Katie Arrington who runs a blog at

(The artwork image above has been used with permission of Stephanie Staahs-Roquet).

Many AYBS-related cutouts made by a fan

(Cutout images ©Anita Barbour)

Cast Members

Doodles from AYBS Cast/Crew


Trevor Bannister (Mr. Lucas)


Nicholas Smith (Mr Rumbold)


David Croft (Writer)

Frank Thornton (For a charity)

"This shows just how much I can do any form of art drawing!" (Signed Frank Thornton)

Paintings from AYBS Cast

Fleur Bennett (Mavis Moulterd) 

Artwork for a cat named 'Pea'.

Artwork for a cat named Milly.

(A very sincere thanks to Ms. Fleur Bennett for the above 2 images).


I would like to give credit to whomever drew this awesome picture! Please email me if you are the artist or you know who drew this so I can proper recognition. Thanks!