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Born on August 6, 1904 in Margate, Kent, England (UK).
Birthname: Ballard Blascheck
Known Name Variations: Ballard Barclay/Ballard Berkley
Died on January 16, 1988.


TV Appearances

(1989)The BFG ( Head Of The Army-voice)
©Cosgrove Hall Films/ The Cannon Group

(1987)"Terry and June"
--- They Also Serve (Sir Arthur Forster-Carter)
---Swingtime (Colonel Culpepper)
(1987)Me and My Girl-Marriage in Haste (Major D'Arcy Pendleton)
(1986)"Dramarama" - Last Days of Black Berts

(1985-1986)"Fresh Fields" - Happy Returns (Guy Penrose)
©Thames Television

(1985)National Lampoon's European Vacation (Second English Motorist)
©Warner Bros. Pictures

(1984)"That's My Boy" - Unfair Dismissal(Commander Buckley)
(1983)"Hi-De-Hi!" - Empty Saddles (Gentleman)
(1983)Bullshot Crummond (Hotel Guest)
(1982)"Terry and June" - Swingtime (Colonel Culpepper)
(1982)Kelly Monteith Ep 4.1
(1982)Janet and Company-Ep 2.1

(1981)"To the Manor Born" - Connections in High Places(Greville Hartley)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1980)"The Goodies"
---- A Kick in the Arts (Chairman of the British Olympic Committee)
---- Saturday Night Grease
(1980)Little Lord Fauntleroy(Sir Harry)
(1980)The Wildcats of St. Trinian's(Humphry Wills)
(1979)Queen of the Blues (Uncle Fred)
(1979)Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (Judge)
(1978)Happy Ever After-Christmas Special (Lucy's Suitor)
(1978)The Playbirds (Trainer)
(1977)"Just William" - William and the Sleeping Major(Major Franklin)
(1977)Citizen Smith-The Path of True Love (Sid)
(1977)Mr. Big-Going Straight (Hotel Manager)
(1977)The Many Wives of Patrick-Engaged Signal (Smythe-Robinson)

(1977)New Avengers-Dirtier by the Dozen (Colonel Foster)
©The Avengers Enterprises, TF1, IDTV Production

(1976)Confessions of a Driving Instructor (Lord Snodley)
©Columbia Pictures

(1976)Mike Yarwood in Persons Ep for Dec 27, 1976
(1976)The New Avengers-Dirtier by the Dozen (Colonel Foster)

(1975-1979)"Fawlty Towers" (Major Gowen)

All images ©BBC

(1973)"Oh, Father!" - Sufficient Unto the Day (Dr. Grant)

(1973)A Picture of Katherine Mansfield-Ep 1.5 (Colonel)

Both images ©BBC

(1972)"Bless This House" - Strangers in the Night (Group Captain)
(1972)Scoop-The Stitch Service (General Crutwell)
(1972)The Shadow of the Tower-A Fly in the Ointment (Tyrrel)
(1970)Concerto per pistola solista (Peter/butler)
(1970-1973)"Father Dear Father"
(1969)The Main Chance-Body and Soul(Major Dibbyn)
(1969)Hadleigh-A Meory of Time Past (Lord Cranford)
(1969)All Gas and Gaiters-The Bishop Has a Flutter (Lord Ringmould)

(1968) "Sherlock Holmes" - The Hound of the Baskervilles: Part 1 (Sir Charles Baskerville)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1968)"Detective" - Dover and the Deadly Poison Pen Letters(Assistant Commissioner)
(1968) Hostile Witness (Clerk of Court)
(1968)Mum's Boys-Tune on an Old Fiddle
(1968)Sexton Blake-The Red Swordsman: Part 1 The First Matador (John Pollock)

(1966)The Night Caller/Blood Beast from Outer Space (Cmdr. Savage)
©Armitage Film Productions Ltd./New Art Productions/Harris Associates

(1965)"Sherlock Holmes" - The Illustrious Client(Sir James Damery)
(1965)The Murder Game (Sir Colin Chalmers)
(1965)"United!" (Dr. Newkes)
(1965)Blood Beast from Outer Space (Cmdr. Savage)
(1964-1966)Dr. Finlay's Casebook
(1964)"Swizzlewick"-The Bodies (Maj. Lamb)
(1963)"Maigret" - A Man Condemned (Dr. Pardon)
(1963)Impact (Bill MacKenzie)

(1963)A Matter of Choice (Charles Grant)

Both images © Holmwood/George Maynard Productions

(1963)Ghost Squad-The Retirement of the Gentle Dove (Lieber)
©Associated Television (ATV)

(1963)The Sentimental Agent-Finishing School (Doctor)
©Associated Television (ATV)

(1962)Brothers in Law-Solicitor's Instructions (Magistrate)
(1961-1962)"The Cheaters"
(1961)"The Cheaters" - Libel (Tyler)
(1961)"Dixon of Dock Green" - A Quiet, Ordinary Woman (Victor Dowson)
(1961)"Deadline Midnight" (Desmond)
(1961)The World of Tim Frazer-The Mellin Forest Mystery Part 4 (Chief Constable)
(1960-1962)No Hiding Place
(1960)"Dixon of Dock Green" - A Spot of Overtime (Mr. Briggs)
(1960)"On Trial"
(1960)Probabtion Officer Ep 1.38 (Guy Hunter)
(1960)Trouble in the Sky (Commissioner)
(1960)Knight Errant Limited-Eve and the Serpent (Pearson)
(1960)Cone of Silence (Commissioner)(uncredited)
(1959)"Dixon of Dock Green" -The Pyromaniac (Noakes)

(1959)"Invisible Man" - Play to Kill(Manton)

Both images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1958)"Ivanhoe" - The Swindler(Rand the Goldsmith)

(1958)Further Up the Creek (Whacker Payne)
(1958)Chain of Events(Stockman)
(1958)"Leave It to Todhunter" (Det. Chief Inspector Moresby)

(1958)"The Adventures of Robin Hood" -Roman Gold (Tybalt)
© Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1957)"Dixon of Dock Green" -A Little Bit of French (Joe Magnus)
(1958) The Man Who Sold Death (Inspector Gray)
(1958)The Man Who Wouldn't Talk(Court Clerk)
(1958)The Common Room-The Great Artist Bisoni (Vaughn)
(1957)"Dixon of Dock Green" - Presented in Court(Harry Bates)

(1957)Night of the Demon/Curse of the Demon(1st Reporter)
©Sabre Film Production

(1957)Just My Luck (Starter at Goodwood)
© The Rank Organisation

(1957)After the Ball (Andrews)
(1957)"The Buccaneers" - Dan Tempest Holds an Auction (Rafton)
(1957)The New Adventures of Charlie Chan-Charlie's Highland Fling (Runnals)
(1957)The Betrayal(Lawson)

(1957)Scotland Yard-Bullet from the Past (Inspector Berkeley)
©Merton Park Studios

(1956-1957)The Crim of the Century (Major Trump)
(1956-69)"Dixon of Dock Green"

(1956)"The Adventures of Sir Lancelot" - The Ferocious Fathers (Sir Urgan the Strong)

Both images ©Sapphire Films/ Incorporated Television Company (ITC)



(1956)"Dixon of Dock Green" -Didey's Dollar (Mac)

(1956)Passport to Treason (Inspector Thredgold)
© Mid Century Film Productions

(1956)Teenage Bad Girl/My Teenage Daughter (Magistrate)
Both images © Wilcox-Neagle

(1955)"The Adventures of Robin Hood"- Queen Eleanor (Count De Waldern)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1955)"Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents" - The Immigrant(Edward Preston)
(1955)See How They Run (Col. Warrington)
(1955)The Stolen Airliner (Mr. Head)
(1955)As I Was Saying-An Eye for Detail
(1954)Forbidden Cargo (Custom Officer)
(1954)Dangerous Cargo (Findley)
(1954)The Weak and the Wicked (Police Detective)

(1954)Delayed Action (Inspector Crane)
©Kenilworth Film Productions

(1954)The Men of Sherwood Forest (Walter)
©Hammer Film Productions

(1954)Child's Play (Dr. Nightingale)
(1954)Young and Willing (Police Detective)

(1953)Three Steps to the Gallows/White Fire (Haley)
© Tempean Films

(1953)Operation Diplomat (Inspector Austin)

(1953)The Blue Parrot (Supt. Chester)
© Association of Cinema Technicians (A.C.T.)

(1953)White Fire (Insp. Haley)
(1953)A Place of Execution-Eye for an Eye (Mr. Bradfield)
(1952)Circumstantial Evidence (Inspector Hall)

(1952)The Night Won't Talk (Inspector West)
© Corsair Pictures

(1952)The Big Frame
(1952)The Frightened Man
(1952)The Lost Hours
(1952)Evidence for Hire (Inspector Hall)
(1951)Mister Drake's Duck (Major Deans)

(1951)The Long Dark Hall (Police Supt. Maxey)

Both images ©Cusick International Films Inc. /London Film Productions, Five Ocean Films Ltd.

(1951)Blackmailed (Dr. McCormick)

(1949)Stage Fright (Sergeant Mellish)
© Warner Bros.

(1948)Third Time Lucky ( Bertram)
(1947)They Made Me a Fugitive/I Became a Criminal (Detective Inspector Rockliffe)
(1946)Quiet Weekend (Jim Brent)

(1942)In Which We Serve(Engineer Commander)
© Two Cities Films

(1940)The Flying Squad
©Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)

(1939)The Saint in London (Sir Richard Blake from MI5)
© RKO Radio Pictures

(1939)The Outsider

(1939)Dead Men Are Dangerous/Dangerous Masquerade
©Welwyn Studios


(1939)False Rapture(Diner)
(1938)There's Always Juliet (Dwight Houston)
(1937)The Last Adventurers (Fred Devlin)
(1937)Jenifer Hale (Richard)
(1936)East Meets West (Nazim)
(1934)White Ensign (Cortez)
(1930)The Chinese Bungalow (Richard Marquess)
(1930)London Melody(Jan Moor)

Images in this section used with permission from:
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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1983

Episode: "Memories Are Made of This"





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Real Life Based Facts/Trivia

-While serving as a Special Constable with the Metropolitan Police during WWII, he witnessed the blitz first hand and participated in telling the events..

-Was a big cricket fan.


TV Plays

(1975)"Wodehouse Playhouse"- Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court(Sir Alexander)
(1970)Comedy Playhouse-Haven of Rest (Col. Satchwell-Simpson)
(1967) "The Wednesday Play" - Message for Posterity (First Committee Member)
(1957)ITV Television Playhouse-Dangerous Cargo (Findley)
(1955)Rheingold Theatre-The Immigrant (Edward Preston)
(1950)BBC Sunday Night Theatre-The Faithful Heart (Waverly Ango)


(1938-1939)An Enemy of the People at Old Vic Theater
(1951)Les Parents Terribles/Intimate Relations at Strand Theater
(1950)Bonaventure (Vaudeville) at Vaudeville Theater



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