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Born April 23, 1925 in Islington,London, England (UK).
Full Name: Brenda Rose Cowling
Height: 5' 4½"
Died October 2, 2010 at the Entertainment Nursing home.



TV Appearances

(2005)"According to Bex" (Vox Pops)
- Stuck in the Middle with You
-Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
(2004)"Doctors"- Lest We Forget (Betty Harris)
(2004)"French and Saunders" Ep 6.1-6.5
(2004)"Holby City"- We'll Meet Again (Margaret Archer)
(2004)The Legend of the Tamworth Two (Mrs. Martin)

(2004)"Murder in Suburbia"- Episode 1.2 (Mrs. Kirkman)
©Carlton Television

(2004)"Jonathan Creek"- Gorgons Wood (Mrs. Thrimpson)

(2004)"Doctors and Nurses"- Hip Hop (Jean)
(2003)"The Last Detective"- Lofty (Old Lady)
(2002)Aka Albert Walker (Jean Crowley's Mother)
(2001)Bernard's Watch-Alien Times (Mrs. Tatchell)
(2000)"Doctors"- Pig in the Middle (Mrs. Warner)
(2000)I Love a 1970's Christmas
(2000)"Barbara"- Massage (Sarah)
(2000)Room to Rent (Church Lady)
(2000)Greenfingers (Book shop customer)
(2000)"Where the Heart Is"- Friends in Need (Martha)
(1999)"Babes in the Wood"- Ep 2.2 (Mourner)
(1998)"Get Real"- Hero (Neighbour)
(1997)"Goodnight Sweetheart"- The Bells Are Ringing (Miss Weatherell)
(1997)"Casualty"- Monday, Bloody Monday (Edith Brown)
(1997)The Detectives-Best Man (Bride's Grandmother)

(1996)"The Legacy of Reginald Perrin"- Episode 1.4 (Mrs. Wren/C.J's Housekeeper)

(1993)"The Upper Hand"- Tunnel of Love (The Nun)

(1991)Miss Marple-They Do It with Mirrors (Mrs. Rodgers)

Both images ©BBC/A&E

(1989+2002)"The Bill" (Flat Owner/Woman Neighbour)

(1988-1993)"You Rang, M'Lord?" (Mrs. Blanche Lipton)

(1987)A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery-Have His Carcase (Mrs. Lundy)
(1987)"The Charmer"-Gorse at the End (Chambermaid)
(1986)"T-Bag Strikes Again"- Ben and Bunty Badshot (Bunty Badshot)
(1986)Dream Lover (Hotel Manager)
(1986)London's Burning:The Movie (Man's wife)

(1985)"Oliver Twist"-Ep 1.7 (Nursemaid)

(1985)"The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" -Eps 1.4-1.6 (Matron)
(1985)"Lytton's Diary"- Come Uppance (Customer)
(1985-1987)In Sickness and in Health
---Together Again (Station Announcer-voice)
---Raffles (Lady Camper)
---Wedding Bells (Nora)
(1984)Murder Not Proven?-A Big Romping Boy (Bertha Hill)
(1984)Sharon and Elsie-Ep 1.2 (Waitress)

(1983)Octopussy (Schatzi)

Both images ©Danjaq

(1983)The Rainbow Coloured Disco Dancer (Midwife)
(1983)What a Carry On
(1982)The Ghost Downstairs (Woman in Fog)

(1982)"The Agatha Christie Hour"- The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife (Miss Draper)

All 3 images ©Thames Television

(1982)Pink Floyd-The Wall (Teacher)
©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

(1982)"Q.E.D."- The 4:10 to Zurich (Nun on the train)
(1982)Oliver Twist (Mrs. Bedwin)
(1982)"Stalky & Co." -The Last Term (Mother Yeo)
(1982)Jackanory Playhouse-The Magic of Monday (Washerwoman)
(1981)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"- The Last Roll Call (WVS Lady)
(1981)Sink or Swin-The Folk Club (Sonia's Mother)
(1981)"Nanny"- Innocent Party (Nanny Roberts)
(1981)You're Only Young Twice-Desirable Residence (Mrs. Hawkhead)
(1980)The Two Faces of Evil (Nurse Davies)

(1980)"Hammer House of Horror"- The Two Faces of Evil (Nurse Davies)

Both images © Chips Productions/Hammer Films/Cinema Arts International Production

(1980)"Shoestring"- The Mayfly Dance (Mrs. Margaret Billington)
(1980)"We, the Accused" (Mrs. Briscoll)
(1980)"How's Your Father?"- The Disco (Mrs. Grimshaw)
(1980)"Only When I Laugh"- Last Tango (Matron)

(1979)"The Old Curiosity Shop"-Ep 1.6 (Landlady)

Both images ©BBC

(1976+1979)"Sykes" (Molly Pickling/Sister)
(1979-1983)"Potter" (Jane)
(1979)Crime Story (Mrs. White)

(1978)International Velvet (Alice)
©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

(????)"Grange Hill"- Episode 9.10 (Shopkeeper)

(1977)"The Duchess of Duke Street" (Elsie Richards)

(1977)"Raffles"- A Bad Night (Mrs. Van Der Berg)

(1977)Jabberwocky (Mrs. Fishfinger)

Both images ©Python Films

(1977)The Black Panther
(1977)Happy Ever After-He Who Excavates Is Lost (Mrs. Robinson)
(1976)"Angels" (Staff Nurse)
(1976)"Shadows"- Time Out of Mind (Cook)
(1976)The Emigrants-Chances for the Children (Aunt Rose)

(1975)Carry on Behind (Wife)
©Peter Rogers Productions/The Rank Organisation

(1975)"Fawlty Towers"- The Germans (Sister)

Both images ©BBC

(1974)"The Pallisers" (Mrs. Bunce)

All 6 images ©BBC

(1974)"Good Girl" (Gwen Botley)
(1974)South Riding-Take What You Want and Pay for It (Matron)
(1974)Justice-The Price of Innocence (Mrs Cosgrove)
(1974)No Strings-Grow and Let Grow (Mrs. Turner)

(1974)The Black Windwill (Pleasant Secretary)
©Universal Pictures

(1973)Carry on Girls (Matron)

Both images ©The Rank Organisation

(1973)"Oh, Father!"- Angels and Ministers (Mrs. Rourke)

(1973)"Romany Jones"- The More We Are Together (Betty's Mum)

All 4 images © London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1973)Love Story-Amy (Cora)

(1972)"Dad's Army"- All Is Safely Gathered In (Mrs. Prentice)

(1972)"Follyfoot"- The Awakening (Lady Caroline Beck)

(1972)Young Winston (Mrs. Dewsnap)
©Columbia Pictures Corporation /Open Road Films

(1972)The Man and the Snake (Molly)
(1972)My Wife Next Door
--Joint Assignment (Mrs Sweeting)
--Total Separation (Nurse)
(1972)Scott On...-The Sex War
(1972)Six Days of Justice-With Intenet to Deceive(Usher)

(1971)"Tom Brown's Schooldays" Ep 1.1(Ellen)

Both images ©BBC

(1971)"The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes"- Madame Sara (The Maid)
©Pearson Television International/Thames Television

(1971)"Budgie"- Brains (Customer In Supermarket)

(1971)Please Sir! (Mrs. Duffy)
©Rank Organisation/Grade/L.W. International

(1971)A. P. Herbert's Misleading Cases-What is a Snail?(Councillor Mrs Worthington)
(1971)All Gas and Gaiters-The Bishop Entertains (Mrs Russell)

(1970)The Railway Children (Mrs. Hilda Viney)

Both images ©EMI Film Productions

(1970)"The Goodies"- Radio Goodies
(1969)"Special Branch"- A Date with Leonidas (Mrs. Madgwick)
(1969)Up in the Air (Lady Pennyweight)
(1969)All Gas and Gaiters -The Bishop Learns the Facts(Mary)
(1968)The Root of All Evil?-You Can Only Buy Once (Mary Whittaker)
(1968)Nicholas Nickleby-The Profession (Mrs. Kenwigs)
(1967)"Champion House"- Sonata for a Solo Fiddle (Alice Boothroyd)

(1967)The Forsyte Saga (Mrs. Perren)

All 3 images ©MGM Television/British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1966)Bindle/One of Them Days (Martha Hearty)
(1964)Sergeant Cork-The Case of the Bristol Mail (Sarah Jenkins)

(1963)The Flood

©Associated British-Pathé

(1963)"The Avengers"- The Medicine Men (Masseuse)
©Associated British Corporation/ABC Weekend Television

(1963)"Maigret"- A Man Condemned (Madame Pardon)
(1962+1969)"Dixon of Dock Green" (Doris Gray/Miss Nichols)
(1962-1974)"Z Cars" (Mrs. Evans/Mrs. Mulligan/Mrs. Penrose)
(1962)"Outbreak of Murder" (Mrs. Ashton)
(1962) A Climate of Fear (Party Guest)
(1962)Suspense-Time to Kill (Emma)
(1959)The Budds of Paragon Row-The Accident (Mrs. Garrett)
(1959)Emergency-Ward 10 Eps 1.217-1.218 (Mrs Reid)
(1956)"The Other Man"- Ep 1.1 (Mrs. Williams)
(1956)The Silken Affair

(1949)Stage Fright (Plump RADA Girl)

Both images ©Warner Bros

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1981

Episode: "The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe"



Trained as a shorthand typist.

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(2005)"According to Bex" (vox pops)



(Jan 2005)First Direct Loans and Mortgages

TV Plays

(1978)"ITV Playhouse"- Forty Weeks (Mrs. Kelly)
(1978)BBC2 Play of the Week-Foreign Affairs
(1971)Armchair Theater-Brown Skin Gal, Stay Home and Mind Bay-Bee (Mrs. Knowles)
(1967)"ITV Play of the Week"- Top of the Ladder (Jasmine)
( 1965)"The Wednesday Play"- The Bond (Gwen)
(1964)Theatre 625-The Seekers #1 The Heretics (Joanna)
(1961)"ITV Play of the Week"- Miss Treeves (Mrs. Fairley)