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Born on August 11, 1916 in Glasgow, Scotland.
Died on December 9, 1995 from complications after an operation.


TV Appearances

(1988)Gentlemen and Players-One for Sorrow Two for Joy (Lord Collier)
(1984)"That's My Boy"-Where There's a Will (Mr. Thoroughgood)

(1981) "Bless Me Father" - A Mixed-Up Marriage (Mr. Goldman)
© London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1980)"Minder" - Don't Tell Them Willie Boy Was Here (Boxing Commentator)

Both images ©Euston Films

(1979)Skyes-Six Million Dollar Skyes
(1978)"The Sweeney" - Victims (Tommy Swain)
(1978)"The Rag Trade" - Self Defence (Mr. Harris)
(1974)Mahler(Uncle Arnold)
(1972)"Film Night"
(1971)A Hole Lot of Trouble (Bert)
(1967) "Z Cars" - Finch and Sons Part 1(Ben Roberts)
(1967)After Many a Summer(Clancy)
(1966-1967) "All Square" (Various)
(1964)"Crossroads" (Mr. O'Neill)
(1963)The Girl Hunters (Nat Drutman)

(1963)A Stitch in Time (Chauffeur)

Both images ©The Rank Organisation

(1963)Love Story-Some Grist from Mervyn's Mill (Shapiro)
(1962)The Night of the Prowler (Benny)
(1960) "It's a Square World"(Various)
(1960)The Royal variety Show
(1960)Dial for Music-Jan 29
(1958-1959)"After Hours" (Various)
(1958)Carry On Sergeant (Recruit)
(1956)My Wife's Family (Arnold)
(1956)Keep It Clean (Tarbottom)
(????)Friends and Neighbors (Arthur Honeybee)
(1949) "How Do You View?" (Mr. Pegg)

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AYBS Stats

Menwear Department

AYBS timeframe : 1981


"The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe"
"Closed Circuit"
"Heir Apparent"





Production Associate

(1972)Savage Messiah


Radio Shows

(1957-60) Round the Bend

Breakfast with Braden- Featured singers Pearl Carr and Benny Lee.

Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites

(1962)The Night of the Prowler (music: "Let's Twist It Around")

"Those Wonderful Radio Years" CD

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(1973)The Farm (Royal Court Theater)
(1965)Say Who You Are
(1950)Seagulls Over Sorrento (Apollo Theater)

TV Play

(1965) "Thirty-Minute Theatre" - Portrait of a Madonna(Porter)

(Michael (For letting me use this image of Benny Lee and info from his Swalwelluk website)).