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Born on January 2, 1962 in London, England (UK).
Birth Name: Clare Damaris Bastin
Also known as Beatrice Clare Dunkel; pen name Mo Hayder
Spouse: Gary Olsen (divorced)

Died 7/27/2021 from motor neurone disease (MND).


TV Appearances

(2007)A Tribute to John Inman (Miss Belfridge)
(1985)Underworld/Transmutations (Barmaid)
(1984)Bottle Boys-Here Comes the Groom (Dierdre)
(1984)"Cannon & Ball"- Ep 6.6
(1983)"The Two Ronnies"- Episode 10.2
(1983)"The Comic Strip Presents..." - Five Go Mad on Mescalin (Janie)
(1982)The Entertainers-Jeff Stevenson
(1982)Miss Nude 1982 (Won the contest).

(1983)The Benny Hill Show-Holiday (Hill's Angel)
©Thames Television

(1982)"Minder" - Rembrandt Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Stripper)
©Euston Films


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AYBS Stats

AYBS timeframe : 1983-1985


"The Sweet Smell of Success"
"Conduct Unbecoming"
"Memories Are Made of This"
"Calling All Customers"
"Monkey Business"
"Lost and Found"
"Goodbye, Mrs. Slocombe"
"Grounds for Divorce"
"The Hold-Up"
"Gambling Fever"
"The Night Club"
"Friends and Neighbours"
"The Pop Star"


(1992)The Best of 'Are You Being Served?' (Miss Belfridge)



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Real Life Based Facts/Trivia

-Model and actress. Won Miss Nude America pageant in 1982.

-Daughter of a NASA physicist.

-Retired from acting and working as a teacher.