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Born September 23, 1933 in Manchester, Lancashire, England (UK).
Known Name Variations: Colin Edwyn or Colin Edwynne
Died October 31, 2018



TV Appearances

(2009)"Monday Monday"-Ep 1.1 (Comedian)
(2004)"Heartbeat"- Secrets and Lies (William Seaton)
(2004)"Rose and Maloney"- Episode 1.3 (Gas Holder Man)
(2003)"Hardware"- Hutch (Rex's Friend)
(2000)"Badger"- Blood Ties (Andrew Carter)
(2000)"Bob Martin"- A Song for Europe (Fred)
(1999)"Dinnerladies"- Catering (Bert)
(1997)The Missing Postman (Alfie)

(1997)"Crime Traveller"- Fashion Shoot (Letts)

(1996)"Wycliffe"- Old Habits (Barman)
©Harlech Television (HTV)

(1995)Out of the Blue Ep 1.3 (Mr. Kilcline)
(1993)"Screen One"- The Bullion Boys (Chips)
(1988)"First of the Summer Wine"- The Great Indoors (Landlord)
(1988)"Help!"- To Boldly Go (Landlord)
(1972)"Emmerdale Farm" (D.S. Webb)
--- Return of the Ice Maiden (Tourist)
--- Tug of War (First Taxi Driver)
(1985)"Dempsey & Makepeace"- The Squeeze (Charlie)
(1984)"One by One"- Silver Linings
(1983)"No Place Like Home"- One Enchanted Evening (Mr. Benson)

(1982)"Minder"- In (Gaoler)
©Euston Films

(1981)Plays for Pleasure-Like I've never Been Gone (Dick Powell)
(1980)The Cuckoo Waltz-Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (Frank Howarth)
(1980)Fox-The Perfect Scapegoat Syndrome (Lowe)
(1979)"Telford's Change" (Tony)
(1979)Grandad Ep 1.2 (Wally)
(1979)Mother Nature's Bloomers (Various)
(1979)Hazell-Hazell and the Deptford Virgin (Hall Porter)
(1978)People Like Us-Strike (Jim's mate)
(1977)"1990"- Non-Citizen ('Nutter' Stonebridge)
(1977)"Target"- Vandraggers (Finch)
(1977)"Raffles"- Home Affairs (Policeman)
(1976-1978)Potter's Picture Palace (Frank Plank)
(1976)The Canal Children-A Gongoozler (Ben)
(1975)Churchill's People-Silver Giant, Wooden Dwarf (Bernard)
(1974+1978)"Z Cars"
--- Quilley on the Spot (Man at Accident)
--- Two Hundred Tartan Teddy Bears (Havisham)
(1974)"Village Hall"- There'll Almost Always Be an England (Dennis Heseltine)

(1974)Thriller-Who Killed Lamb? (Michael)
©David Paradine Productions

(1974)New Scotland yard-The Trojan Horse (Harry Burke)
(1973)"Wessex Tales"- Fellow Townsmen (Fisherman)
(1973)"Sam"- Home from Home (Tucker)
(1973)"Hadleigh"- First Impression (Furniture Delivery Man)
(1973)"Crown Court"- Persimmons and Dishwashers (Detective Sgt. Walsh)
(1973)Six days of Justice-Case for Committal (James Wilson)
(1972)Jackanory Playhouse-No Experience Necessary (Stan)
(1972)Thirty Minutes Worth Ep 1.6
(1972)Miss Julie (House Servant)

(1971)"A Family at War"- Clash by Night (Malley)
©Granada Television

(1970)"The Dustbinmen"- Ep 2.4 (Coal Miner)
(1969)The Contenders-Round One (Steward)
(1968)Spindoe (Curtis)
(1967-1968)City '68 (Shop Manager)
(1967)Inheritance-Murder (2nd Luddite)
(1967)The Fellows-Spindoe's Move (Policeman)
(1967-1972)"Coronation Street" (P.C. Conway/Policeman)
(1966)The Man in Room 17-How to Rob a Bank...and Get Away with It (Policeman)

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"Grace & Favour" (AYBS/A) Stats

AYBS/A Timeframe: 1993

Episode: 2.5









TV Plays

(1970)"ITV Saturday Night Theatre"- Roll on Four O'Clock (Alan Johnson)
(1970)Armchair Theatre-Say Goodnight to Your Grandma (Eric)
(1970)"ITV Playhouse"
-- Arthur Wants You for a Sunbeam (Harry)
--Don't Touch Him, He Might Resent It (Barman)
--Murder:Identikit (Mr. Bond)