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In 1990 the Greenwood Theatre was taken over by Network One Television which was put in motion by John and Angela Beveridge.

Born May 24, 1933
Died in July 2008.




TV Appearances




Magazine/Newspaper Covers/Articles


Vision Mixer

(1995)"The Thin Blue Line"- Honey Trap
(1995)"Goodnight Sweetheart"
(1989)"Red Dwarf"- The Last Day
(1982-1988)"'Allo 'Allo!"
(1988)Red Dwarf-Me²
(1988)"All Creatures Great and Small"
(1987)Terry and June
(1986)No Place Like Home
(1986) "Three Up, Two Down"
(1986-1988)"Yes, Prime Minister"
(1988)Blackadder's Christmas Carol
(1985-1986)"Last of the Summer Wine"
(1982-1985)"Open All Hours"
(1985)"Three Up, Two Down"
(1984)"Ever Decreasing Circles"
(1982-1983)"Only Fools and Horses"
(1983)"No Place Like Home"
(1983)"Butterflies"- Loose Ends
(1983)The Crystal Cube
(1983)"The Black Adder"- Born to Be King
(1980)"The Goodies"
(1979)"Terry and June"
(1974)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"




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Vision Mixer:
(1981)"Are You Being Served?"- Front Page Story


Technical Director /Studio Vision Mixer/Vision Editor/Production Team

Technical Director:
(1990)"Heil, Honey I'm Home"- Episode #1.1

Studio Vision Mixer:
(1982)"Only Fools and Horses"- Diamonds Are for Heather

Vision Editor:
(1984)"The Tripods"

Production Team:







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Back row, L to R: John James, John Beveridge (Husband of Angela Beveridge) , Bob Checksfield, Alan Miller
Middle row: John van Dyken, John Dean, Bill Moreton, Shirley Coward, Fred Law
Front row: Mary Kelleher, Angela Beveridge, Victor Melleny

(Photo taken by Peter Sumpter at