Adrian Bishop-Laggett

In 1977 Adrian Bishop-Laggett was elected Chairman by The Institute of Broadcast Sound (IBS). Has been President of IBS since 1985.




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Did Sound for numerous episodes from (1972)"Are You Being Served?"

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Album Title: 1968 Farewell Spectacular

Record Label: Mushroom

Catalogue Number: MUSH332492

Sound by: Adrian Bishop-Laggett

Recorded at: BBC Television Studios, London

Originally Released: 7/11/99 (Australia Only)

Also Available On VHS Video

(Used with permission from an anonymous contributer).

Sound/Sound Supervisor

Sound Supervisor
Brian Cox on Acting in Tragedy (TV Special)
Jonathan Miller on Acting in Opera (TV Special)
Michael Caine on Acting in Film (TV Special)
(1989)The Late Show
(1988)"Stuff"- Fun with Magnets
(1987)"Brush Strokes"
(1967)Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-Lot 249

(1986)The Bob Monkhouse Show
(1982)Pete Sayer's Electric Music Show
(1982)The Mathis Magic
(1982)"Play for Tomorrow"- Crimes (1982) TV episode (sound)
(1980)The Basil Brush Show-Basil's Christmas Cruise
(1980)"Play for Today"- The Adventures of Frank: Everybody's Fiddling Something
(1980)Marti Cane
(1979)Sykes-BBC Honours Skyes
(1979)Sykes-The Stay at Home Holiday
(1979)Seaside Special
(1979)The Ronnie Corbett Special
(1978)One More Time!
(1978)"The Les Dawson Show"
(1978)World of Music-Nyjo's World of Music
(1976)Ken Dodd's World of Laughter
(1976)A World of Music
(1976)Nana Mouskouri
(1976)The Kenneth Williams Show
(1975)The Record Breakers-The All Star Record Breakers
(1975)"It's Cliff and Friends"
(1974)In Concert-10CC
(1974)Show of the Week-Nana Mouskouri
(1973)"Comedy Playhouse"- The Birthday
(1973)Show of the Week-Nana Mouskouri
(1972)In Concert-Donovan
(1972)Show of the Week-Keith Mitchell at the Adelphi
(1971-1974)"The Two Ronnies"
(1970-1975)"The Morecambe & Wise Show"
(1970)In Concert-Tony Joe White
(1969)"The Liver Birds"
(1966)"Doctor Who"




Studio Sound/Music Recording

Studio Sound
(1980)Coming Home
(1974)Little Mermaid
(1966-1976)Softly Softly-Task Force

Music Recording
(1979)The Innes Book of Records


Nominated the BAFTA TV Award for Best Sound Supervisor for the following: (1983)"The Hot Shoe Show".


(Image at top used with permission from Adrian Bishop-Laggett).