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TV Appearances

(2007)A Matter of Time
(2006)Changing Time

Visual Effects

(2000)Victoria Wood with All the Trimmings
(1997)"Dalziel and Pascoe"
(1997)"Last of the Summer Wine"- How to Create a Monster
(1995)The Crusades
(1992)Enchanted April
(1990)The Green Man
(1989)Precious Bane
(1988-1990) "French and Saunders"
(1987)Have His Carcase
(1985)"'Allo 'Allo!"
(1985)Titus Andronicus
(1984)The Life and Death of King John
(1983)"Dombey & Son"
(1978)"Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em"
(1976-1978)"Doctor Who"
(1973)"Moonbase 3"


Visual Effects:
(1972)"Are You Being Served?"

Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites 

One of his props


BBC Photoshoot with Tom Baker (Dr. Who)



Image from November 1977 ©"Who on Earth is Tom Baker - An Autobiography", Author: Tom Baker, Publisher: Harper Collins, London 1997.