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Born on September 7, 1922 in Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset, England (UK).
Birth name: David John Sharland
Mother (Annie); Father (Reginald)
Spouse: Ann Callender (June 2, 1952-June 11th 2016)
Has 7 children; 3 daughters (Penny, Rebecca and Jane); 4 sons (Nick, John, Richard and Tim)
Got an OBE in 1978 for services to television.
Has title of Major.
Died September 27, 2011 at the age of 89.

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TV Appearances

(2003-2008)"Comedy Connections"
(2008)Jonathan Ross Salutes 'Dad's Army'
(2008)50 Greatest Comedy Catchphrases
(2007)The Passing Years
(2007)'We Are the Boys..': Ian Lavender
(2007)Hitler: The Comedy Years
(2007)The Return of 'Allo 'Allo!
(2007)A Tribute to John Inman
(2007)'We Are the Boys..': Clive Dunn
(2006)'We Are the Boys..': Arthur Lowe
(2006)'We Are the Boys..': John Le Mesurier
(2006)'We Are the Boys..': John Laurie
(2006)The Ultimate Sitcom
(2006)Who Killed the Sitcom?
(2005)'We Are the Boys..': James Beck
(2005)'We Are the Boys..': Arnold Ridley
(2005)"Breakfast"- Episode from May 5
(2004)"Britain's Best Sitcom"- Dad's Army
(2003)The British Comedy Awards 2003
(2001)'Dad's Army': Missing Presumed Wiped
(2001)Wendy Richard: A Life on the Box
(2000)Don't Panic! The 'Dad's Army' Story
(1999)"Funny Turns"- John Inman
(1999)"Funny Women"- Mollie Sugden
(1999)"Laughter in the House: The Story of British Sitcom"

(1995)"This Is Your Life"- David Croft
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(1995)Perry & Croft: The Sitcoms
(1939)Goodbye, Mr. Chips (Perkins-Greengrocer's boy)

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(2008)Here Comes the Queen
(2007)The Return of 'Allo 'Allo!
(1997)"Selection Box"- Dad's Army
(1995)Perry & Croft: The Sitcoms
(1995-1997)"Oh, Doctor Beeching!"
(1994)The Best of 'Allo 'Allo!
(1994)Which Way to the War
(1989)A Night of Comic Relief 2
(1988-1993)"You Rang, M'Lord?"
(1982-1992)"'Allo 'Allo!"
(1980)"Oh Happy Band"
(1979)Beanes of Boston
(1977)Are You Being Served?
(1977-1978)"Come Back Mrs. Noah"
(1976)The Rear Guard
(1974-1981)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"
(1972)"Birds in the Bush"
(1971)Dad's Army (Screen Play)
(1968-1977)"Dad's Army"
(1961)"The Eggheads"
(1953)Re-turn It Up (Co-wrote music and lyrics)
(1952)It's a Small World (BBC)




(1992)The Best of 'Are You Being Served?'
(1992-1993)"Grace & Favour"
(1980-1981)"Are You Being Served?" (Australian Series)
(1972-1985)"Are You Being Served?"

(1992)"Grace & Favour"
(1992)The Best of 'Are You Being Served?'
(1977)Are You Being Served?
(1972-1981)"Are You Being Served?"

(1979)"Are You Being Served?"- The Apartment




(1997)"Selection Box"- Dad's Army
(1995)"Oh, Doctor Beeching!"
(1995)Perry & Croft: The Sitcoms
(1994)Which Way to the War
(1988-1990)"You Rang, M'Lord?"
(1982-1989)"'Allo 'Allo!"
(1988)'Allo 'Allo! at the London Palladium
(1980)"Oh Happy Band"
(1977-1978)"Come Back Mrs. Noah"
(1968-1977)"Dad's Army"
(1975)Further Up Pompeii!
(1974)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"
(1972)"Steptoe and Son"- Divided We Stand
(1972)"Comedy Playhouse"- Born Every Minute
(1970)"Up Pompeii"
(1968)"Hugh and I"
(1966)"Beggar My Neighbour"
(1965)"A Slight Case of..."
(1964)"World of His Own"
(1962)"Hugh and I"
(1955)"The Benny Hill Show"
(1961)"The Eggheads"
(1955)"This Is Your Life"



Executive Producer

(1972-1981)"Are You Being Served?"
(1995)"Oh, Doctor Beeching!"


(1994)Which Way to the War
(1988-1990)"You Rang, M'Lord?"
(1986)A Portrait Special
(1982-1989)"'Allo 'Allo!"
(1980)"Oh Happy Band"
(1975)Further Up Pompeii!
(1973)Not Now Darling
(1972)"Birds in the Bush"
(1972)"Steptoe and Son"- Divided We Stand
(1970)"Up Pompeii"
(1968-1977)"Dad's Army"
(1959)"One O'Clock Show"

(1950's)"Benny Hill Show"


(1994)The Best of 'Allo 'Allo!
(1992-1993)"Grace & Favour"
(1988-1992)"'Allo 'Allo!"



Desert Island Discs Podcast



(2007)"Comedy Connections"- It Ain't Half Hot, Mum


(2002)"Nature"- Big Red Roos

Writer (Books)

Are You Being Served?
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Are You Being Served?
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Dad's Army : Walmington goes to war : the complete scripts for series 1-4

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Dad's Army : The Lost Episodes
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You Have Been Watching . . .: The Autobiography of David Croft
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Dad's Army: The Complete Scripts
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Dad's Army : A Celebration
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Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp (1956)

Babes in the Wood



(2000)'Allo 'Allo (London Palladium)

(1969)Ann Veronica (Cambridge Theatre, London)

(2008)Dad's Army: The Lost Episodes Stage Production Of Television Scripts (Hackney Empire Theatre, London, England (UK))

(2007)Deadly Attachment (Royal Command Performance)

(????)Godiva Affair (Royal Command Performance)

Performer (Plays)

(1962)The Gondoliers
(1962)The Mikado
(1961)No, No, Nanette
(1961)Rose Marie
(1961)White Horse Inn
(????)Wild Violets
(????)Belinda Fair
(????)The Belle of New York (Met his wife at the first rehearsal!)

Real Life Facts

His mother was a famous stage actress and theatrical producer/vocalist.

His father was a radio actor in Hollywood.

Started in 1939 as an air raid warden. In 1942 he served in North Africa (1st Army Royal Artillery). In 1944 he was a member of the Dorset Regiment that took him to Malaysia and India. Towards the end of the war he was a major with General Montgomery's staff at the War Office.

Started show-business in 1929 appearing in a commercial shown in cinemas.


Sang with BBC Show Band singers as well as a backup singer for many stars.






(1969,1970,+1971)Writers' Guild of Great Britain award for

Dad's Army Scripts
(1971)Society of Film and Television Arts award
(1982)Desmond Davis Award (BAFTA)
(1982)Lifetime Achievement Award
(1984)BAFTA award for "Hi-de-Hi"
(2003) Received Lifetime Achievement Award at the British Comedy Awards event.

BAFTA Awards

Best Light Entertainment
(1970)Nominated for Dad's Army

Best Light Entertainment Production
(1971) Dad's Army (With Team)
(1971)Nominated for Up Pompeii!

Best Situation Comedy Series
(1973)Nominated for Dad's Army
(1974)Nominated for Dad's Army

Best Situation Comedy
(1975)Nominated for Dad's Army
(1977)Nominated for Are You Being Served?

Desmond Davis Award
(1982) Lifetime Achievement Award

Best Comedy Series
(1982,1983+1985)Nominated for Hi-de-Hi!
(1986-1989)Nominated for 'Allo 'Allo!


"Lunch with Frank Thornton" Sept 19, 2010 at Marriott Hotel near Regents Park

October 30, 2006 -Comic Heritage/Wendy Richard Luncheon
Grosvenor House Hotel/London w/Jess Conrad and Nicholas Smith