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Born on August 28, 1935.

Full Name: Harold Edward Snoad

Spouse: Anna Christine Cadwallader

Has 2 children




TV Appearances

(2004-2008)"Comedy Connections"
---- Dad's Army
---- Don't Wait Up
---- Ever Decreasing Circles
---- Keeping Up Appearances
(2008)"The Comedy Map of Britain"- Episode 2.5
(2007)The World's Greatest Comedy Characters

(2002)Heroes of Comedy-Dick Emery
©Thames Television

(????)An Evening with Harold Snoad & Friends.




(1990-1995)"Keeping Up Appearances"
(1995)Perry & Croft: The Sitcoms
(1994)"All Night Long"
(1988-1989)"Brush Strokes"
(1988)Wife Begins at 40
(1986-1987)"Ever Decreasing Circles"
(1984)Ever Decreasing Circles
(1983)"Don't Wait Up"
(1983)"Tears Before Bedtime"
(1982)"Emery Presents: Legacy of Murder"
(1982)Further Aventures of Lucky Jim
(1982)"The New Adventures of Lucky Jim"
(1978-1980)"Rings on Their Fingers"
(1974-1979)"The Dick Emery Show"
(1977)"No Appointment Necessary"- No Appointment Necessary
(1975)"The Rough with the Smooth"
(1973)"Casanova '73"
(1973)"Seven of One"
(1973)Home from Home
(1972)"His Lordship Entertains"
(1968) Oh Brother!



(1974)"Are You Being Served?"

(1974)"Are You Being Served?"


(1997)The Memoirs of Hyacinth Bucket
(1994)"All Night Long"
(1990-1995)"Keeping Up Appearances"
(1994)"All Night Long"
(1988-1989)"Brush Strokes"
(1988)Wife Begins at 40
(1987)"Divided We Stand"
(1984)"Ever Decreasing Circles"
(1983)"Don't Wait Up"
(1983)"Tears Before Bedtime"- Episode 1.1
(1980)The Dick Emery Christmas Show: For Whom the Jingle Bells Toll
(1974+1977)"The Dick Emery Show"
(1976)Not Now, Comrade
(1972-1973)"Comedy Playhouse"-Elementary My Dear Watson
(1971)"Sykes and a Big Big Show"
(1969)"Dad's Army"




Directing Situation Comedy (BBC television training manuals)

Paperback book

Publisher: BBC Training and Development

Date: December 1988

ISBN-10: 0948694254

ISBN-13: 978-0948694257


BAFTA Awards

(1987) Nominated for "Ever Decreasing Circles" (Comedy Series)

(1986) Nominated for "Ever Decreasing Circles" (Comedy Series)


October 29, 2006 -Comic Heritage/Tribute lunch in honour of June Whitfield