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Make-Up Designer

(2004)"The Brief"
(2001)The Lost World
(2000)The Sleeper
(2000)"Ghost Stories for Christmas"
(1999)The Waiting Time
(1995)"Oh, Doctor Beeching!"
(1994)"Performance"- Message for Posterity
(1988)The Rivals
(1987)"Star Cops"
(1984)"Doctor Who"- Frontios
(1983)"Doctor Who"- The Five Doctors
(1978)"Doctor Who"- The Androids of Tara
(1982)"Emery Presents: Legacy of Murder"


Make-Up Artist

(2004)Fungus the Bogeyman
(1980)"A Little Silver Trumpet"
(1979)"Ripping Yarns"- Golden Gordon- Whinfrey's Last Case
(1974)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"




Makeup Artist
(1981)"Are You Being Served?"- Front Page Story

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