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TV Appearances

(1981)"The Diana Dors Show"- Episode 1.4


Sound Supervisor

(2002-2006)"Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps"
(2006)"The Smith and Jones Sketchbook"
(2005)"Mock the Week"
(1988-2003)"French and Saunders"
(2001-2003)"Only Fools and Horses"
(2001)"Lee Evans: So What Now?"
(2001)"Absolutely Fabulous"
(2000)"They Think It's All Over"- Episode 10.7
(2000)"Da Ali G Show"
(1996)"The Vicar of Dibley"
(1995)"Agony Again"
(1995)"A Bit of Fry and Laurie"
(1994)Bob Monkhouse Exposes Himself
(1993)"One Foot in the Grave"- The Pit and the Pendulum
(1992)All Day Breakfast
(1989)"Victoria Wood"



(1972)"Are You Being Served?"


(1997-2005)"Never Mind the Buzzcocks"
(2003)"Little Britain"
(2000)"You Only Live Once"
(1999)"Let Them Eat Cake"
(1988)"The Lenny Henry Show"- Enterprise Zones
(1987)McKenzie's Lore
(1984)"The Young Ones"- Nasty
(1980)"To the Manor Born"- The Missing China
(1980)"Potter"- Episode 2.6
(1975-1977)"The Good Life"
(1977)"Dad's Army"
(1972)"Till Death Us Do Part"
(1971)"Cousin Bette"
(1964)"Top of the Pops"
(1987-1990)"French and Saunders"
(1994-1996)"Absolutely Fabulous"
(1997-1998)"The Vicar of Dibley"



Studio Sound

(1998)"Goodness Gracious Me"
(1996)"The Thin Blue Line"
(1993-1995)"Joking Apart"
(1992-1993)"Keeping Up Appearances"
(1984)"Ever Decreasing Circles"- The Tea Party
(1983)"Don't Wait Up"
(1982)"Doctor Who"
(1980)"To Serve Them All My Days"
\(1978)"Secret Army"- The Hostage
(1976)"The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin"
(1974)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"
(1993)"Only Fools and Horses"

Dubbing Mixer

(1998)"Jonathan Creek"- The Scented Room
(1993)"If You See God, Tell Him"- Episode 1.1

Sound Director

(1997)"Last of the Summer Wine"- How to Create a Monster

Sound Editor

(2005)"Hit Me Baby 1 More Time"

Final Sound Balance

(1982)"Emery Presents: Legacy of Murder"

Grams Operator

(1962)"Steptoe and Son"