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(2008)"Thank God You're Here"
(2007)Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Glastonbury
(2006)"Respectable"- Episode 1.4
(2005)"As Time Goes By" - Reunion Special: Parts 1+2
(2005)'Little Britain' Night
(2004)"Carrie & Barry"- Cupboard Door
(2004-2006)"My Family"
(2003)"French and Saunders"
(2003)"My New Best Friend"
(2002)"V Graham Norton"
(2002)"The Estate Agents"
(2002)Dick Whittington
(2002-2005)"My Hero"
(2001)"The Kumars at No. 42"
(2001)"The Savages"
(2000-2001)"Perfect World"
(1999)"All Along the Watchtower"- Back to the Front
(1999)"Gimme, Gimme, Gimme"
(1998)"Dressing for Breakfast"
(1998-1999)"Whose Line Is It Anyway?"
(1997)"Pilgrim's Rest"
(1996-2007)"The Vicar of Dibley"
(1995) "Coogan's Run"
(1995-1996)"Is It Legal?"
(1994-1998)"Men Behaving Badly"
(1993)"The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer"
(1992)"The New Statesman"
(1990)"Drop the Dead Donkey"
(1988)"Round the Bend"
(1988)"The Lenny Henry Show"- Enterprise Zones
(1979)"Terry and June"

Video Tape Editor

(1998)"Whose Line Is It Anyway?"- Episode 10.4
(1996-1998)"Father Ted"
(1997)"Jonathan Creek"
(1995)The Best of Rory Bremner
(1994)"Mr. Bean"- Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean
(1990-1991)"Drop the Dead Donkey"
(1987)"French and Saunders"
(1984)"Ever Decreasing Circles"- The New Neighbour
(1983)"The Black Adder"
(1979)"Terry and June"



Video Tape Editor
(1972)"Are You Being Served?"

Online Editor

(2007)"Get a Grip"
(2005-2008)"Mock the Week"
(2003-2005)"Little Britain"
(1995)"The Thin Blue Line"
(1993)"Frank Stubbs Promotes"



Visual Effects

(1991)"Murder Most Horrid"- A Determined Woman