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Lighting Director

(1995)The Best of Rory Bremner
(1994)"2point4 Children"- Frenzy
(1991)"Brush Strokes"
(1990)"Waiting for God"
(1987)"Blackadder the Third"- Dish and Dishonesty


Technical Manager

(1983)"The Black Adder"- The Foretelling
(1983)Election 83
(1981)"Blakes 7"
(1963)"Doctor Who"



Lighting Technician
(1972)"Are You Being Served?"

Lighting Technician

(1979)"Terry and June"



Technical Coordinator

(1983)"Only Fools and Horses"- May the Force Be with You

Lighting Design

(2007)Fiddler on the Roof: The DAODS production