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Known Name Variation: Carole Russo.
Married to French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Has one daughter named Kylie Rousseau.



TV Appearances

(1984)The First Olympics: Athens 1896 (Baroness de Coubertin)
(1984)"Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime"- The Crackler (Marguerite Laidlaw)
(1983)"Jane Eyre" Ep 1.3(Sophie)
(1982)"Tenko" (Dr. Natalie Trier)
(1982)Love Child (Evelyn)
(1980)The House Where Time Stood Still
(1979)S.O.S. Titanic (Madame de Villiers)
(1979)"Love Among the Artists" (Aurelie Szcymplica)
(1978)"Return of the Saint"- Assault Force (Colonel Dibha)
(1978)The Greek Tycoon (Camille)

(1978)Crossroads Episode 1.2931 (Simone Clavel)
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(1978)"The Wilde Alliance"- Flower Power (Eve)
(1977)Deadbeat (Rhonda)
(1976)"The Glittering Prizes" -An Academic Life (Jeanne Dent)
(1976)"Once Upon a Classic"- Night Ferry (Miss Duval)
(1974)Undercovers Hero (Helene)
(1974)Soft Beds, Hard Battles (Helene)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1977

Episode: "Founder's Day"




Voice Roles

(1998)Fallen Angels





(1976) "Henry IV Parts I,II and V" at the Aldwych Theatre.

(1976)"Henry V" at the Aldwych Theatre.