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Born on August 30, 1920 in Northenden, Manchester, England (UK).
Spouse: Therese McMurray (? - 2011)
Died June 4, 2011.

TV Appearances

(2007)"Comedy Connections"-It Ain't Half Hot, Mum
(1995)Perry & Croft: The Sitcoms
(1995)"The Upper Hand"- Granny Get Your Gun (Carlton)
(1991)The Happening
(1990)Secret Life of Ian Fleming (Admiral Godfrey)
(1989)"The Russ Abbot Show"- Episodes 4.1 + 4.4
(1989)"Morris Minor's Marvellous Motors" (Winkworth)
(1989)Goldeneye (Admiral Godfrey)

(1988-1993)"You Rang, M'Lord?" (Lord George Meldrum)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1987)"Pulaski: The TV Detective" (Charles Parker-Smith)
(1987)"Ruth Rendell Mysteries"- Wolf to the Slaughter Parts 1,2 and 4 (Russell Cawthorne)

(1986)"Lovejoy"- The Real Thing (Harry)
©BBC Drama Productions

(1986)Saving Grace (Monsignor Colin McGee)
(1983)"Andy Robson"-Plague Dogs (Donald McDonald )
(1979)Rings on Their Fingers-Job Lot (Mr. Fenton)

(1978)The (First) Great Train Robbery (Club Member)
Both images ©Dino De Laurentiis Company

(1977-1978)"Come Back Mrs. Noah" (Carstairs)
(1977)"The Fosters"- Give a Little Whistle (Mr. Boothroyd)
(1977)Happy Ever After-Hello Sailor (James Calthorpe)

(1976)"The New Avengers"- Faces (Torrance)
© TF1/The Avengers Enterprises/IDTV Production

(1974-1981)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum" (Colonel Charles Reynolds)
All 8 images ©BBC

(1976)Confessions of a Driving Instructor (Chief Examiner)
©Columbia Pictures

(1975)Carry on Behind (The Dean)
©Peter Rogers Productions/The Rank Organisation

(1974)"Rogue's Rock"-Taped (Wing Commander Rogue)
(1974)"Dial M for Murder"- Should Anyone Answer (Turner)

(1974)"The Protectors"- The Insider (Chambers)

Both images © Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

--- The Ides of Mark (R-Admiral Staunton)
--- Nobody Said Frigate (R-Admiral Mulliner)
(1973+1975)"Crown Court"
--- A Difference in Style (Rev. Michael Piggott)
--- Beggar on Horseback (Philip Samkins)
(1973)A Touch of Class (Spencer Birdsall)
(1973)"The Fenn Street Gang"- Is Anybody There? (Mr. Grout)
(1973)Ooh La La!-Kept on a String (Fontanet)
(1972)Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall (Senior Officer)
(1971)"Now Look Here" (Col Sutcliffe)
(1971)And Mother Makes Three-he Matchmakers (Allan Plunkett)
(1971)Bachelor Father-House Guest (Sir George Collins)
(1971)Seasons of the Year-The Three Graces (Cousin Bart)
(1971)"Doctor Who-"-Claws of Axos Parts 1-4 (Sir George Hardiman)

(1970)"Menace"- Something Cries Out (Robert Amro)
(1970)Crime of Passion-Helene (Georges Romerio)
(1969)"The Gold Robbers"- Rough Trade (Edward Lancing)
(1969)"Judge Dee"- A Festival of Death (Kou Yuan)
(1969)"The Very Merry Widow and How" (Freddie Phillipson)
(1968)"Public Eye"- Honesty Is the Best Policy - But Who Can Afford the Premiums? (Marchmont)
(1967)"Callan" - But He's a Lord, Mr Callan (Lord Lindale)
(1967)"Mr. Rose"- The Unquiet Ghost (Jago)
(1967)"The Very Merry Widow" (Freddie Phillipson)
(1966)"Redcap"- The Proper Charlie (Jim)
(1966)You Can't Win-The Stream of Life (Daddy)
(1966)"Softly Softly"- Do You Believe in Ghosts? (Anderson)

(1966)"The Avengers"- The Thirteenth Hole (Captain 'Berty' Waversham)
© Associated British Corporation/ABC Weekend Television

(1965)Coronation Street (Bob Maxwell)

(1965)"The Saint"- The Persistent Parasite (Howard Mitchell)

Both images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1965)"Sherlock Holmes"- The Six Napoleons (Horace Harker)
(1964)"No Hiding Place"- Red Roses for Emma (Jack Traherene)
(1964)HMS Paradise-In Which We Serve a Drop of the Hard Stuff (Commander Brent)
(1964)"The Protectors"- The Bottle Shop (Fairchild)
(1963)"The Odd Man"
--- A Last Tilt at the Windmill (Bruce Dominic)
--- The Betrayal of Ambrose Fleech (Joshua Higson)
(1963)Hancock-The Night Out (Hotel Receptionist)
(1962)"Compact" (Tom Brent)
(1962)"Six More Faces of Jim"- The Face of Retribution
(1960)Bottoms Up (Hamley)
(1959)"The Adventures of Brigadier Wellington-Bull" (Captain 'Snooty' Pilkington)
(1959)"The Vise"
--- Murder with Make-Up (Mitchell)
--- Silence for Sale (Store Detective)
(1957)Dead Giveaway-The Rules of the Game (Larry Haines)

(1954)Orders Are Orders (Lincoln Green)
©Group 3

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1975

Episode: "Up Captain Peacock"




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- Father of Siobhan Hewlett.

-Wrote for "Compact" a series from 1962.


(1982)It Ain't Half Hot Mum at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth

Pantomime Play

(1980)Robinson Crusoe (Lewisham Concert Hall)

Radio Play

(December 15, 1979)"Saturday Night Theatre: Burglar's Bargains"

TV Plays

(1975)"BBC Play of the Month"- Chips with Everything (Squadron Leader)
(1972)Armchair Theatre-Hot Summer: Do Not Sell (Donovan)
(1968)"ITV Playhouse"- Number Ten (William Featherstone)
(1968)"The Ronnie Barker Playhouse"- Talk of Angels (Nigel)
(1967)Armchair Theatre–A World of Time (Donovan)
(1967)The Wednesday Play– Message for Posterity (Hawkins)
(1966)The Wednesday Play– Barlowe of the Car Park (Executive)
(1965)The Wednesday Play– Vote, Vote, Vote for Nigel Barton (Hunting Man)
(1957)Armchair Theatre–-It Pays to Advertise