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Born on August 2, 1918 in Buckinghamshire, England (UK).
Known Name Variation: Diane King
Height: 5' 6"
Died on July 31, 1986 in Nettlebed, Oxfordshire, England from cancer.


TV Appearances

(1986)"Inside Story"(Lady Glenross)
(1986) Love Songs (Deirdre Walters)
(1985)"Full House/Mixed Doubles " (Mrs. Hatfield)
(1985)Exploits at West Poley (Old Woman)
(1985)Love Song (Deirdre Walters)
(1984)"Sharon and Elsie"(Enid)
(1983)Don't Wait Up Ep 1.4 (Woman at cricket match)

(1983)A Married Man (Lady Gerrard)

All 3 images ©Tribune Entertainment/London Weekend Television(LWT)

(1983) "Cuffy" ( Mrs Simkins)
(1983)"Terry and June" - Strictly for the Birds (Melinda Spry)
(1983)Dombey & Son (Hon. Mrs. Skewton)
(1982)"Terry and June" (Melinda Spry)
---- Bingo
---- Camping

(1982)"Tales of the Unexpected" - The Absence of Emily (Ruth)
©Anglia Television

(1982)Pink Floyd The Wall (Wedding Witness)
©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

(1981) "Shillingbury Tales"(Mrs. Simkins)

(1980)Dangerous Davies - The Last Detective (Mrs. Fennell)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1980)The Wildcats of St. Trinian's (Miss Mactavish)
(1980)..And the Band Played On (Mrs. Simkins)
(1979)Electric Eskimo (Aunt Agatha)
(1978)"Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em" - Australia House/Preparing for Australia (Miss Butler)
(1978)"Come Back Mrs. Noah" - In Orbit (Mrs. Carstairs)
(1978)Rings on Their Fingers-Vive la difference (Girl's mother)
(1978)The Many Wives of Patrick-Temporary Bliss (Employment Woman)
(1978-1981)Follow Me (English learning program)

(1977-1981)"You're Only Young Twice"-Strangers in Paradise (Mildred Fanshaw)
©Yorkshire Television (YTV)

(1977)"Rising Damp" - The Cocktail Hour (Mrs. Armitage)
Both images ©Yorkshire Television (YTV)

(1977)"Doctor on the Go" - For Your Own Good... (Alicia Gascoigne)
(1977)The Ghosts of Motley Hall-Phantomime (Aunt Ethel)
(1977)Just William-Willaim and the Wonderful Present (Mrs. Macnamara)
(1977)The Phoenix and the Carpet-The Hole in the Carpet (Selina)

(1976)Schizo (Mrs. Falconer)

Both images © Peter Walker (Heritage) Ltd.

(1976)The Dick Emery Show Eps 14.1+14.6
(1976)"Angels" - Patterns

(1976)"George and Mildred" - The Bad Penny (Margaret)
©Thames Television

(1976)Yus My Dear-The Kid (Mrs Hobbs)
(1976)Spring and Autumn Ep 4.1 (Emily Armitage)

(1975)"Fawlty Towers" - The Wedding Party (Mrs. Rachel Lloyd)
Both images ©BBC

(1975)"Late Call" (Sally Bulmer)
(1975)Comedy Premiere-What a Turn Up

(1975)Romany Jones-The Night Put (Saleslady)
© London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1975)Love Thy Neighbor-The Coach Trip (Mrs. Chalfont)
(1975)The Two Ronnies Ep 4.1
(1974)"Bless This House" - The First 25 Years Are the Worst (Vera Humphries)
(1974)And Mother Makes Five-If I Can Help Somebody (Mrs. Copeland)
(1973)The Upper Crusts-One Door Opens 9Lady Bridlington)
(1972)"The Benny Hill Show" - The Common Market Square Dance (Woman on Ship/German Woman)
(1972)"Sykes"- Cat (Mrs. Crombie-Crombie)
(1972)"My Wife Next Door" (Suzy's Mother)
(1972)The Fenn Street Gang-Father's Day (Mrs. Tracy)
(1972)The Basil Brush Show (June 17, 1972)
(1971)"Please Sir!" - Our Mr. Price
(1971)"The Liver Birds" Ep 2.12 (Mrs. Birkenshaw)
(1971)Bachelor Father (Norah)
(1971)"Father Dear Father" - Come Back Little Sheba (Norah Smythe)
(1970)"Ace of Wands"- The Smile: Parts 3+4 ( Lady Landau)
(1970)"Father Dear Father" - One Dog and His Man (Norah Smythe)

(1970)Some Will, Some Won't ( Mrs. Craik)

© Associated British Productions (ABP)/Giulio Zampi Productions/Transocean Films

(1970)"Charley's Grants"
(1969)"Z Cars" - Lost and Found: Part 2 (Mrs. Booth)
(1969)"Dad's Army" - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker (Chairwoman)
(1969)Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width-Situations Vacant: Apply Saville Row (Lady Forster)
(1968)According to Dora (Various)
(1968)Point Counterpoint-Death of a Freeman (Janet Bidlake)
(1967)"Z Cars"- When Did You Last See Your Father?: Part 2+3 (Mrs. Howland)
(1967)"Pride and Prejudice"(Lady Lucas)
(1967)They Came from Beyond Space (Mrs. Trethowan)
(1966)"The Man Who Never Was"- Things Dead and Done
(1966)"King of the River" - Sling Your Hook (Sarah Shelley)
(1966)"The Informer" - A Word in Your Ear Brother (Mrs. Beresford)
(1966)"Dixon of Dock Green" - The Pact (Mrs. Parry)
(1966)"A Game of Murder" (Iris Bannister)
(1965-1966)Marriage Lines (George's mother)
(1965)"Sherlock Holmes" - The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax (Mrs. Shlessinger)
(1965)Be My Guest (Margaret Martin)
(1965)Fanatic (Woman Shopper)
(1965)Die! Die! My Darling! (Woman)
(1965)Blackmail-Snakes and Ladders
(1965)A Tale of Two Cities (Vengeance)
(1965)Crossroads (Rachael Fisher)

(1965)Life at the Top (Woman at Party
©Romulus Films

(1964)"Dixon of Dock Green" - Mr. Farthing Takes a Walk (Mrs. Chambers)
(1964)"Z Cars"
---- The Soft Spot (Liz Rafferty)
---- Happy Families (Mrs. Shields)

(1964)"Crossroads"(Rachael Fisher)
(1963-1966)Sergeant Cork (Mrs Holland/Mrs Quigg)
(1963)"Benny Hill" - The Trouble Maker (Harrassed Occupant)
(1963)It Happened Like This-The Hidden Witness (Phyllis)
(1963)The Devil Inside (Maggie Dawson)
(1962)"Benny Hill" - Portrait of a Bridegroom (Bride's Mother)
(1962) "Z Cars" -Truth or Dare (Connie Lewis)
(1962)"Top Secret" - Escape to Danger (Chita)
(1962)Flight From Treason (Woman looking around flat)
(1961)"Hancock" - The Lift (Mrs. Humphries)
(1961)"The Avengers"-Dance with Death (Mrs. Marnell)
(1961)"Jango"-Seven Swords of Haversham (Mrs. Harkness)
(1961)Offbeat(Maggie Dawson)
(1961)The First Gentleman (Lady Hertford)
(1959)"The Scarf"(Marian Hastings)
(1958)"Time Out for Peggy"-The Investor (Norma Burke)
(1958)The Man Who Wouldn't Talk

(1958)Night to Remember (Woman Passenger)
Both images ©The Rank Organisation

(1957)A Farewell to Arms (Hospital Receptionist)

(1956) My Teenage Daughter/Teenage Bad Girl

All 3 images © Wilcox-Neagle

(1944)Girl Rush (Martha)

(1943)The Man in Grey (Jane Seymour)
©The Rank Organisation/Gainsborough Pictures

(1941)Once a Crook (Bessie)
(1941)Spellbound/Ghost Story (Amy Nugent)
(1939)Little Ladyship (Pupil at Tadworthy House School)

Images in this section used with permission from:
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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1976, 1981 & 1983


"The Sweet Smell of Success"
"A Personal Problem"
"Oh What a Tangled Web"


Diana King (arts philanthropist) was honored :







TV Plays

(1986)"Fox Mystery Theater/Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense" - Black Carrion (Madge Bircher)
(1978)"BBC2 Play of the Week" - Forgotten Love Songs (Cordelia)
(1976)"BBC2 Playhouse"- The Mind Beyond: Meriel, the Ghost Girl (Mrs. Livingston)
(1971)"Play for Today" - The Foxtrot (Maisie)
(1971)Armchair Theatre– Office Party (Audrey)
(1970)"Comedy Playhouse"-An Officer and a Gentleman (Miss Jellicoe)
(1960)"Armchair Mystery Theatre" - The Dummy (Mrs. Fern)
(1960)Armchair Theatre- The Cupboard (Audrey)