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Born on September 17, 1931 in Kensington, England (UK).
Birth Name: Diana Charlotte Herrmann
Height: 5'3"
Died in July 1995 in Westminster, London, England (UK)..

TV Appearances

(1978)"The Famous Five"- Five on a Secret Trail (Jess)
(1977)Midnight Is a Place Eps 1.5+1.6 (Nurse)
(1977)Lord Tramp Ep 1.5 (Lady in Line)
(1974)Cakes and Ale Part 3 (Landlady)
(1959-1965)"No Hiding Place" (Air hostess/Jane McReedy/Maria Vernon)
(1964)"Crane" - A Danger to Others (Francine Lebon)

(1964)Seance on a Wet Afternoon (Mr. Clayton's Secretary)
© Allied Film Makers (AFM)/Beaver Films

(1963)Our Man at St. Mark's-The Facts of Life (Pat Richards)

© Associated-Rediffusion Television

(1961)Scotland Yard: The Grand Junction Case (Sargeant Betty Barnes)
©Merton Park Studios

(1961) "The Pursuers"- The Countess (Nan Pearson)

(1959)The Nun's Story (Lisa from the Resistance)
©Warner Bros.

(1957)Rupert of Hentzau (Rosa Holf)
(1957)"Destination Downing Street" (Phoebe)
(1957)"Adventures of a Jungle Boy"- A Child by the River (Grace Holloway)

(1957)The Vicious Circle/The Circle
© Romulus Films/Beaconsfield Productions

(1955)They Can't Hang Me (Young Woman)
(1947)That's My Man (Little Girl)

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AYBS Timeframe: 1976 & 1985


"Friends and Neighbours"
"Grounds for Divorce"
"Fifty Years On"




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TV Plays

(1957)ITV Television Playhouse-The Sand Castle (Erica)
(1955)London Playhouse-Fair Passenger (Rosemary Roche)
(1955)Rheingold Theatre-Blue Murder (Pamela)