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Born on June 9, 1923 in Richmond-Upon-Thames, Surrey, England (UK).
Died on May 27, 1999.



TV Appearances

(1994)"The Brittas Empire"- The Boss (Gerald)
(1988)"All Creatures Great and Small" (Mr. Gregson)
---The Pig Man Cometh

---When Dreams Come True

Both images© BBC

---One of Nature's Little Miracles

Both images © BBC

(1986)"No Place Like Home"- Beryl Branches Out (Mr. Michaels)
(1983) "Bergerac"- A Hole in the Bucket (Beresford)

(1983) "Reilly: Ace of Spies"-Shutdown (Baldwin)
©Thames Television/Euston Films

(1983) "Number 10"- Dizzy (Cross)

(1982) "Open All Hours"- Duet for Solo
Bicycle (Man Looking for Directions)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1978) "The Sweeney"- Latin Lady (Delacroix)
(1978) "The Famous Five" - Five Go to Kirren Island: Part 2 (Police Inspector)

(1978) "Going Straight"- Going, Going, Gone (Mr. Smith)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1978)The Clifton House Mystery Ep 1.1 (Mr. Hovell)
(1977)Here I Stand...-Hieronymus Bosch (Bishop)
(1977-1978)Midnight Is a Place (Jonah Throgmorton)

(1976) "The Duchess of Duke Street"- A Test of Love (Randall)

(1976)It's Childplay Ep 1.4
(1976) "Thriller"- Kill Two Birds (Dexter)
(1976) "Westway" (Pete Ryder)
(1976) "Boy Dominic"/Dominic (Mr. Travle)
(1976)ITV Sunday Drama
--A Land of Ice Cream (Geoffrey Haslet)
--Waiting for Sheila (Henry)
(1976-1977)Big Boy Now! (Police Sergeant
-Follow That Cat
-One for the Road
(1975)Z Cars-Local Knowledge (John Barton)
(1975)Beryl's Lot-After the Wedding was Over (Portland Glover)
(1975)Churchill's People-A Wilderness of Roses (Judge Yelverton)
(1974) "Dad's Army"- The Captain's Car (Glossip)
(1974)Where's Johnny? (Mr. Jones)
(1974)A Raging Calm (Walter Whitehead)
(1974)The Dick Emery Show Ep 12.5
(1973-1976) "Crown Court" (Brian Jones/Jan Olsen/Michael Mayes/Samuel Dickson)
(1973) "Van der Valk" - Season for Love (Dr. Stapper)
(1973)Thirty Minutes Worth Ep 2.5
(1973)Casanova '73 Ep 1.5 (Man opposite)
(1972-1976) "Bless This House" (Police Sergeant)
(1972) "Emmerdale Farm" (Franklyn Prescott)
(1972)Freewheelers (Morris)
(1971)Father Dear Father-Nothing But the Tooth (Mr. Kerr)
(1971)Revenge (Inspector)
(1971)Inn of the Frightened People (Inspector)
(1970) "Doomwatch" (Air Commodore Parks)
--- You Killed Toby Wren
--- Survival Code
(1970+1971) "Paul Temple"
--- Catch Your Death (Roach)
--- The Man from the Sea (Mr. Bailey)
(1970) "Menace"- Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (Mr. Gates)
(1970)Bachelor Father-A Man's Man About the House (Mr. Watson)
(1970)The Misfit-On Protest (Ken)
(1970)Softly Softly: Task Force-Sunday, Sweet Sunday (Hughes)
(1969-1974) "Coronation Street" - Episode #1.1433 (Fred Bolton)
(1969)The Spy Killer (Dunning)
(1969) "My Partner the Ghost"- Never Trust a Ghost (Inspector Clayton)
(1969) "The Gold Robbers" (Grierson)

(1969) "The Champions"- Project Zero

© Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1969) "Out of the Unknown" - Immortality Inc (Reject)
(1969)The Root of All Evil?-Floating Man (Denis)

(1969)Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)-Never Trust a Ghost (Inspector Clayton)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1968) "The Queen Street Gang" (Dr. Sturgeon)
(1967)Dr. Finlay's Casebook-The McTavish Bequest (Mr. Horrocks)

(1967) "The Saint"- The Fast Women (Inspector Daws)
Both images ©Bamore

(1966-1970) "Softly Softly" (Hughes/Plummer/Tranter/Det. Insp. Berkeley)
(1966)"King of the River"- Sling Your Hook (Councillor Riches)
(1966)Knock on Any Door-The Ballad of Queenie Swann (Dick)
(1965)Z Cars-Snakes Alive (Garold Philips)
(1965) "The Mask of Janus"- The Sleeper (Victor Trildy)

(1965)Catch Us If You Can/Having a Wild Weekend (Barker)

© Bruton Film Productions

(1965) "Gideon C.I.D./Gideon's Way" - Gang War (Supt. Browning)
© New World Productions/Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1964)Sergeant Cork-The Case of the Six Suspects (Brewster)
(1964-1975) "Z Cars" (George Coulson/John Barton/John Weston)

(1964) "Doctor Who" (Jules Renan)

(1964+1965) "Cluff"
--- The Professional (Pell)
--- The Manufacturer's Wife (Ralph Landless)

(1964)The Human Jungle-The Twenty-Four Hour Man (Inspector Thomas)
©Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)/United Artists Television/ Independent Artists

(1963) "Espionage" - The Light of a Friendly Star (Arnold Morley)
(1963) "Dixon of Dock Green"- The Switch (Skerritt)

(1963) "The Sentimental Agent" - Express Delivery (Priest)

© Associated Television (ATV)

(1963) "Suspense"- Sense of Occasion (Attendant)
(1963) "Crane"- Yesterday's Woman ( Georges Latour)
(1963)The Plane Makers-Strings in Whitehall (Steve Miller)
(1962-1963) "Compact" (Arnold Babbage)
(1962)Mix Me a Person (Prison Governor)
(1962)The Sword in the Web-The Informer (Alphonse Chavrier)

(1961-1974)Coronation Street (Fred Bolton/Walter Fletcher)
©Granada Television

(1961+1964) "Ghost Squad"
--- Seven Sisters of Wong (Morgan)
--- Ticket for Blackmail (Charley)
© Associated Television (ATV)

(1961) "Jacks and Knaves"- It Was Doing Nothing (Surveyor)
(1961) "Echo Four Two"- Opportunity Taken (Sam Norman)
(1961)Harpers West One Ep 1.8 (Man)
(1961) "The Avengers"- The Springers (Neame)
(1961) "The Pursuers"- The Husband (Larkin)
(1960-1963) "No Hiding Place" (Fred Handley/Johnny Howard/Howard)
(1960) "The World of Tim Frazer" (Crombie)
(1960) "Police Surgeon"- A Home of Her Own (Lamond)
(1960)Biggles-Biggles on the Nile Parts 1+2
(1960)The Army Game-A Question in the House (Ernest Billings M.P.

(1960) "Interpol Calling"- The Heiress (Lebrun)
© Incorporated Television Company (ITC)/Wrather Productions/The Rank Organisation

(1959)"The Men from Room 13" - The Man Who Sold Romances: Part 1+2 (Joe)
(1959) "Dial 999" - Extradition (Max)
(1958)Women in Love
(1957) "The Railway Children" (Mr. Gill, The Station Master)
(1957) "Destination Downing Street" (Jacques)
(1957) "Sword of Freedom"- The Reluctant Duke (The Clown)
(1957)Overseas Press Club-Exclusive!-My Favourite Kidnapper (Sergeant)

(1957)Man without a Body
©Filmplays Ltd.

(1956)The Crime of the Century (Commissionaire)
(1956)Home Is the Sailor (Mr. Caldecott)
(1952)The Dybbuk (Menashe)
(1952)The Infinite Shoeblack (Captain Chesney)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1974

Episode: "Big Brother"

"Grace & Favour" (AYBS/A) Stats

AYBS/A Timeframe: 1993

Episode: 2.3






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TV Plays

(1969)"BBC Plays-Immortality Inc.
(1969)"BBC Plays-Blood of the Lamb (Purser)
(1969) "The Wednesday Play"- Blood of the Lamb (Purser)
(1967) "The Wednesday Play"- A Breach in the Wall (Brian Tracy)
(1967)Armchair Theatre- Marriage and Henry Sunday
(1965) "The Wednesday Play"- And Did Those Feet? (Bernard's Doctor)

(1964)The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre-We Shall See (Police Superintendant)
©Merton Park Studios

(1967) "Armchair Theatre"- Marriage and Henry Sunday
(1960) "Armchair Theatre"- Big Brain Man (Mr. King)
(1960)Armchair Theatre– Night Panic (Tucker)
(1960)BBC Sunday Night Play-A Time to Fight (Bill)
(????) "The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre"- We Shall See (Police Superintendant)
(1959)Armchair Theatre- Soundings (Meecham)
(1958) "BBC Sunday Night Theatre"- The Frog (Hagen)
(1958)ITV Play of the Week-Mary Broome (Edgar Timbrell)
(1956)Armchair Theatre- It's an Ill Wind (Tom Hanrahan)
(1952) "BBC Sunday Night Theatre"- The Same Sky (Sammy)