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Born in 1944 in Abergavenny, Wales, UK.


TV Appearances

(1992)"'Allo 'Allo!" (Doctor LeCount)

(1985) "Blott on the Landscape"-Man in the Tree (Policeman)
©Picture Partnership Productions /British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1983)"The Cleopatras"-100 BC (Hermes)
(1982)Take Three Women (1st Player)
(1982)Something in Disguise-A New Life (Mr. Hawthorne)
(1981)"Terry and June"- The Chaotic Peaceful Weekend (Barton)
(1981)Mark Yarwood in Persons Ep 4.4
(1981)Metal Mickey-It Came fro Outer Mickey (2nd Alien)
(1981)Bognor-Unbecoming Habits Parts 1-4 (Batty Tom)

(1981)"The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" - Ep 1.6 (Hairdresser)

(1980)Citizen Smith-Casablanca Was Never Like This (Policeman)
(1980)Pig in the Middle-If Food be the Music of Love, Play On (2nd Guest)
(1979)The Life of Henry the Fift/Henry V (Sir Thomas Grey)
(1979)Chalk and Cheese-Sit Vac (Davis)
(1979)Feet First Ep 1.5 (Mr. Bailey)

(1978)"Rumpole of the Bailey"- Rumpole and the Married Lady (Mr. Perfect)
© Thames Television

(1978)"Pennies from Heaven"-Easy Come, Easy Go (Railway Passenger #4)
(1978)Happy Ever After-Christmas Special (Religious Caller)

(1977)"Doctor Who"- The Sun Makers: Parts 2-4 (Bisham)

All 3 images © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1977)"The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin" - Extreme Solution (Mr. Herbert)

(1977)The Galton & Simpson Playhouse-Naught For Thy Comfort
©Yorkshire Television (YTV)

(1976)Happy Ever After-Mistaken Identikit (Policeman)
(1976)The Two Ronnies Ep 5.7 (Various)

(1975)"Rising Damp"- Things That Go Bump in the Night (Curate)
© Yorkshire Television (YTV)

(1975)Love Thy Neighbor (Vicar)
--Ep 5.4
--Famous Crimes

(1975)Old Drac/Vampira (Drunk)
©World Film Services

(1974)Rogue's Rock (Lt. Lathers)
--Raising the Wind
(1974)11 Harrowhouse (Club Manager)
(1973)"The Regiment"
(1973)Bowler-R.I.P (Vicar)
(1973)Sir Yellow-Love All (Lancelot)
(1973)Son of the Bride-Of Unsold Mind (Mr. Winston)

(1973)Bless This House (Photographer)
Both images © Thames Television

(1972)Mutiny on the Buses (Policeman on Foot)
© Hammer Films/Anglo-EMI

(1972)Scoop-A Surfeit of Boots

(1971)On the Buses (Parson)

Both images © Hammer Films /EMI Films

(1971)Father Dear Father-Housey Housey (Man)
(1971)"Bless This House"- Mum's the Word (Dr. Winter)
(1971)Elephant Eggs in a Rhubarb Tree (Various)
(????)Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hairdresser)
(1969)"Counterstrike"- The Mutant (Dr. Leonard)
(1969)Take Three Girls-Requiem for Cello in SW3 (Reggie)
(1968)The Dickie Henderson Show-It's My Camera, Not Yours
(1967)Mr. Aitch-Like a Pendulum Do
(1967)Write a Play-The Prehistoric Man & Thrice Upon a Night-Time
(1965)War of the Roses
--Edward IV (3rd Watch)
--Henry VI (English Soldier/Townsman)
--Richard III

Images in this section used with permission from:
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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1973

Episode: "Camping In"




Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites


(1978)Pennies From Heaven






-Attended the Guild Hall School of Music and Drama.

-A teacher.

-Worked as a reporter for Radio Sussex.

TV Plays

(1978) "Wodehouse Playhouse"
--- Big Business (Lord Knubble)
--- The Smile That Wins (Lord Knubble)
(1977)"The Galton & Simpson Playhouse"- Naught for Thy Comfort
©Yorkshire Television

(1976)Plays for Britain-Shuttlecock (Mr 'Next Door')
(1970)"The Wednesday Play"- Sovereign's Company (Dankworth-Lowe)

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