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Also known as Eiji Kushara and Eija Kusuhara.
Born January 2, 1947 in Tokyo, Japan.
Died April 23, 2010 from cancer.


TV Appearances

(2008)Concerning Heaven and Hell (Monk)
(2007)"Hustle"- Cunning the Artists (Mr. Yakubi)
(2007)"Hotel Babylon"- Episode 2.3 (Mr. Matsui)
(2007)Confessions of a Diary Secretary (Japanese News Reporter)
(2006)Tokyo Jim (Mr. Yakamoto)
(2006)Welsh Whelks (Go)
(2005)"Robotboy"-Kindergarten Chaos/Robot Girl (Kamikazi)
(2004)Bushido: The Way of the Warrior (Master)
(2004)Stratosphere Girl (Japanese Club Guest)
(2003)"Emmerdale Farm" (Mr. Tashiro)
(2001)Combat Sheep
(2001)"Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)"- O Happy Isle (Goto)
(2001)The Parole Officer (Japanese Businessman)
(2001)"World of Pub" (Caine)
(2001)"Casualty"- Big Mistake (Bob Watanabe)
(2001)"Armstrong and Miller" Ep 4.1
(2001)Ka (Additional Voices)
(2001)"Banzai" (Narrator)
(2000)"Dalziel and Pascoe"- Foreign Bodies (Mr. Kawabata)
(1999)Topsy-Turvy (Second Kabuki Actor)
(1999)Eyes Wide Shut (Japanese Man #2)
(1998)"Dinnerladies"- Party (Mr. Tashimoto)
(1998)"Harry Hill" Ep 2.7 (Fake Bert)
(1997)"Underworld"- Ep 1.1 (Japanese Tourist)
(1997)"Harry Hill" Ep 1.8 (Lucky Boy)
(1997)Thieftakers S3Ep7 (Toyama)
(1996)"Drop the Dead Donkey"- The Godless Society (Takuguru)
(1996)Matt's Million (Mr. Kawamura)
(1995)"Alas Smith & Jones" Ep 8.3
(1994)Souvenir (Presentador TV)
(1992)Gummed Labels (Charlie)

1991)"Lovejoy" (Miki Wantanabe)
-Black Virgin of Vladimir (Part 2 of 2)
©BBC Drama Productions

-Riding in Rollers (1 of 2)

©BBC Drama Productions

(1990)"KYTV"- It's a Royal Wedding (Tourist)
(1990)Dunrulin (Mr. Kishimoto)
(1990)Omnibus-Van Gogh (Japanese Man)
(1989)"Last of the Summer Wine"- Oh Shut Up and Eat Your Choc-Ice (Tourist)
(1989)Diamond Skulls/Dark Obsession (Ewo Nagasaky)
(1989)Somewhere to Run (Tourist)
(1988)"Sorry!"- Mothers and Brothers (Mr. Mifune)
(1988)"Hot Metal"- Crown of Thorns (Japanese newsreader)

(1988)"Inspector Morse"- The Settling of the Sun (Yukio Li)
©Central Independent Television; Carlton UK Productions

(1988)Small World-Throbbing and Waiting (Akira Sakazaki)
(1988)Star Trap (First Japanese tourist)
(1987)Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (Japanese U.N. Guard)
(1987)Screen Two-Quartermaine's Terms (Oko-Ri)
(1987)Inspector Morse S2Ep5 (Yukio Li)

(1986)Half Moon Street (Japanese Businessman)
©RKO Pictures

(1986)"A Very Peculiar Practice" (Intrepreter)
(1986)All at Number 20 Ep 1.4 (Toshio)
(1985)Die Einsteiger
(1985)Restless Natives (Presenter)
(1985)Big Mäc (Professor)
(1984)The Man Who Shot Christmas (Yuzo)
(1984)Sharing Time-High Hopes
(1982)"Shelley"- Tubes Help You Breed Less Easily (Japanese Businessman)
(1982)"Third Time Lucky"-Change Partners (Mr. Ho Moy)
(1982)"Q.E.D."- The Great Motor Race (Count Oyama)
(1982)Dr Who-Four to Doomsday Parts 2-4 (Chinaman)
(1981-1984)"Tenko" (Lt./Captain Sato)
(1981)"Terry and June"- It's a Knockout (Japanese Gentleman)
(1980)The Gentle Touch-The Ring (William)
(1980)Sir Henry at Rawlinson End (Fortyninesah)
(1980)The Man from S.E.X. (Male Madam Wang)
(1980)The Elephant Man (Japanese Bleeder)

(1980)North Sea Hijack/ffolkes (Eiji Tanaka)
All 3 images ©Cinema Seven Productions Ltd.

(1979)"A Family Affair"-Quick As You Can (Mr. Tsubo)
(1979)The Dick Emery Show Ep 16.4
(1979)Licensed to Love and Kill/The Man from S.E.X. (Madam Wang (male))
(1979)Ffolkes (Eiji)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1983

Episode: "Monkey Business"


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Video Game

(2009)Mini Ninjas (Voice)


Video Games

(2001)Shogun: Total War - The Mongol Invasion (Voice)
(2001)Mister Mosquito (Additional Voices)
(2000)Shogun: Total War (Voice)


(April 24,1995+January 15, 1996 on Radio 4)"The Dolphinarium" (Part of the Globe Theatre 95 series)

TV Play

(1989)"CBS Summer Playhouse"- Outpost (Kazu)


(November 2007)"The Face of Jizo" at the Arcola Theatre (Takezo)

(Spring 2004)"Festival for the Fish" (PDF file)