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Born in Llanelli, Dyfed (UK).
Known Name Variation: Liz Morgan.


TV Appearances

(1996)"Hetty Wainthropp Investigates"- Safe as Houses (Mrs. Parry-Jones)

(1994)Headhunters (Gina)
(1993)The Sherman Plays: Sailing to America
(1992)The Old Devils (Sophie Norris)
(1989-1991)"We Are Seven" (District Nurse Johanna Thomas)
(1987+1989)"The Two of Us" (Joyce)
(1986)"To Have and to Hold" (Irene)
(1985)"Mapp & Lucia"- The Italian Connection (Mrs. Brocklebank)
(1984)Don't Wait Up Ep 2.1 (Caroline Bastable)
(1984)"The District Nurse" (Mrs. Prosser-Davies)
(1984)Strangers and Brothers Ep 1.2 (Mrs. Getliffe)
(1983)"Fair Ground!" (Mrs. Leach)
(1983)"Maybury"-Alice Parts 2+3 (Mrs. Caswell)
(1981)Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars (Voice of Destiny Angel)
(1981)"Angels" - Ep 7.25

(1981)Great Expectations Ep 1.4 (Mrs. Pocket)

(1981)La fille al gardee (Hen)
(1980)"Terry and June"- Workers Unite (Angela)
(1979)The Dick Emery Show Ep 16.6
(1978)Bless Me Father-The Seal of Confession (Voice of Mrs. Conroy)
(1978)Rings on Their Fingers-Lead Me to the Altar (Arguing Woman)
(1978)Grand Slam (French Concierge)
(1977-1978)Poems and Pints (Reader)
(1977)No Appointment Necessary (Mrs Sheridan)
---Shampoo and Set, and Shave!
--No Appointment Necessary
(1977)Mike Yarwood in Persons Ep 1.3
(1975)Crossroads Ep 1.2450 (Rachel Fisher)

(1975)"Ballet Shoes" (Pauline)


(1974)And Mother Makes Five-The Matter of Tiny Feet (Mrs Parker)

Both images ©Thames Television

(1973)The Pearcross Girls-Sad Helen (Mrs Murchison)
(1972)"The Befrienders"- Hunted (Miss. Green)
(1970)"The Misfit"- On Being British (Woman at Party)
(1969)The Expert-The Blue Spot (Nurse Barnett)

(1969)Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (Christina, Ella's Friend)
©Hammer Film Productions

(1969)"Joe 90"- Viva Cordova (Voice of Dorina Cordova)
(1969)"Softly Softly" - Second Chance (Rose Ashley)
(1968)"Joe 90"- The Most Special Agent (Character Voices)

(1968)Captain Scarlet Renegade Rocket (Rhapsody Angel)
©Century 21 Television

(1967-1968)"Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons" (Voices of Destiny Angel/Harmony
Angel/Harmony Angel #1/Helga)
Both images © Century 21 Television

(1968)"The Magn ificent Six and a Half- A Good Deed in Time (Adult)

(1967) "Captain Scarlet and the Winged Assassin" (Destiny Angel)
©Century 21 Television

(1967)"The Magnificent Six and a Half- Ghosts and Ghoulies-A Good Deed in Time (Adult)
(1966)"Ransom for a Pretty Girl" (Sheila)
(1966)"Dixon of Dock Green"- The Samaritan Act (Landlady)
(1965)"Dixon of Dock Green"- It's My Life (Mrs. Morgan)
(1965)"Public Eye"- You Think It'll Be Marvellous - But It's Always a Rabbit (Mrs Roffey)
(1964)Lance at Large Ep 1.1
(????)Finding Out (Presenter for ITV schools program)
(????)The Old Devils
(????)The Dick Emery Show
(????)Captain Sabertooth
(????)Snow Children
(????)Dad's Army

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1977

Episode: "Mrs. Slocombe Expects"




Studio 1,
17 Shorts Gardens,
Covent Garden, London
United Kingdom



25-26 Poland Street,
London W1F 8QN


Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites

"Can We Afford the Bidet?" (Queen Anne Press)

(2003)"The Girl on the Promenade"


Aired on Radio 2

Parsley Sidings
-"The Market Special" |
-"The Film Makers"

"The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones" (Mrs Lennon), ‘
"Something Nasty In The Vault" (Janet King)
"The Great White Hunter" (Housewife)
"The Recruit" (Nurse and the small boy)





-Toured America with her one-woman plays.

-Wrote 26 plays for BBC Radio 4.


Under Milk Wood



TV Plays

(1994)The Sherman Plays: Sisters Three (Writer of this show as well).
(1993)The Sherman Plays: Sailing to America (Writer of this show as well).
(1982)Play for Today-Life After Death (Mrs Bartlett)
(1979)BBC2 Play of the Week-On Giant's Shoulders (Registrar)
(1965)"The Wednesday Play"- The End of Arthur's Marriage (Mother)