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Born in June 1944 in Wandsworth, London, England (UK)
Also known as Ric Young




TV Appearances

(2007)Oy Vey! (Rabbi Gold) (Writer and producer as well for this)
(2005)Commander in Chief-Pilot (Reporter #4)
(2004)Mickey (ESPN Reporter)
(2003)Kingpin-Black Magic Woman
(2002)The Transporter (Mr. Kwai)
(2002)Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity (Bing Lai)

(2001-2004)Alias-Truth be Told (Dr. Zhang Lee)
©Bad Robot /Touchstone Television

(2001)Kiss of the Dragon (Mister Big)
(2001)The Monkey King (Confucius)
(2000)Chain of Command (Ken Fung)
(1999)The Corruptor (Henry Lee)
(1997)A Tousand Men and a Baby (Mr. Kim)
(1997)Seven Years in Tibet (General Chang Jing Wu)
(1997)The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest-Diamonds and Jade (Voice of Mr. Mahasson/Dja'Lang Mukharno)
(1997)Booty Call (Mr. Chiu)

(1997-1998)NightMan (Mr. Chang)

© Alliance Atlantis Communications/Glen A. Larson Productions/Crescent Entertainment

(1996)Gargoyles-Bushido (Voice of Hiroshi)
(1995)Nixon (Mao Tse-Tung)
(1995)Signs and Wonders (Father Mercy)
(1993)Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow (Bobby Lin)
(1993)Dragon:the Bruce Lee Story (Bruce's Father)
(1992)Sketch Artist (Jimmy)
(1991)Tatort-Die chinesische Methode (Chow)
(1989)Booker-High Rise (Japanese Boss)
(1988)Keys to freedom (Lieutenant Kwong)
(1988)Noble House-Parts 1-4 (Tsu-Yan)
(1987)Drachenfutter (Xiao)
(1987)The Last Emperor(Interrogator)
(1987)Ping Pong (Alan Wong)
(1984)The Brief-No Questions (Mr. Sun)
(1984)Success is the Best Revenge (Chinese Waiter)

(1984)Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Kao Kan)

Both images © Lucasfilm/Paramount Pictures

(1983)The Nation's Health-Chronic
(1983)Reilly:Ace of Spies-Prelude to War (Sergeant)
(1983)High Road to China (Kim Su Lee)
(1981)Tenko (Father Lim)
(1981)Spearhead-The Macau Connection (Sergrant Weng)
(1980)Blakes 7-Children of Auron (Ginka)
(1980)Spy!-The Tokyo Ring (Ozaki)
(1979)Room Service (Tin Tin)
(1978)"Return of the Saint"- Assault Force (Surinit)
(1978)The Upchat Connection-Mystery Tour (1st Tourist)
(1978)"Gangsters" (Double Petal)
--- Enter the White Devil
--- Double Peril
(1978)The Doombolt Chase-Death Beacon (Statesman)
(1977)Crown Court-An Upward Fall:Part I (Sherpa Solo Khombu)
(1976)"Hawaii Five-O" - Nine Dragons (Chinese Travel Agent)
(1976)"The XYY Man" (Li Tshien)
--- The Resolution
--- The Execution
(1976)Centre Play (Kiamura)
(1974)The Bunny Caper(Wang Lo)
(1974)"The Chinese Puzzle" (China)
(1974)"Microbes and Men" - The Search for the Magic Bullet (Dr. Shiga)

(1974)"The Tomorrow People"-The Doomsday Men Parts 2-4 (Lee Wan)

Both images ©Thames Television

(1974)"Bless This House"- The Bells Are Ringing (Si Ann)
(1972)"The Onedin Line"
--- Race for Power (Liu Chan)
--- Fetch and Carry (Johnny Heave-Ho)
(1972)"Doctor in Charge"- Yellow Fever (First Interpreter)
(1972)"Jason King"- Every Picture Tells a Story (Airport Barman)
(1970)"The Troubleshooters"/Mogul- Who Did You Say Inherits the Earth? (Nivilak)

(1969)The Champions-The Gun-Runners (Burmese Police Captain)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1969)"Strange Report"- Report 2641: Hostage - If You Won't Learn, Die! (Sung Lee)
(1969)"Doctor in the House" - Getting the Bird (Chinese Student)
(1969)The Chairman (Lin)
(1969)"W. Somerset Maugham" - The Letter (Ong Chi Seng)

(1968)The Champions-The Beginning (Ho Ling)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1967)A Matter of Innocence/Pretty Polly (Lim Kee)

(1967)You Only Live Twice

Both images ©Eon Productions

(1966)"Out of the Unknown" - The Eye (Munder)
(1966)The Brides of Fu Manchu (Control Assistant)
(1965)Invasion (The Lystrian)

(1965)The Face of Fu Manchu (Grand Lama)

©Constantin Film Produktion/Hallam Productions

(1965)Lord Jim (Malay)

(1964)"The Saint"- Jeannine (Lo Yung)

Both images ©Bamore

(1963)"Zero One"- Deadly Angels (Jerry)
(1963)General Hospital (Jacques)

(1963)Espionage-The Dragon Slayer (Captain Li)
©Associated Television (ATV)/National Broadcasting Company (NBC)/Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1963)"Ghost Squad"- East of Mandalay (Barman)
All 3 images ©Associated Television (ATV)

(1962)Man of the World-The Frontier (Chou)
(1962)"The River Flows East" (Chinaman)
(1962)Satan Never Sleeps (Junior Officer)
(1961)"Ghost Squad"- Hong Kong Story (Robert E Lee)

(1961)"The Avengers"- Kill the King (Suchong)
©ABC Weekend Television

(1961)"Danger Man" (Ming/Mr. Toy/Police Lieutenant)

All 5 images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1961)The Terror of the Tongs (Confucius)
©Hammer Film Productions

(1960)The Odd Man Ep 1.3 (Chinese Waiter)
(1960)Somerset Maugham Hour-Flotsam and Jetsum (Kong)

(1960)The Rebel(Artist at Party)
All 3 images ©American Broadcasting Company (ABC)/Fen-Ker-Ada Productions/Celestial Productions

(1959)The Voodoo Factor-The Malayan (The Malayan)

Images in this section used with permission from:,
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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1975

Episode: "The Hand of Fate"



(2011)The Lair


(2013)Paranormal Whacktivity




TV Play

(1976)Centre Play-Commonwealth Season: Canada-For the Whales (Kiamura)
(1974)ITV Playhouse-Love Affair (Mr. Yamada)
(1973)Thirty-Minute Theatre-The Japanese Student (Yoshi)
(1961)"The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre"- The Sinister Man (John Choto)