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Born in Harwell, Berkshire, England (UK) on March 30,1922.
Full Name: Felix Hervè Talbot Bowness
N66ickname: "Atomic Comic"

Spouse: Mavis (1950 - death); Has 1 son Robert (detective) and 3 grandchildren Jonathan, David and Christopher. Also has a great-granddaughter named Faith.
Died Sept 13, 2009 at the age of 87 in Woodley, Reading, Berkshire.


TV Appearances

(2004)Sykes in the Studio
(2004)Comedy Connections-Hi-De-Hi!
(1996-1997)"Oh, Doctor Beeching!" (Bernie Bleasdale)
(1995)Perry & Croft: The Sitcoms (Fred Quilly)
(1990-1993) "You Rang, M'Lord?" (Mr. Pearson)
(1991) "The Brittas Empire"- Opening Day (Workman)
(1989)"Hannay" (Music Hall Comedian)
--- The Confidence Man
--- Coup de grace
(1985)Ultra Quiz Ep 3.1
(1989) "This Is Your Life"
--- Su Pollard
(1988)Wogan Feb 1st

(1986) "This Is Your Life"- Jazz (Himself)

All 3 images ©Thames Television International

(1980-1988) "Hi-De-Hi!" (Fred Quilley)
All images ©BBC

(1980)Bernie Ep 2.3
(1979)Queen of the Blues (Eddie)
(1979)Potter-A Short Excursion in the Art World
(1978-1979)"Leave It to Charlie"
(1978)The Mike Reid Show Ep 1.5
(1977)A Roof Over My Head-Home and Dried (Telephone Engineer)
(1977) No Appointment Necessary-No Appointment Necessary (Removal Man)
(1977)Don't Forget to Write!-First Night (Jack Cooper)
(1976)The Dick Emery Show Ep 14.6
(1976)Des O'Conner Entertains June 4,1976

(1975) "Porridge"- Just Desserts (Gay Gordon)
Both images ©BBC

(1975)"Dawson's Weekly"- All Pools Day (Third Clerk)
(1975)The Growing Pains of PC Penrose-Fabulous Eyelashes He's Got (Wally Threadgold)
(1975)My Old Man Ep 2.5 (Bailiff)
(1974)No Strings-Is There a Patient in the House? (Man in clinic)
(1974)Rising Damp (Waiter)
©Yorkshire Television (YTV)

(1974)Holiday with Strings (Passenger)
(1974-1977)"Dad's Army"
---Everybody's Trucking (Driver)
---Number Engaged ( Van Driver)
---Ring Dem Bells (Special Constable)
bBoth images ©BBC

(1972-1979)"Sykes" (Delivery Man/Nells/Husband/Skipper's Boy/Man in Fog/First Customer)
(1972)"The Liver Birds" - The Parrot (Fred)
(1972) "The Goodies"- The Baddies
(1966)Frankie Howerd Ep 2.2
(1965-1966)"The Benny Hill Show" (Various)
(1963)80,000 Suspects (Wellford)

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AYBS Timeframe: 1975 & 1978


"Do You Take This Man"?
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-Was an audience 'warm-up' artist for BBC comedies like 'The Two Ronnies', 'Morecombe and Wise' and Wogan. Benny Hill recommended him to pursue this further and Felix warmed up thousands of TV productions as a result.

-Worked at an aircraft factory.

-Was a Bantamweight Boxer (ABA Champion), soldier (signalman) and a horseback rider.

-Performed magic acts.

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-(1948-1949)Started performing in a touring comedy at Clacton-on-Sea at the Ocean Theatre called "Ocean Review".

-(1960)A Seaside Revue at Lido Theatre.

(Jan 1984)Hi-De-Hi (Victoria Palace)


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Macmillan Cancer Support