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Born on June 23, 1950 in Windsor, Berkshire, England.
Birth Name: Geraldine Gardner
Known Name Variations: Trudi Van Doorn or Trudi Van Doorne
Died in February 1987 in England from Hypothermia caused by suicide on a beach in southern England. Suffered post-partum depression after giving birth to twins.


TV Appearances

(1986)"Chance in a Million" (Barbara)
---- The Once and Future Chance
---- Naming the Day
---- For Whom the Bell Tolls
---- The Taxman Cometh (Miss Henshaw)

(1985)"Fresh Fields"-Takes Two to Tango

Both images ©Thames Television

(1985)"C.A.T.S. Eyes" - Love Byte (Gloria)
(1982)Nutcracker (Markova)
(1980) "Strangers" - Clowns Don't Cry (Greta)
(1979)"Hazell" - Hazell and the Big Sleep (Sheel)
(1979)"Danger UXB" (Micky)
---- Butterfly Winter
---- The Silver Lining
(1978)Rosie (Liz)
--Furthur Complications
--Wilmot Gets a Bad Case of Big Cyril's Second Wife

(1976)"The New Avengers"- The Eagle's Nest (Gerda)
©The Avengers Enterprises

(1976)Queen Kong (Crew girl)

Both images © Dexter Film London/Cine-Art M√ľnchen

(1973)"Up the Workers" (Deidre Hargreaves)

(1973)Not Now Darling (Miss Whittington)
©Segemoor/Not Now Films

(1973)And Mother Makes Three-Starting Trouble (Air Stewardess)
(1972)"The Pathfinders" (L.A.C.W. Alison Park)
---- Sitting Ducks
---- Jonah Man

(1972-1973) "The Benny Hill Show"
©Thames Television

(1971)Quest for Love (Sylvia)
(1971)A Hole Lot of Trouble
(1970)Every Home Should Have One (Girl)
(1968) "The Ugliest Girl in Town" - My Sister the Genius (Terry)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1979

Episode: "Strong Stuff, This Insurance"





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Audio Recordings

Cats 1981 Original London Cast Bombalurina
Poppy 1982 Original London Cast Performer
A Chorus Line 1977-1979 London Production Sheila





(1977-1979)"A Chorus Line" (Shelia)

TV Plays

(1984)"Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense"/Fox Mystery Theater - Last Video and Testament (Secretary)
(1971)"Armchair Theatre" - The Girl on the M1 (Student)