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TV Appearances

(2007)"Grand Star" - Chapters XI + XII (Marcus)
(2005)Cherished (Bakery Worker)
(2005)Ten Days to Victory (Mussolini)
(2004)"Casualty"- The Ties That Bind Us: Part 1 (Tone)
(2004)Immortel (Ad Vitam) (Voice of Policeman)
(2003)L'Affaire Dominici (Mr. Marrian)
(2001)Nous deux
(1998)"A Respectable Trade" (Mr. Shore)

(1997)The Ice House (Sergeant Rogers)

(1996)The Governor Ep 2.2 (Officer Henley)
(1992)Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Talking to Strange Men (Vic Mabledene)
(1991)Minder-Three Cons Make a Mountain (Big Mike)

(1991)"The Darling Buds of May" - A Breath of French Air: Parts 1+2 (Gerard Brisson)
©Yorkshire Television (YTV)/Excelsior

(1990)"The Bill"- Blood Sucker (Soames)

(1990)"Agatha Christie: Poirot"- Peril at End House (Wilson)
©Carnival Film & Television/Picture Partnership Productions/London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1989)Cold Light of Day (Inspector Simmons)

(1988)"Tales of the Unexpected"- The Surgeon (Detective Inspector Watkins)
© Anglia Television

(1987)The Diary of Anne Frank Ep 1.4 (1st Policeman)
(1988)The Dawning (Cpl. Tweedie)
(1986)"Call Me Mister"- Tour De Force (Cliff)
(1986)Clockwise (Policeman with Mrs Wheel)
(1986)"Return to Treasure Island" (Hockley)
(1986)"C.A.T.S. Eyes"- Crack-Up (Simon)
(1986)"Hot Metal" (Keith)
(1986)"Boon"- Jack of All Tradesmen (Pearce)
(1986)"Fairly Secret Army" (1st Policeman)
--- Treacherous Chaps, Causes
--- You're Going to Be a Hero, Harry

© Moment Films/Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment

(1985)"Oliver Twist" Ep 1.7 (Landlord)

(1984)"Robin of Sherwood"- Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (Miller)

Both images ©Harlech Television (HTV)/Goldcrest Films International

(1983)"Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime"- The Man in the Mist (Police Sergeant)
(1983)Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (Matthew the Miller, Much's Father)
(1982)All for Love-Mona
(1982)"Crown Court"- Resurrection Woman (PC Warren)
(1982)"Dick Turpin"- The Secret Folk (Ezra)
(1981)The Gentle Touch-Protection (Wally Shepherd)
(1981)Ragtime (T.O.C. Police Guard)
(1981)"Crossroads" (Detective Inspector Watkins/Det. Sgt Cross)
(1981)The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs (4th Constable)
(1979)"Shoestring"- Higher Ground (Parent)
(1979)Mathilda's England (Mr. Tyzack)
(1978)The One and Only Phyllis Dixey (Detective Sergeant Wilkie)
(1978)"Return of the Saint"- One Black September (Yakovitz)
(1978)"The Devil's Crown"- When Cage-Birds Sing (Roger d'Argentan)

(1978)"Armchair Thriller"- Rachel in Danger Part 4 (Police constable)

Both images ©ABC Weekend Television; Thames Television

(1977)"Space: 1999"- Devil's Planet (Phirly)
(1977)ITV Sunday Night Drama-Why Here? (Henry)
(1976)"Z Cars"- Guns (Don)

(1975)"Porridge"- No Peace for the Wicked (Prison Visitor)

(1975)"The Legend of Robin Hood" Part 1(Norman Soldier)

(1975)"Poldark"-Celebrations (Miner spokesman)

Both images © BBC

(1974)Great Expectations (Police Inspector)
(1974)"Marked Personal"- Episodes 1.57 + 1.58 (Charlie)
(1974)Antony and Cleopatra (Soldier)
(1974)Seven Faces of Woman-Cherryripe and Lugworm Digger (Fisherman)
(1973)Two Women (Rosario)

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AYBS/A Timeframe: 1992

Episode: 1.3





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