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Born on April 7, 1941 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England (UK).
Birth Name: Gordon Fitzgerald Kaye
Height: 5' 10½"

Died 1/23/2017 at a care home.


TV Appearances

(2009)Mollie Sugden: A Tribute
(2009)Beyond a Joke-Politically Incorrect
(2009)Stars on the Street (Bernard Butler)
(2008)50 Greatest Comedy Catchphrases
(2007)Hitler: The Comedy Years

(2007)The Return of 'Allo 'Allo! (René Artois/Himself)
©Objective North Productions

(2007)"Granada Reports" - April 27th episode
(2007)"Breakfast" - March 27th episode
(2006)"Comedy Connections" - 'Allo 'Allo!
(2004)"Stars Reunited" - 'Allo 'Allo!
(2001-2004)"Revolver" (Farmer)
a©BBC Scotland

(1997)An Audience with Ronnie Corbett (Audience member)
(1996)"Surprise Surprise!" Ep 13.6
(1996)"Noel's Telly Years" - 1984
(1994)The Best of 'Allo 'Allo! ( René Artois)
(1993-1994)Celebrity Squares
(1993)"Screen One" - The Bullion Boys (Nickson)
(1990)Happy Birthday, Coronation Street!
(1990)"Last of the Summer Wine"- The Last Surviving Maurice Chevalier Impression (Maynard Lavery)
(1989)A Night of Comic Relief 2 (René Artois)
(1988)Comic Relief
(1988)Saturday Night Out Ep 1.3
(1988)A Question of Entertainment Ep 1.7
(1987)Blankety Blank March 6th episode

(1986)"This Is Your Life" - Gorden Kaye

Both images ©Thames Television International

(1986)"Roland Rat: The Series" Ep 1.3 (Himself/René Artois)
(1986)"Wogan" - Episode dated July 14th and Nov 12th (Himself/René Artois)
(1986)The Royal Variety Show
(1986)"Wogan" - Episode dated 12 November 1986 (René Artois)
(1985)Screen One (Nickson)

(1985)"Minder" - Give Us This Day Arthur Daley's Bread (Sammy)

All 3 images ©Euston Films

(1985)Screen Two-In the Secret State (Buff)

(1985)Brazil (M.O.I. Lobby Porter)
Both images ©Embassy International Pictures

(1984)"Minder" - Get Daley (Sammy)

(1984)Much Ado About Nothing (First Watch)

All 3 images ©BBC/Time-Life Television Productions

(1984)The Life and Death of King John (Duke of Austria)
(1984) "The Gentle Touch" (Fat Henry)
---- Losers Weepers
---- Finders Keepers
(1983)"Mansfield Park" (Dr. Grant)
(1983)Don't Rock the Boat-Top of the Bill (Mr. Danby)
(1983)Dead on Time (Moonie)
(1983)Let There Be Love-Fool's Mate (Ernest Thompson)
(1982)"Fame Is the Spur"

(1982-1992)"'Allo 'Allo!"(René Artois)
Both images ©BBC

(1982)Let There Be Love-In Sickness and in Health (Bertram)
(1981)Codename: Icarus (Frank Broadhurst)
(1981)Sredni vashtar (Ogden)
(1980)Kelly Monteith
(1980)Oh Happy Band-A Record to be Proud of
(1980) Just Liz (Mr. Chatto)
(1980)"God's Wonderful Railway" - The Permanent Way (Jem)
(1980)The Gentle Touch (Fat Henry)

(1979)"Citizen Smith" - The Party's Over (His Man)

(1979)Shoestring - Higher Ground (Tom Clarke)

(1979)Porridge (Dines)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1979)The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris Ep 1.6 (Adam Alexander)
(1979)Minder (Sammy)

(1978)"All Creatures Great and Small" - Pups, Pigs and Pickle (Kit Bilton)
Both images ©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1978)"Born and Bred" (Ray Benge)
(1978)The Waterloo Bridge Handicap (Chubby Chap)

(1977)Citizen Smith (His man)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1977)Backs to the Land-All Mod Con Tricks (Corporal)
(1977)It Ain't Half Hot Mum-The Pay Off (Burly Soldier)
(1977)Mr. Big-The Sheiks (Chauffeur)
(1977)"Come Back Mrs. Noah" (The Television Presenter)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1977)The Boys and Mrs B (Mr. Hobkirk)

(1977)Jabberwocky (Sister Jessica)
Both images ©Python Films

(1976)"Sykes" - Bath (Mr. Macclesfield)
(1976)Well Anyway (Waiter)
--Up to a Point
--There Again
(1976)Escape from the Dark
(1976)The Littlest Horse Thieves
(1975)The Growing Pains of PC Penrose-Among Those Appearing (PC Knowles)
(1974)"Till Death Us Do Part" - TV Licence (TV License Inspector)
(1974)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum" - The Pay Off (Burly Soldier)
(1973)"Follyfoot" - The Dream (Man with Court Order)
(1973)Hey Brian! Ep 1.3
(1973)"The Gordon Peters Show" (Regular)
(1973)Last of the Summer Wine(Maynard Lavery)
(1972)"Emmerdale Farm" (Jerry)

(1972)Scene-Bank Holiday (Garage Man)

(1972)Skyes (Mr. Macclesfield)
(1971-1973)The Flaxton Boys (PC Joseph/Engine driver/Delivery man)
(1971)Follyfoot (Man with Court Order)
(1969)Coronation Street (Bernard Butler)
(1968)Inside George Webley-Are You Sure or Only Positive (Clerk)
(1968)"Champion House" - Go West, Young Man (Railway Guard)
(1968)"Coronation Street" (Elsie Tanner's nephew)
(1965)Till Death Us Do Part

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1978,1979 & 1981


"Closed Circuit"
"Mrs Slocombe, Senior Person"
"Do You Take This Man?"





Real Life Facts/Trivia

Was involved in a serious car accident on January 25, 1990. He suffered serious head injuries as a result, but recovered to return to 'Allo 'Allo.





Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites/Interviews/Awards


1989 Autobiography 'Rene and Me'
Authors: Hilary Bonner and Gordon Kaye.
ISBN: 0-283-99965-9


11/29/63 ABC Cinema, Yorkshire. Beatles with Gordon Kaye. Huddersfield Tape Recording Society. "Music Box"


Nominated for BAFTA Award in 1986 for Best Light Entertainment Performance in "'Allo 'Allo".


All from 'Allo 'Allo episodes:
Six Big Boobies ("Lilli Marlene","Ave Maria")
The Nicked Knockwurst ("Love in Bloom")
The Great Un-Escape ("Louise")
The Exploding Bedpan ("Gayaneh - Suite: Sabre Dance")
Leclerc Against the Wall ("Sweet Sixteen")
Hello Hans ("The Happy Wanderer")
A Woman Never Lies ("We Are Resistance Fighters")



More info pertaining to Gordon Kaye



Kids At Heart/Louise Gold


August 13, 2006 -Summer Memorabilia Show
Birmingham’s NEC







(????)There`s No Place Like a Home

(2007)Appeared in Brisbane, Australia in the stage version of 'Allo 'Allo for the final time. See link below for more info:

(1988)"'Allo 'Allo! At the London Palladium" (Rene Artois)

(1986) "'Allo 'Allo!" Prince of Wales Theatre (Rene Artois)

(1985)Better Times (Theatre Royal, Stratford East)

1983-Sleeping Beauty (Theatre Royal, Stratford East)

TV Play

(1984)"Play for Today" - Rainy Day Women (Vicar)