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Born on March 4, 1903 in Glasgow, Scotland.
Birth Name: Harold Isadore Berens
Died on May 10, 1995.


TV Appearances

(1992)Carry on Columbus (Cecil the Torturer)
© Island World Productions

(1991)Hear My Song (Benny Rose)
(1987)Wogan-Wogan's Radio Fun Special 1

(1982)Trail of the Pink Panther (Hotel Clerk)
©United Artists

(1980)"Minder"- The Old School Tie (Jacobson)
©Euston Films

(1976)The Pink Panther Strikes Again (Hotel Clerk-deleted scenes)

(1976)Queen Kong (Man in Phone Booth)
© Dexter Film London/Cine-Art M√ľnchen

(1975)A Legacy (Grand-Uncle Emil)
(1974)Looks Familiar Ep 4.2
(1974)Doctor at Sea-But It's So Much Nicer to Come Home (Taxi Driver)
(1972)"Z Cars"- The Legacy (Josh Booth)

(1972)"Till Death Us Do Part" - Holiday in Bournemouth (Train Passenger)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1972)Straight on Till Morning (Mr. Harris)
(1972)The Basil Brush Show-January 2nd episode
(1971)"From a Bird's Eye View" - Hurricane Millie
(1971)Up and Away (Narrator)

(1969)"Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)"- That's How Murder Snowballs (Tony Lang)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1969)Magic Christian (Waiter)
Both images ©Commonwealth United Entertainment

(1968)"The Prisoner"
--The Girl Who Was Death (Boxing M.C)
©Everyman Films; Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

--Free for All (Reporter)
Both images ©Everyman Films; Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1968)Hostile Witness (Rosen)
(1967)Carnival Time Ep 1.1 (Guest Judge)
(1967)That's Show Business

(1965)"Danger Man"/Secret Agent - Judgement Day (Hotel Landlord)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1963)"The Human Jungle"- Fine Feathers (Mandelbaum)
© Independent Artists; Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC); United Artists Television

(1963)Taxi!-The Villain (Maxie)

(1962)"The Avengers"- Mission to Montreal (Film Director)
Both images ©ABC Weekend Television

(1962)Live Now - Pay Later/Flight from Treason (Solly Cowell)

(1962)The Painted Smile/Murder Can Be Deadly (Mikhala)
©Blakeley's Films (M/C) Ltd.

(1962)Behave Yourself
(1962)It's a Square World Ep 3.1 (Various)
(1961-1962)"Dixon of Dock Green"(Mr. Morton/Sidney Marcus/Sid Jacobs)

(1961)What a Whopper (Sammy)

©Viscount Films Ltd.

(1961)Three Live Wires-The Ring
(1961)A Weekend with Lulu (Card seller)
(1961)"The Pursuers" - The Web (Joe)

(1960)'The Edgar Wallace Mysteries'-Urge to Kill
© Merton Park Studios

(1960)The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's (British Consul)
© British Lion Film Corporation

(1960)Surprise Package (Max Schissel)
(1960)"Inside Story"- A Present for Penny (Benny)

(1960)Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons (Jeweler)
©Anglo Allied

(1959)"Invisible Man" - The Mink Coat (Bunny)
© Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1959)"Dial 999"- Missing Person (Walter)
(1958)"Dial 999"- The Killing Job (Francey)
(1958)This Day in Fear (Mr. Goldstein)
(1957)Man from Tangier/Thunder Over Tangier (Sammy)

(1956)The Big Money (Bookmaker)

All 3 images ©The Rank Organisation

(1956)Not So Dusty (Driver)
(1955)The Secret (Frank Farmer)

(1954)A Kid for Two Farthings (Oliver)
© London Film Productions

(1950)Up for the Cup (Auctioneer)
(1948)Third Time Lucky (Young Waiter)
(1947)Charley's March of Time
(1948)New Town
(1948)Your Very Good Health
(1946)Dual Alibi (Ali)
(1945)The Man from Morocco (Ali)
(1944)Candlelight in Algeria (Toni)

© British Aviation Pictures

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1979

Episode: "The Junior"


(Michael (For letting me use this image of Harold Berens and info from his Swalwelluk website)).

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Narrator for Up and Away (1971)




TV Plays

(1980)"BBC2 Playhouse" - Pews
(1961)"Armchair Theatre" - Murder Club (O'Donnevan)
(1956)ITV Television Playhouse-Bamboo Bars (Harris)