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Born on April 22, 1919 in St. Pancras, London, England.
Full Name: Hilda Lilian Fenemore
Also known as: Hilda Fennemore/Hilda Fennimore
Spouse: Rex Edwards also an actor.
Died in Watford, Hertfordshire, England on April 13, 2004.

TV Appearances

(1994)"Harry Enfield and Chums" - Ep 1.3 (Old Lady at Bus Stop)
(1993)"Goodnight Sweetheart" - I Get Along Without You Very Well (Old Lady)
(1992)London's Burning Ep 5.6 (Old Woman)
(1992)"Going to Seed" (Miss Pringle)
(1991)The Bill-Delivery on Time (Neighbor)
(1987)Don't Wait Up (Florrie) Ep 4.6
(1987)"Vanity Fair"(Mrs. Firkin)
(1987)"French and Saunders"- Episode 1.3
(1987)"Filthy Rich & Catflap" - Episode 1.2(Charlady)
(1986)Kit Curran-One Door Closes (1st Bingo Woman)
(1986) "Roll Over Beethoven" - Ep 2.1 (Mrs. Tibbs)
(1985) "Roll Over Beethoven" - Ep 1.4 (Mrs. Tibbs)
(1985) The Kenny Everett Television Show Ep 3.6
(1983)"Hallelujah!" - Struck Down (Woman)
(1983)"The Witches and the Grinnygog" (Mrs. Featherly)
(1982)For the Love of Egypt
(1982)Chronicle-For the Love of Egypt
(1982)"The Haunting of Cassie Palmer" Eps 1.5+1.6 (Mrs. Pettifeather)
(1981)"Frankie Howerd Strikes Again"
(1981)Solo Ep 1.5 (Mother-in-Law)
(1981)Absolution(Mrs. Hoskins)
(1980)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum" - The Great Broadcast (Mrs. Parkins)
(1980)"In Loving Memory" - The Outing (Cow Farmer)
(1980)"Fancy Wanders" ( Landlady)
(1980)Born and Bred-C'est Si Bon (Mrs White)

(1979)"Minder" - The Bounty Hunter (Passer by outside Balearic Investments)

Both images ©Euston Films

(1979)Mike Yarwood in Persons Ep 3.2
(1978)Absolution (Mrs Hoskins)
(1978)The Basil Brush Show-Ep dated Dec 30th
(1978)The Stud (Tony's mother)
(1978)The Mike Reid Show Ep 1.5
(1977)The Fuzz-Pending Further Inquiries (Woman in Shop)
(1977)London Belongs to Me- Ep 1.2 (Mrs Smyth)
(1977)Full Circle/The Haunting of Julia (Katherine)

(1976)"The Duchess of Duke Street" - The Outsiders (Mrs. Parker)

(1976)The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones (Mrs. Belcher)
(1975-1976)World of Laughter
(1975)"Dad's Army" - Ring Dem Bells (Queenie Beal)
(1975)"Dawson's Weekly" - Les Miserables (Mrs. Finch)
(1975)"Thriller" - The Double Kill (Mrs. Harper)
(1974)"Chico the Rainmaker " (Hilda Page)
(1973)Op de Hollandse toer/Going Dutch (Spokes woman English Ladies)
(1973)Crown Court-My Old Man's a Dustman (Martha Cousins)
(1973)"Thirty Minutes Worth" - Ep 2.1

(1973)The Offence (Woman on Common)

(1973)The Stone Tape (Bar Helper)

(1972)"Emma" Ep 1.3 (Mrs. Cole)

All 6 images ©BBC

(1972)The Man Outside-Eric (Marjorie Griffen)
(1972)Tarbuck's Luck Ep 1.2
(1972)Chico the Rainmaker
(1972)I Want What I Want
(1972)The Dick Emery Show Ep 10.8
(1971-1973)The Fenn Street Gang (Mrs. Duffy)
(1971)"The Runaway Summer" Parts 1+4 (Mrs. Carver)
(1971)Justice (Olive Parsons)
--Within a Year and a Day
--The Rain It Raineth
(1971)"Z Cars"- Not Often We Have Visitors: Part 1+2 (Mrs. Bennett)

(1970)Steptoe and Son-Men of Property (Mrs. Wood)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1969)"Detective" - Put Out the Light (Mrs. Law)
(1969)The Expert-Your Money for My Life (Mrs. Kaskins)
(1968)Nana-The Actress (Madame Lerat)
(1968)"Z Cars"- The Witness: Part 1+2 (Connie Hughes)
(1968)"Detective" - Dover and the Deadly Poison Pen Letters ( Mrs. Poltensky)
(1968)"Public Eye" - Memories of Meg
(1967) "Z Cars"- Prejudice: Part 1+2 (Mrs. Carter)
(1967)"Sanctuary" - The Face of Hunger (Sister Agnes)
(1967)"Adam Adamant Lives!" - The Survivors (Mrs. Clasp)
(1967)Money-Go-Round (Mrs. Smith)
(1965)"Londoners" - The Frighteners (Mrs. Mollins)
(1964)"R3" - The Short Cut (Mrs. Fields)
(1964)"Thorndyke" - Percival Bland's Brother (Mrs. Brattle)

(1964)They All Died Laughing/A Jolly Bad Fellow
©Pax Films

(1964)Witchcraft (Nurse)
©Lippert Films

(1963)Escape by Night/Clash by Night (Mrs. Peel)
©Eternal Films

(1963)This Is My Street (Doris)
(1963)First Night-Funny Noises with Their Mouths (Mary Gilmour)
(1963)Sergeant Cork-The Case of the Girl Upstairs (Nellie)

(1963)Doctor in Distress (Railway Station Barmaid)
Both images ©Betty E. Box-Ralph Thomas Productions/The Rank Organisation

(1962)The War Lover (Pub Landlady)
© Columbia British Productions /Columbia Pictures Corporation

(1962)Drama 61-67-Drama '62: A Chance in Life (Alice Carter)

(1962)The Boys (Mrs. Thompson)
©Galaworldfilm Productions/Atlas Productions

(1962)Strongroom (Charlady)
(1961)"Maigret" - The Golden Fleece (Madame Ducrau)
(1961)No Hiding Place-The Final Fling (Mrs Welch)
(1961)Four Winds Island (Jessie)
(1961)The Wind of Change (Gladys)
(1961)"The Cheaters" - For the Price of Two (Mrs. Evans)
(1961)No Hiding Place-The Final Chase (Mrs Williamson)
(1960)Feet of Clay (Mrs. Clarke)
(1960)Deadline Midnight Ep 1.4 (Mrs. Breen)

(1959)Carry on, Constable (Agitated Woman)

Both images ©Peter Rogers Productions

(1959)"Dancers in Mourning" Parts 3+4 (Mrs. Pole)

(1959)Carry on Nurse (Mrs. Rhoda Bray)

All 3 images ©Beaconsfield Productions

(1959)Love and Mr Lewisham Parts 4+6 (Mrs Chaffery)
(1959)Souls in Conflict (Ruth Stock)
(1959)A Farthing Damages (Mrs Fancourt)
(1959)Emergency-Ward 10 Ep 1.207 (Mrs Sainsbury)
(1959) The Flying Doctor-Boomerang (Mrs Stevens)
(1958)Ivanhoe-The Fledgling (Hilda)
(1958)Expresso Bongo (Ensemble)
(1958)Adventure in the Hopfields (Mrs. Quin)
(1958)Innocent Sinners (Cassle)

(1958)The Cosmic Monster (Mrs Hale)
(1958)You're a Long Time Dead (Mrs. Randall)

(1958)The Strange World of Planet X ( Mrs. Hale)
©Artistes Alliance Ltd.

(1958)The Young and the Guilty (Maude Marshall)

(1958)The Safecracker (Mrs. McCullers)
©Coronado Productions

(1957)Black Ice (Lillian Dodds)
(1957)The Tommy Steele Story/Rock Around the World (Mrs.Steele)
(1957)The Secret Place (Mrs. Haywood's Neighbor)
(1957)Five Names for Johnny-The Accusation (Mrs Sherman)
(1957)Treasure at the Mill (Mrs. Adams)
(1957)The End of the Road(Madge)
(1956)Without Love (Mrs. Hart)
(1956)Supersonic Saucer (Mother)
(1956)The Eternal Question
(1955-1965)"Dixon of Dock Green" (Jennie Wren)
(1955)Richard of Bordeaux (Waiting Woman)

(1955)"Quatermass II" - The Mark (Mother)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1955)Room in the House
(1955)The Hole in the Wall (Musky Meg)
(1955)Souls in Conflict (Ruth Stock)
(1955)The Vise-Two of a Kind (Ruth Karnas)
(1954)Adventure in th Hopfields (Mrs Quin)
(1954)Hands of Destiny (Mrs.Kane)
(1954)The End of the Road (Madge)
(1953)Turn the Key Softly (Granny's Daughter)

(1953)The Titfield Thunderbolt (Lady Washing Baby)
©Michael Balcon Productions/J. Arthur Rank Organisation, Ealing Studios

(1953)Terror on a Train/Time Bomb (Jimmy's Mother)
©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer British Studios

(1953)Bouncer Breaks Up (Mother)
(1952)The Man with the Gun (Miss Parsons)
(1952)The Wallet (Alice Maythorpe)
(1952)Saturday Island/Island of Desire (Ollie)
(1952)Blueprint for Danger (Alice Maythorpe)
(1951)The Case of the Missing Scene (Mrs Blackeney)

(1950)Chance of a Lifetime (Worker)
©Pilgrim Pictures

(1950)The Astonished Heart (Voice of railway station announcer)
(1948)Sin of Esther Waters

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1974-1979


"The Clock"
"Cold Comfort"
"Cold Store"
"No Sale"
"Mrs. Slocombe Expects"
"By Appointment"
"The Junior"
"The Punch and Judy Affair"












(1974) Pygmalion (Albery Theater)
(1966)"He Was Gone When They Got There" (Mermaid Theatre)
(1963)"How Are You, Johnnie?" (Vaudeville Theatre)

TV Plays

(1980)"Play for Today" - Ladies (Mrs. Wendell)
(1978)Flayed (BBC Plays)
(1975)"Play for Today"- Children of the Sun (June)

(1972)BBC Plays: The Stone Tape (Bar Helper)

(1972)"Comedy Playhouse" - Weren't You Marcia Honeywell? (Housekeeper)
(1965)Thursday Theatre-Johnson Over Jordan (Agnes)
(1960)BBC Sunday-Night Play-A Time to Fight (Mrs. Wardle)
(1957)"Armchair Theatre" - Man in a Moon
(1956)BBC Sunday Night Theatre: The Cold Light (Nanny)
(1956)ITV Television Playhouse– All Correct, Sir(Mrs. Lawrence)
(1956)ITV Television Playhouse– The Young and the Guilty (Mrs. Marshall)
(1955)"Lilli Palmer Theatre" - The Stocking (Housekeeper)
(1955)"ITV Television Playhouse" - Mid Level (Mrs. Grant)
(1954)BBC Sunday Night Theatre: Nineteen Eighty-Four (Mrs. Parsons)
(1953)BBC Sunday Night Theatre:Portrait by Peko (Winnie)
(1953)BBC Sunday Night Theatre:Stop the Roundabout (Daisy)

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