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Born in April 16, 1942 on Isle of Man (UK).
Died on July 29, 1996 on Isle of Man.

TV Appearances

(1993)The Princess and the Cobbler (Voice of Princess Yum-Yum's)
(1979)"Tropic" (Polly Blossom-Smith)
(1979)A Touch of the Sun (Miss Funnypenny)
(1977)Adventures of a Private Eye (Sally)
(1977)Those Wonderful TV Times Ep 2.7
(1976)Under the Doctor (Lady Victoria Stockbridge)
(1976)"Big Boy Now!" (Mavis)
(1976)The Sweepstakes Game Ep 1.7 (Panellist)
(1974)The Over-Amorous Artist (Bev)
(1974)All I Want Is You... and You... and You... (Freda Donohue)
(1973)Passion Potion (Diane Simpson)
(1973)The Optimists (Laundry Lady)

(1973)"Whoops Baghdad!" (Saccharine)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1972) "The Dave Cash Radio Show"- The Dave Cash Comedy Hour (Cunitia/Co-host)
(1971)Equal Partners (Mary)
(1971)Bachelor Father-Woman About the House (Barbara)
(1971)"Doctor at Large"- Saturday Matinee (Tanya)
(1971)She'll Follow You Anywhere/Passion Potion (Diane Simpson)
(1971)Equal Partners (Mary)
(1970) "Dixon of Dock Green"- Shadows (Cordelia)
(1970)"Fraud Squad"- Whizz Kid (Liz Simms)
(1970)"W. Somerset Maugham"- The Human Element (Girl in nightclub)

(1970)Futtocks End (The Bird)
© David Paradine Productions

(1970)"Department S"- Spencer Bodily Is Sixty Years Old (Lydia)

(1969)Run a Crooked Mile (Peter Martin's Secretary)

Both images © Universal Television

(1969)What's Good for the Goose (Cashier in Discotheque)
(1969)"Strange Report"- Report 3906: Cover Girls - Last Year's Model (Fashion Model)

(1969)"The Avengers"- Take-Over (Circe Bishop)

Both images ©ABC Weekend Television; Associated British Corporation

(1969)Q-Q5 Ep 1.3
(1969)Call My Bluff (Nov 13th episode)
(1969)What's Good for the Goose (Cashier in Discotheque)
(1968)"The Jazz Age"- Broadway (Mazie)
(1967)"Champion House"- Sonata for a Solo Fiddle (1st Woman)
(1964)"Crossroads" (Zelda Haye)

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AYBS Timeframe: 1973,1975 & 1976


"No Sale"
"Shoulder to Shoulder"
"Diamonds Are a Man's Best Friend"



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Dance Arranger

(1968)"The Jazz Age"- Broadway


Berni Inns
Kellogg's Rise & Shine health drink "Au Pair"

TV Play

(1970)"Comedy Playhouse"-Meter Maids (Ruxton)