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Harriet Reynolds

Born on September 13, 1944 in Hampton, Middlesex, England (UK).
Died on June 18, 1992 from cancer.

TV Appearances

(2000)I Love a 1970's Christmas
(1992)"Jeeves and Wooster"- Bertie Takes Gussie's Place at Deverill Hall (or, Right Ho! Jeeves) (Harriet Deverill)

(1991)"Lovejoy"- Bin Diving (Madge)
©BBC Drama Productions

(1991)Screen Two: The Law Lord (Jean Godfrey)
(1990)The Secret Life of Ian Fleming (Teletype operator)
(1990)Strike It Rich (Telephonist)
(1990)"The New Statesman"- Who Shot Alan B'Stard? (Dame Josie)
(1989)"Wish Me Luck" Ep 2.4 (Madame Moreau)
(1988)"London's Burning" Ep 1.2 (Mildred)
(1988)The Bretts-Home and Away: Part Two (Miss Wilcox)
(1987)"Rockliffe's Babies"- A Bad Few Days (Mrs. Collier-Stowell)
(1986)"Sorry!"- Natural Wastage (Mrs. Edicott)

1986)A Very Peculiar Practice-A Very Long Way from Anywhere (Deirdre Hemmingway)

(1985)Me and My Girl-Nothing Like a Quiet Sunday (Winifred Whitsun-Burnish)
(1985)Summer Season-Phoebe
(1985)"The Pickwick Papers" Ep 1.4 (Mrs. Pott)
(1984)"Ever Decreasing Circles"- The Party (Louise)
(1982)I remember Nelson-Love (Queen Maria Carolina)
(1981)"Angels"-Episodes 7.28+7.29 (Mrs Daley)
(1981)"Sink or Swim" Ep 2.1 (Woman in newspaper office)
(1981)"Crown Court"- Hen Party (Celia Cattermole)
(1980)Butterflies-Parting (Neighbor)
(1980)"Doctor Who"- The Leisure Hive: Parts 1,2+4 (Voice of Tannoy)
(1980)"The Enigma Files"- Backtrack (Miss Stanley)
(1980)"Agony"- Second Time Around (Deirdre)
(1980)Time of My Life Ep 1.3 (Wealthy Customer)

(1980)"Yes Minister"- The Right to Know (Deputation Member)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1980)"Pig in the Middle"- Something of Interest (Olivia)
(1978)"Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em"- Scottish Dancing (Miss Burton)
(1978)"Last of the Summer Wine"- A Merry Heatwave (Tennis Player)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1985

Episode: "Gambling Fever"




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TV Plays

(1980)"Play for Today"-Keep Smiling (Cath Cowper)
(1977)"Play for Today"-Abigail's Party (Susan)