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Born January 25, 1943.

Died 10/1/08.


TV Appearances

(2011)The U.N.I.T. Family: Part Two (Stuart Hyde)
(2008)The Ties That Bind Us (Stuart Hyde)
(2008)Celebration (Omega)
(2007)Rogue Time Lords (Omega)
(2007)Anti-Matter from Amsterdam
(2007)Omega Factor
(2003)Secrets of Middle-Earth: Inside Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'
(2001)Master of the Rings: The Unauthorized Story Behind J.R.R. Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'
(1993)Paul Merton: The Series Ep 2.1
(1993)"Jeeves and Wooster"- Arrested in a Night Club (Seppings)

(1992)"Keeping Up Appearances"- What to Wear When Yachting (Sales Assistant)

(1991)The Bill-Delivery on Time (Judge)

(1990)House of Cards Ep 1.3 (Man at the Hospital)

(1990)"All Creatures Great and Small"- Old Dogs, New Tricks (Henry Clintock)
Image ©BBC

(1990)"Agatha Christie: Poirot"- The Adventure of the Western Star (Sergeant)
©Carnival Films; London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1989)"Boon"- Do Not Forsake Me (Mike)
(1989)"Rules of Engagement" (Colonel Lipscoombe)
(1989)"The Bill"- The Visit (First Prison Officer)
(1989)Heritage Africa (Patrick Snyper)
(1988)"Colin's Sandwich"- Enough (Doctor)
(1988)"Gentlemen and Players"- Last Man In (Simon Cunningham)
(1988)"Thin Air" (Party guest)
(1988)"Rockliffe's Babies"- In Too Deep (Oliver Payton)
(1987)"C.A.T.S. Eyes"- The Big Burn (Dr. Charteris)
(1987)"The Charmer" -Gorse the Imposter (Captain)
(1987)Bust-Man of Property (George Stewart)
(1987)The Happy Valley (Hotel Guest)
(1986)"Howards' Way" (George Travis)
(1985)"EastEnders" Ep 1.81 (Man with Sheena)
(1985)"Hold the Back Page"-Grass Roots
(1985)"The Detective" (Bayker)
(1985)Tangiers (Police Sergeant)
(1985)Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil (Major)

(1985)Shades of Darkness-The Lady's Maid's Bell (Mr. Brympton)
©Granada Television

(1984)"Juliet Bravo"- No Peace (Whiteley)
(1983)"Bergerac"- Ice Maiden (Tony)

(1983)"A Fine Romance"- The Hotel (Chris)

All 5 images ©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1972+1983)"Doctor Who" (The Renegade/Omega)
---The Time Monster (Stuart Hyde)


(1982)"Hi-De-Hi!"- It's a Blue World (Inspector Sutcliffe)
(1982)Bognor-Just Desserts: Part 1-Scoff Not (Scoff Smith)
(1982)Holding the Fort-A Place in the Sun (Simon Dickens)
(1982)Tangiers (Police Sergeant)
(1981)"Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years" (Harold Macmillan)
(1981)Goodbye Darling-Lina (Ray Simes)
(1980)"Cribb"- Abracadaver (Albert)
(1980)Fox-The Perfect Scapegoat Syndrome (Mr. Cant)

(1979)"Minder"- A Tethered Goat (1st Police Sergeant)
©Euston Films

(1979)The Basil Brush Show Oct 20
(1979)"Danger UXB"- Dead Letter (Sergeant)
(1979)Rebecca (Gardener)
(1979)A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Sgt. George)
(1978)"Return of the Saint"- The Armageddon Alternative (Army Captain)
(1978)"Tycoon"- Hunter's Moon (Detective Con. Phillips)
(1978)"The Famous Five"- Five Get Into a Fix (Friendly shepherd)
(1978)"The Sweeney"- The Bigger They Are (Logan)

(1977)"The Duchess of Duke Street"- Ain't We Got Fun (Nigel)

(1977)"Target"- Carve Up (Sgt. Wilcox)
(1976)Dickens of London-Magic (1st Gentleman)
(1976)The Next Man (Nicole's Contact)
(1976)"Rentaghost" Ep 1.2 (Maltby)
(1973)"The Pathfinders"- Operation Pickpocket (Flight Officer Greve)
(1969)Hamlet (Priest)

Images in this section used with permission from:
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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1985

Episode: "The Hold-Up"







TV Plays

(1984)Play for Today-Young Shoulders (Gerald Cunningham)


(1969)Hamlet at Lunt-Fontanne in NYC.