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Born on August 8, 1917 in the Newport, Wales.
Died on December 2, 2002 in England (UK).

TV Appearances

(1994)Class Act Ep 1.1 (Judge Bridgewater)
(1992)"The Brittas Empire"- An Inspector Calls (Old Man)
(1989)American Rampage (Cop #1)
(1987)The Dark Angel/Uncle Silas Eps 1.2+1.3 (Old Giles)
(1986)David Copperfield Eps 1.6+1.7(Tiffey)
(1985) "Bergerac"- Return of the Ice Maiden (Butler)
(1985)By the Sword Divided-Fateful Days (Member of Parliament)
(1985)"One by One" - You and Whose Army?
(1982)"Squadron"- The Veteran (Politician)
(1982)Shine on Harvey Moon-Party Line (Mayor)
(1971+1982)"Doctor Who"
--- The Visitation: Part 1 (Ralph)
--- Colony in Space: Part 1 (Time Lord)
(1980)A Tale of Two Cities-Part 1 (Waiter)
(1980)Spy!-John Vassall (KGB Member)
(1979)"Crime and Punishment"-Part 2 (Priest)
(1978)"Secret Army"- Prisoner of War (Jacques Lamboit)
(1978)"Blakes 7"- Project Avalon (Scientist)

(1976)Our Mutual Friend Ep 1.1 (Retainer)

Both images ©BBC

(1975)The Growing Pains of PC Penrose-Among Those Appearing (Clerk of Court)
(1973)Heil Caesar!-The Conspirators (Cicero)
(1973)Casanova '73 Ep 1.6 (John Mitchell)
(1972)"War & Peace"-Fortunes of War (Marshal Ney)
(1972)Alcock and Gander-Pontoon (Albert)
(1971)The Doctors Jan 6th episode (George Hedley)

(1971)Dr. Who

(1970)Trog (Anaesthetist)
©Herman Cohen Productions

(1969)"The Avengers"-Requiem (Vicar)
©ABC Weekend Television/Associated British Corporation

(1969)Two in Clover Ep 1.1 (Lorry Driver)
©Thames Television

(1968)Cold Comfort Farm (Ezra)
(1967)"The Avengers"
--You have Just Been Murdered (Hallam)
Both images ©ABC Weekend Television/Associated British Corporation
--The £50,000 Breakfast (Mourner)
Both images ©ABC Weekend Television/Associated British Corporation

(1967)It! (Second Museum Guard)
©Gold Star Films, Ltd.

(1966)Quick Before They Catch Us-Season of the Skylark: Part 1
(1965)Rotten to the Core (Drainpipe Fred)
(1965) "Contract to Kill" (Maurice)

(1965)Gideon's Way/Gideon C.I.D.
©New World Productions/Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1964)Count of Monte Cristo-An End to Revenge (Footman)
(1964)The Big Noise-The Ledge (Police Inspector)
(1964)Sergeant Cork-The Case of the Six Suspects (Moscrop)
(1964)Sergeant Cork-The Case of the Reluctant Widow (Man in Cafe)
(1962)Six More Faces of Jim-The Face of Fatherhood
(1961)The Frightened City (Warder)
(1962)Man Who Couldn't Walk (2nd Watchman)
(1961)Echo Four Two-Opportunity Taken (Businessman)
(1961)Deadline Midnight-Bid for Glory (Mr. Forsyth)
(1961)The Unstoppable Man (Reporter)
(1960)Emergency-Ward 10 Ep 1.360 (Man in shop)

(1960)Sentenced For Life
©Danziger Productions Ltd.

(1960)Interpol Calling
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)/Wrather Productions/The Rank Organisation

(1959)Mother Courage and Her Children (1st Catholic Soldier)
(1959)Life in Emergency Ward 10
(1959)The Last Chronicle of Barset-The Arabins Return to Barchester (Telegraph Messenger)

(1959)Cover Girl Killer (Plainclothes Man)
©Jack Parsons Productions/Parroch

(1955+1959)"The Vise"
--- Scream in the Night (First Fireman)
--- The Verdict (Mr. Stone)
(1958)Big Guns-A Family Matter (Benskin)

(1957)Inside Information (John Wainwright)
©Merton Park Studios

(1957)"The Adventures of Robin Hood" (Quentin)
--- The Christmas Goose
--- The Bride of Robin Hood

(1957)Cat Girl (Male nurse)
©Insignia Films

(1957)Suspended Alibi (Post Supervisor)
(1957)The End of the Road

(1956-1957)Scotland Yard
/Stryker of the Yard

Both images ©Hollywood Television Service


(1956)The Crime of the Century-Taffy
(1956)Satellite in the Sky (Official)

(1955)One Good Turn
©Two Cities Films/Maurice Cowan Productions

(1954)The Black Rider (Van Driver)
©Balblair Productions

(1953)The Beggar's Opera
(1952)The Broken Horseshoe-Mr. Felix Galegos (Sergeant Lewis)
(1951)Nocturne in Scotland (Frimley)
(1951)Midshipman Barney Eps 1.1 and 1.2 (Jules)
(1951)Five Children and It-The Beginning of 'It' (Beale)
(1951)Face to face (Doorman)
(1950)The Cruise of the Toytown Belle (A pirate)
(1950)Good Friday (3rd Citizen)
(1948)R.U.R. (Marius (robot))

(1946)Morning Departure/Operation Disaster (Petty Officer Barlow)

©Jay Lewis Productions/J. Arthur Rank Organisation

(1945)Here We Come Gathering: A Story of the Kentish Orchards (Schoolmaster)
(1944)Hotel Reserve (Policeman)

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AYBS Timeframe: 1974

Episode: "Cold Comfort"




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TV Plays

(1982)"Play for Today"- A Mother Like Him (Dad)
(1969)The Wednesday Play: There Is Also Tomorrow (Hall porter)
(1967)Theatre 625-The Magicians: Edmund Gurney and the Brighton Mesmerist (Hotel Porter)
(1966) "The Wednesday Play"- A Man on Her Back (Detective)

(1963)"The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre"- Five to One (Waiter)
©Merton Park Studios

Images for this section used with permission from:

"BBC Sunday-Night Theatre"
(July 14, 1957)The Magnificent Egotist (News vendor)
(Apr 22, 1956)Arrow to the Heart (Prisoner)

(Dec 12, 1954)Nineteen Eighty-Four (First Man)

(Jan 27, 1952)Michael and Mary (Museum attendant)
(Jan 20, 1952)King John (Actor)
(Apr 22, 1951)Henry V (Alexander Court)

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