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Born on August 25, 1939 in Brentford, Middlesex, England (UK).
Birth Name: John Michael Jones
Known Name Variation: John Barton
Height: 5' 11"
Spouse: Enda Gates (2002-death)
Had two strokes.

Died September 12, 2014.





TV Appearances

(2012)June Brown:Respect Your Elders
(2007)"Breakfast"- January 5th Episode
(2007)"Just the Two of Us" Eps 2.1-2.4 (Contestant)
(2007)Would I Lie to You?
(2006)Another Audience with Shirley Bassey (Audience Member)
(2005)"This Morning"- September 5th episode
(2005)The British Soap Awards (Audience Member)
(2004)EastEnders: Christmas Party
(2003)EastEnders: Christmas Party
(2003)"GMTV" - February 6th episode
(2003)"This is Your Life"-John Bardon
(1999) "Hippies"- Protesting Hippies (Security Guard)
(1999)The Killing Zone (Man With Cigarette)
(1999)East Is East (Mr. Moorhouse)
(1999)Polterguests-Lumbered in Limbo (Sid)
(1999)"Mike & Angelo"-Traffic(Sir Stanley Swann)
(1998) "Birds of a Feather"- Nuptials (Les Stubbs)
(1998)The Broker's Man-Playback (Ted Clark)

(1998) "Midsomer Murders"- Written in Blood (Mr. Belgrove)
©Independent Television (ITV)

(1997) "Heartbeat" - Affairs of the Heart (Grandad Rowan)
(1997)Gobble (Taxi Driver)
(1997)A Royal Scandal (William Cole)

(1997)Fierce Creatures (Sea Lion Spectator)
© Universal Pictures

(1996-2011)Eastenders (Jim Branning)
(1996)Birds of a Feather
(1996)Bramwell Ep 2.6 (Middle Aged Man)
(1996)Seasick/Merisairas (Bosun Patrick Forget)
(1996) "The Detectives"- The Wembley Stadium Mystery (Billy)
(1996)Gulliver's Travels (Bedlam admissions warden)
(1996) "Goodnight Sweetheart" - It's a Sin to Tell a Lie (Guard)
(1996)Giving Tongue (Stan Gale)
(1996)A Royal Scandal (William Cole)
(1996)Frontiers-Casual Bank Robbers
(1995)Unbroadcastable 'Have I Got News for You'
(1994)Keeper (Leslie)

(1994) "Lovejoy"- The Last of the Uzkoks (Walter Gimbert)
©BBC Drama Productions

(1994) "Minder"- The Long Good Thursday (Billy)
(1994)"Mike & Angelo"-Winner Takes All(Aubrey Hepburn)
(1993) "Get Back" (Bernie Sweet)
(1992)"Screen One"-Seconds Out (Billy)
(1992) "Get Back" (Bernie Sweet)
(1992) "Love Hurts" (Sam Carver)
(1991) "Birds of a Feather"- Just Family (Les Stubbs)
(1991)Further Up Pompeii (Villainus Brutus)
(1991) "Drop the Dead Donkey"- Dave's Day (1st Cabbie)
(1991)Hope It Rains-Fire Hazard (Mr. Lawrence)
(1990) "This Is David Harper"- Partners in Crime? (Sammy Kent)
(1990) "Coronation Street" - Eps 1.3141+1.3140
(Ernie Lumsden)

(1990) "Casualty"- Hiding Place (Jack Morris)

All 3 images ©BBC

(1990) "The Bill" - Robbo (Robbo Robbins)
(1990) "Mystery! Campion" - Flowers for the Judge: Part 1 (Inspector Tanner)
(1990)Desmond's (Police Inspector)
---'Old De Front Page Again
---'Old De Front Page
(1989)That's Love-Ep 2.5(Irate Driver)
(1989) "Never the Twain"- A Point of Honour (Fletcher)
(1989) "Hannay"- Say the Bells of Shoreditch (Edward Rose)
(1989)Hard Cases-Ep 2.3 (Massage Parlor Manager)

(1989)"Agatha Christie: Poirot"- Four and Twenty Blackbirds ( Lavatory Attendant)
©Carnival Films; London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1988)"The Return of the Antelope"-That's the Way to Do It! (Professor Otto)
(1988)Thin Air-Ep 1.2 (Stan)
(1987-1992) "Rumpole of the Bailey" (Fred Timson)

(1987)84 Charing Cross Road (Labour Party Canvasser)
©Columbia Pictures/Brooksfilms

(1986) "Call Me Mister"- Frozen Assets (Security Guard)

(1986) "Only Fools and Horses"- The Longest Night (Tom Clarke)

(with David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and Buster Merryfield)
All 3 images ©BBC

(1986)"Kit Curran"-A Sick Society (Shopkeeper)
(1986)"C.A.T.S. Eyes"-Rough Trip (Police Inspector)

(1986)Clockwise (Ticket Collector)
© Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment

(1986) "Boon"- Northwest Passage to Acock's Green (Fisherman)
©Central Independent Television

(1985) "Terry and June" - Terry in Court (Mr. Grubb)
(1984)Ordeal by Innocence (Night Porter)

(1984)"Miss Marple"-The Body in the Library (Police Constable Bill Palk)
©BBC and A&E Television Networks

(1984)Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Fisherman of Pentapolis/Lord of Tyre/Storm Sailor)
(1983-1985) "Up the Elephant and Round the Castle" (Jim's Dad)

(1983) "Johnny Jarvis" (Mr. Jarvis)

Both images © BBC

(1983)Fords on Water (Man in Hotel Bar)
(1983)"Minder"-Minder's Christmas Bonus
(1983)"The Gentle Touch"-The Meat Rack (George)

(1982) "Minder"- Poetic Justice, Innit? (Jury Member)
©Euston Films

(1982) "The Gentle Touch"- The Meat Rack (George)
(1982)Here's a Funny Thing (Max Miller)
(1982)Friend or Foe (Jerry Reynolds)
(1981)Tiny Revolutions (Court Chairman)
(1981)"Hi-De-Hi!"- The Day of Reckoning (Ron Armitage)
(1980)"Friday Night, Saturday Morning"- Ep 3.8
(1980)Murphy's Stroke (O'Connor)
(1979)"Shoestring"- Nine Tenths of the Law (Ralph)
(1979)"Prince Regent"-Mad for Love(Coachman)
(1979)"Hazell"-Hazell and the Greasy Gunners (Foley)
(1979)Crown Court-Question of Care (John Ryan)
(1978) "Angels"- Penalties (Denis Swainson)
(1978)"The Famous Five"-Five Go Off to Camp Eps 1+2 (Peters)
(1978) "Law and Order"-A Villain's Tale (Del Rogers)
(1978)"A Sharp Intake of Breath"-Somewhere in the Sun (Taxi Driver)
(1977)"CBS Children's Film Festival"-Friend or Foe (Jerry)
(1977)Crown Court-Safe as Houses (Hugh Wentworth)
(1976) "Angels"- Facing Up (Denis Swainson)
(1976)Lorna Doone Ep 1.5 (Colonel Kirke)
(1976)"Killers"-The Chaulkpit Murder (Minden)
(1975) "The Sweeney"- Faces (Doc Boyd)

(1975)"Dad's Army"- Ring Dem Bells (Harold Forster)

(1975)One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing (Bookmaker)
© Walt Disney Productions

(1974)S*P*Y*S (Evans)
(1974)Antony and Cleopatra (Demetrius)
(1973)The Donati Conspiracy Ep 1.1 (Police Officer)
(1972)"Pretenders"-Prince of Avalon(Dick Pyker)
(1956)Between Heaven and Hell

Images in this section used with permission from:
anonymous contributers



AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1976

Episode: "No Sale"


(1988)Got a Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Best Actor in a Musical.

Likes swimming, ballroom dancing and painting.

After dinner speaker and stand-up comic.

(2007) Reached the semi-final of the celebrity singing contest in Just The Two Of Us with Jocelyn Brown (partner).






(1982)Here's a Funny Thing


(2000)Eastenders (Feb 20th)
Sang: "I'll Be Seeing You"











TV Plays

(1981) "ITV Playhouse"- Only a Game (Linesman)
(1978)"Play for Today"-Dinner at the Sporting Club (Sammy)

(1976)"BBC2 Playhouse"-The Chauffeur(Chauffeur)
(1970)"ITV Sunday Night Drama"-A Man Against His Age(Prisoner/Methodist number 4)


Kiss me Kate

An Inspector Calls

(1982)Andy Capp at The Royal Exchange Theatre

(1981)The Corn is Green at The Royal Exchange Theatre

Played Private Walker in the 1976 stage show of Dads Army.