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Full Name: Jonathan Hugh Gascoyne-Cecil 
Parents: Lord Edward Christian David Cecil and Rachel MacCarthy.
Brother: Hugh Peniston Cecil
Daughter: Alica Laura Cecil
Married to: Vivien Sarah Frances Heilbron (July 1963)-divorced later. Then married Anna Sharkey on November 3, 1976.
Born on February 22, 1939 in London, England (UK).
Died September 22, 2011 from pneumonia at Charing Cross Hospital at 72 (Suffered from emphysema).



TV Appearances

(2013)Henry and the Midnight Dentist Narrator)
(2010)Man and Dog (Walter)

(2009)Midsomer Murders-The Glitch (Melville Dodgson)
All 3 images © Independent Television (ITV)

(2009)The Shaftesbury Players (Dickie)

(2006)Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj (Provost Cunningham)
©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

(2006)Turning Shadows (Herman Syden)
(2005)"The Worst Week of My Life"- Saturday (Alexander)
(2004)Fakers (Dr. Fielding)
(2004)"Arena"- Painting the Clouds: a Portrait of Dennis Potter
(2001)Victoria & Albert (Page)

(2000) "One Foot in the Grave"- Things Aren't Simple Anymore (Mr. Gundry)

(1998)RPM (Lord Baxter)
(1997)Day Release
(1994) "Just William"- William and the Russian Prince (Rawlings)
(1994) "Murder Most Horrid"- A Severe Case of Death (Mr. Warburton)
(1994)"The Rector's Wife" (Robert Ramsey)
(1994)Late Flowering Lust (Mr Fairclough)
(1992)As You Like It (Lord)
(1992)Il segno del comando

(1992)A Fine Romance

(with Julie Andrews!)
Both images ©Birra Peroni Industriale/Silvio Berlusconi Communications/Produzioni Cinematografiche C.E.P. S.r.l.

(1991)Cin cin
(1990)Fool (Sir Martin Locket)
(1989)The Child Eater (Mr. Thomas)
(1988)Little Dorrit (Nobody's Fault)(Magnate from the Bench)
(1988)Hot Paint (Earl of Lanscombe)
(1987)The Hospice
(1987)The Second Victory (Captain Lowell)

(1986)Agatha Christie: Murder in Three Acts (Captain Arthur Hastings)
Both images ©Warner Bros. Television

(1986)Dead Man's Folly (Captain Arthur Hastings)
©Warner Bros. Television

(1986)"Alice in Wonderland" (White Rabbit)

(1985)Agatha Christie:Thirteen at Dinner (Captain Arthur Hastings)
©Warner Bros. Television/CBS Entertainment Production

(1984)The House (Bishop Wooler)
(1984)Lady is a Tramp-Ep 2.6 (Posh Man)

(1983)And the Ship Sails On (Ricotin)

All 6 images ©Gaumont /Rai 1/Vides Produzione

(1983)The Kenny Everett Television Show-Ep 2.2 (Various)
(1983)Farmers Arms (Mr. Brown)
(1982)Jackanory Playhouse-The Princess and the Inventor (Lord Harkspur)
(1982)"Gulliver in Lilliput" (King Golbasto)
(1981)Thank You, P.G. Wodehouse (Bertie Wooster)

(1981)History of the World: Part I-The French Revolution (Poppinjay)

(1980)Worzel Gummidge-Choir Practice (Vicar)
(1980)The Taming of the Shrew (Hortensio)
(1980)"Oh Happy Band" (Mr. Herbert)
(1980)Frank Muir on Children
(1980)Spy!-Cynthia (Johnnie Howard)

(1980)Rising Damp-The Movie (BoutiqueAssistant)
©British Lion Film Corporation

(1977)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"- Puddings from Heaven (Major Nangle)

(1977)Joseph Andrews (Fop One)
©Woodfall Film Productions

(1976)Under the Doctor (Rodney Harrington-Harrington/Lord Woodbridge)
(1976)The Venetian Twins
(1976)Whodunnit?-Final Verdict (Coleman)

(1975)Barry Lyndon (Lt. Jonathan Fakenham)
©Warner Bros.

(1975)The Rough with the Smooth-Ep 1.3 (George Robinson)

(1974-1975)"Romany Jones" (Jeremy Chrichton-Jones)
--The Eggs
--She Loves Me, That Bird

Both images © London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1973)"Dad's Army" - Things That Go Bump in the Night (Captain Cadbury)

(1973)Picture of Katherine Mansfield-Ep 1.5 (Eddie Warren)
w/Derek Smith
Both images ©BBC

(1972)"The Sextet"- A Question of Degree (Gallery proprietor)
(1972)The Dick Emery Show Ep 11.8
(1972)"The Goodies"- Charity Bounce (Arthur Minion)

(1972)Up the Front (Nigel Phipps-Fortescue)

(1971)"Ace of Wands"- Seven Serpents, Sulphur and Salt: Part 3 (Mr. Thwaites)

(1971)Lust for a Vampire (Arthur Biggs)
©Hammer Film Productions

(1971)To Catch a Spy/Catch Me a Spy/Keep Your Fingers Crossed (British Attaché)
(1970)She Follows Me About (Aubrey)

(1970)The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer (Spot)

Frank Thornton (left) with Jonathan Cecil (right)
All 4 images © Warner Brothers/Seven Arts

(1970)"The Culture Vultures" (Dr. Ian Meredith)
(1970)Oh Brother!-The Fullness of His days
(1969)"Doctor in the House"- Rallying Round... (Mungo Ludlake)

(1969)Otley (Young man at party)
©Bruce Cohn Curtis Films Ltd.

(1967)The Old Campaigner (Peter Clancy)
(1967)Sorry I'm Single-The Best Man (Martin)
(1967)The Whitehall Worrier (Roger Deere)

(1966)The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery (Man)
©British Lion Film Corporation

(1966)Major Barbara (Charles Lomax)
(1965)Marriage Lines-Nest of Starlings (Dave)
(1965)Eugenie Grandet (Adolphe)
(1964)Yellow Rolls-Royce (Third Reporter)
©Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

(1964)Six-The Diary of a Nobody: The Domestic Jottings of a City Clerk (Mr. Cummings)
(1964)Nothing But the Best (Guards Officer at Hunt Ball)
(1964)The Ordeal of Richard Feverel (Giles Jinkson)
(1964)First Night-Maggie (played opposite Vanessa Redgrave)

Images in this section used with permission from:
anonymous contributers



AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1975

Episode: "Shoulder to Shoulder"



(December 1997)Comic Heritage Magazine - Issue 9

Jack Tripp - An appreciation by Jonathan Cecil

Video/Books/Official Websites


-The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 
-The Brightonomicon
-The Next Programme Follows Almost Immediately
Stood in for Derek Nimmo (Bishop's Chaplain, the Reverend Mervyn Noote) in "All Gas and Gaiters".


Many of P.G. Wodehouse's books including "Leave it to Psmith"

(2013)Henry and the Midnight Dentist

Writer for:

The Spectator
The Times Literary Supplement





-Son of Lord David Cecil.
-Friends with Dudley Moore.






Video Game

(2008)Fable II




(1984)The Wind in the Willows-The Further Adventures of Toad (Voice)

(1994)Willoughby Drive

(Content used with permission from Tana Fletcher at Dolphin Puppet Films; image credit: Jonathan Cecil).


TV Plays

(1980) ITV Sunday Night Drama-Remember Jack Buchanan (Dave Hutcheson)

(1976)"Wodehouse Playhouse"- The Nodder (King Boola)

(1975)BBC Play of the Month-Love's Labour's Lost (Holofernes)

(12/25/1973)Alice Through the Looking Glass (Old Father of beamish boy/Hatta)

(1970) "Comedy Playhouse"- Keep 'Em Rolling (Major Fitzwarren)

(1970)Wednesday Play-Mad Jack (Lytton Strachey)

(1970) "Comedy Playhouse"- Uncle Fred Flits By (Pongo Twistleton)

(1966) "Comedy Playhouse"- The Mallard Imaginaire (Roger Deare)

(1965)ITV Play of the Week-The Fall of the Sparrow (Laidlow)


(2007)"Elling" (Trafalgar Studios Theatre)

(1987) "The Hypochrondriac" (Lyric Theatre)

(1974)"Hamlet" (Greenwich Theatre)

(1972)"Cowardly Coward" (Mermaid Theatre) with Patricia Routledge from "Keeping Up Appearances" fame.

(1970)Lulu (Apollo Theater)

(1969)"The Ruling Class" (Piccadilly Theatre)

Salisbury Plays
Portrait of a Queen(Disraeli)
Saint Joan (Dauphin)
The Tempest (Trinculo)

West End Plays
(May 1965) "A Heritage and Its History at the Phoenix"
Half-Way up the Tree