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Born on May 1, 1918 in Helensburgh,Dumbartonshire,Scotland.
Spouse: Helen Goodlet Findlay (1941-1997 her death). Have 2 children Laura and James Ronald Cosmo (stage name)-a famous Scottish character actor. They have several grandchildren.
Full Name: James Gordon Copeland
Nickname: Jimmy
Died April 17, 2002.


TV Appearances

(2002)Ultimate Fights from the Movies (Sam)
(1991)Rage in Harlem (Jailer)
(1990)The Big Man/Crossing the Line (Sam)
(1990)The Campbells-Old Ways and New (Prof. McKenzie)
(1985)Brigadista (Billy)
(1985)A Drop in the Ocean
(1984) Murder Not Proven?-Open Season (George Lamont)
(1983) "The Citadel" Parts 4+5 (Urquhart)
(1982)"King's Royal" (Roderick Fraser)
(1982)The Privilege (Minister)
(1981)Maggie Ep 1.3 (Grandfather)
(1981)"The Walls of Jericho"-Physician, Heal Thyself (Dr.Angus MacDonald)
(1981)"Strangers"- A Dear Green Place (Willie Mauchlin)
(1980)"Strangers"- Racing Certainty (Willie Mauchlin)
(1980)"Mackenzie" (Andy Robertson)
--- Back to Back
--- Preliminary Enquiries
(1980)"Square Mile of Murder" - The Trials of Oscar Slater
(1980)Doom Castle Ep 1.1 (Hugh Bethune)
(1980)"Take the High Road" (Jamie Stewart)
(1979)"Strangers"- Marriages, Deaths and Births (Willie Mauchlin)
(1978)"Kidnapped" (Hector)
(1978)"The Standard" - Come to the Revolution (Tim Cooper)
(1977)"The Mackinnons" (Duncan Johnstone)
--- They Also Serve...
---A New Life
(1977)Hazlitt in Love (Soliciior)
(1976)Benny Lynch (Tim McMahon)
(1975)"Oil Strike North"- The Floating Bomb (Willie Baxter)
(1975)"Five Red Herrings" Eps 1.1+1.2 (Wully Murdoch)
(1974)"Sutherland's Law"-- Pay-Off
(1973)"Sutherland's Law"- The Ship (Samuel Mowat)
(1973-1975)"Crown Court" (George Lomax/Col Ulrick McIver/Detective Sup Jack Walker)
(1973)"Menace"- Judas Goat (Craig)
(1973)The Donati Conspiracy Eps 1.2+1.3 (Father Superior)
(1973)"The View from Daniel Pike"- Credit Where It's Due (Detective Sgt. Latimer)
(1973)"The Brothers"-- The Trojan Horse (Eddie MacDonald)
(1972)"The Brothers"-- Turning Point (Eddie MacDonald)
(1972)"Z Cars"(PC Hackett/PC Walter/Danny)
(1972)Adam Smith (Aitken)
(1972)"Spy Trap"- Double Agent (Patterson)
(1971)"Softly Softly:Task Force " - Black Equals White (Mac)
(1971)"Out of the Unknown"- The Shattered Eye (Randall)
(1970)The Main Chance-Settlement Day (Johnny Stewart)

(1970)The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (Guide)
©Compton Films

(1970)"The Borderers"- A Woman or an Epitaph (Bellander)
(1970)The Rebellious Red Gauntlets-The Man with the Sword
(1969)"Out of the Unknown"- Beach Head (Oliver MacDonald)

(1969)"Dad's Army"- Operation Kilt (Capt. Ogilvie)

Both images ©BBC

(1968)"The Borderers"- Vengeance (Tam Elliot)
(1968-1969)"Doctor Who"-The Krotons Eps 1-4 (Selris)
(1968)The Flight of the Heron-Rescue
(1967)"The Revenue Men"- The Traders
(1967)Torture Garden (Fred)
(1967)The Big Catch (Mr. Cameron)
(1966)"Ransom for a Pretty Girl" (Inspector McRoberts)
(1966)Mogul-Some Wet Night in Sauciehall Street (Bruce MacCallum)
(1966)"The Troubleshooters" - Some Wet Night in Sauciehall Street (Bruce MacCallum)
(1965-1971)"Z Cars" (PC Walter)
(1965-1966)"Dixon of Dock Green" (Scotty/Burns/Mr Clifford)

(1965)"The Avengers"
--- The Master Minds (Gymnast)

©Associated British Corporation/ABC Weekend Television

--- The Castle of Death (Robertson)

All 4 images ©ABC Weekend Television

(1965)"The Saint"- The Inescapable Word (Dr. Carey)
Both images ©Bamore

(1963)"Detective"- The Speaking Eye (Dougal)
(1963)Farewell Performance (Andrews)
(1963)Kidnapped (Neil the Redhead)
(1962)"Dr. Finlay's Casebook" (Hooky Buchanan/Angus Hendry/Gordon Loell/Mr Gale/Mr Donald/Willie McTaggart)
(1962)It Happened Like This-The Diamond Hairslide (Purser)
(1962)Farewell Performance (Andrews)
(1962)"The Dark Island" Ep 1.1 (Petty officer)

(1961)Ghost Squad-Death from a Distance (Charles)
©Associated Television (ATV)

(1961)Looking About-Florence Nightingale (Surgeon)
(1961)Rob Roy Ep 1.4 (Stewart)

(1960)Tunes of Glory (One of the other officers)
© Janus Films/Knightsbridge Films/United Artists

(1960)Captain Moonlight:Man of Mystery Ep 1.1 (PC Gladstone)
(1960)Emergency-Ward 10 (Cyril Simpson)
(1959)Redgauntlet (Mr McKellar/Joshua Geddes)

(1959)Four Desperate Men/Siege of Pinchgut (CPO)
©Ealing Studios/Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)

(1959)The 39 Steps (Police Constable at Roadblock)

Both images ©The Rank Organisation

(1959)"The Flying Doctor" (Alec Macleod)
(1958)Captain Moonlight: Man of Mystery-The Letter (PC Gladstone)
(1957)Rockets Galore!/Mad Little Island (Kenny McLeod)

(1956)The Battle of the River Plate/Pursuit of the Graf Spee(Chief Yeoman, HMNZS Achilles)
©The Archers

(1956)Kidnapped (James Stewart)
(1955)You Lucky People (Private Jim Campbell)
(1954)Mask of Dust/Race for Life (Johnny Jackson, mechanic)
(1954)The Seekers/Land of Fury (Mackay)

(1954)The Maggie/High and Dry (Mate)
© J. Arthur Rank Organisation/Michael Balcon Productions/Ealing Studios

(1953)Innocents in Paris (Andy MacGregor)
© Romulus Films/De Grunwald Productions

(1953)Single-Handed/Sailor of the King (Cmdr Laughton)
©Twentieth Century-Fox Productions

(1953)Laxdale Hall/Scotch on the Rocks (Fisherman)

Images in this section used with permission from:
Piers Johnson (


AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1973

Episode: "Camping In"




Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites

"These Are My Mountains" (Composer)
Loch Maree


Jimmy Copeland’s Shoogly Table Book of Verse


Announced for Grampian in the sixties.




Father of James Cosmo-another actor.

Was in the police force. Also a water bailiff.

Started acting at Scottish People’s Theatre in Dumbarton.


TV Plays

(1971)"Play for Today"- Orkney (Sabiston)
(1971)Comedy Playhouse-The Importance of Being Hairy (Professor MacDonald)
(1964)"ITV Play of the Week"- Deep and Crisp and Stolen (Security Man Tom)
(1959)BBC Sunday Night Theatre-The Exiles #1: The Bird Laughed (Andy Cameron)