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Born on December 2, 1942 in London, England (UK).
Birth Name: John Christopher Dixon.
Height: 5' 11"



TV Appearances/Crew

(2008)50 Greatest Comedy Catchphrases
(2007)The Return of 'Allo 'Allo! (Flying Officer Fairfax / Himself)
(2007)"Granada Reports"-April 27th episode
(2006)"Comedy Connections"- 'Allo 'Allo!
(2003)Fortysomething Ep 1.2 (Man)
(2002)Heros of Comedy

(1999)Trial & Retribution Ep 3.2 (Clerk of Court)
©Isle of Man Film

(1998)Trial & Retribution Ep 2.2 (Plea Court Clerk)
©Isle of Man Film

(1999)Mosley-Rules of the Game (Toastmaster)

(1997)"Wycliffe"- Old Times, New Crimes (Armstrong)
© Harlech Television (HTV)

(1997)Ain't Misbehavin' Ep 1.1 (Medical Officer)
(1997)"Birds of a Feather"- Relative Strangers (Chemist)
(1996)"ChuckleVision"- Dear Diary (Pilot)
(1996)"Oh, Doctor Beeching!"- All Change(Man)
(1995)"Oh, Doctor Beeching!"- Pilot (Man)
(1995)"Peak Practice"- Other Lives (David Cornish)
(1994)The Best of 'Allo 'Allo (Flying Officer Fairfax)

(1982-1992)"'Allo 'Allo!" (Flying Officer Fairfax)
Both images ©BBC

(1992)"On the Up"- Ep 3.3 (Drunken Guest)
(1992)"The Brittas Empire"- An Inspector Calls (Mr. Kitson)

(1991)"Lovejoy"- One Born Every Minute (Reg)
©BBC Drama Productions

(1988-1993)"You Rang, M'Lord?" (Jerry)
(1986)"Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense"- In Possession (Estate agent)
(1985)The Kenny Everett Television Show Ep 3.5 (Various)
(1985)"Only Fools and Horses"-Sleeping Dogs Lie (Mr. Collins, the Vet)
(1984)"Chance in a Million"-Stuff of Dreams (News Reporter)
(1984)Grandad Ep 4.5 (Mr. Carter)
(1983)"Doctor Who"- Arc of Infinity: Part 1 (Talor)

(1982)"Only Fools and Horses"-Ashes to Ashes (River Policeman)

Both images ©BBC

(1982)"Hi-De-Hi!"- Trouble and Strife (Bailiff)
(1982)The New Adventures of Lucky Jim-The Big Smoke (Charles Seymour)
(1982)Shine on Harvey Moon-In Sickness and in Health (Harry)
(1982)The Boys in Blue (Customs Officer)
(1981)Seconds Out-Rounds 5+9 (TV Reporter/Sgt Grimson)
(1980-1981)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum" .... Medical Officer/Officer/Charles)
(1981)"Chintz" -Ep 1.2
(1981)Coming Home Ep 1.3 (Assistant Bank Manager)
(1981)Jackanory Playhouse-The Mouse, the Merchant and the Elephant (Vishikhila)
(1981)The Dick Emery Show Ep 18.3
(1980)Grundy-What You Don't See, Ask For (City Gent)
(1980)Cowboys-Remember Honky Stubbs (TV Reporter)

(1980)"Yes Minister"- Jobs for the Boys (BBC Interviewer)


(1980)Flesh and Blood (John Ewing)
--Reap and Sow
--Fish and Chips Twice
(1980)Bernie Ep 2.5
(1979)"Citizen Smith" - The Glorious Day (Army Officer)
(1979)Feet First Ep 1.4 (Michael Overton)
(1979)Le Petomane
(1978-1979)"Secret Army" (Inspector Paul Delon)
(1978)Bernie Ep 1.7
(1979)Rings on their Fingers-Home Market (Estate Market)
(1976)"When the Boat Comes In"- King for a Day (Freddy Calderback)

(1975-1980)"Q8/Q5" (Various Characters)

(1975-1978)Get Some In! (Squadron Leader Baker)
(1975)"The Sweeney"- Poppy (Stephen Vane)
(1975)"The Venturers"- Gentleman's Agreement (Dr. Tate)
(1975)The Ghoul (Young Man)

(1973)"Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em"-The Hospital Visit (Dr. Boyde)
All 4 images ©BBC

--The Baby Arrives

(1972)"The Pathfinders"- One Man's Lancaster (Flight Sergeant Taffy Williams)
(1972)The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (Toff at Young Conservatives' Ball)

(1971)"A Family at War"-The Lucky Ones (Peter Bryant)
©Granada Television

(1971)Dad's Army (Naval officer)

(1970)Trog (TV crewman watching monitor)
Image © Herman Cohen Productions

(1969)"The Saint"- The Man Who Gambled with Life (Chick)
© Bamore/New World Productions/ Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1969)Till Death Us Do Part (RAF officer at Tube Station)

(1968)Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (Student)
©Hammer Film Productions

(1966)The Man in Room 17-How to Rob a Bank...and Get Away with It (Bob Henty)

Images in this section used with permission from:
anonymous contributers

Casting Director

(1972) The Adventures of Barry McKenzie


AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1981 & 1983


"Monkey Business"
"Closed Circuit"
"Is It Catching"?



Ran the Summer Theatre at Frinton-on-Sea then worked at The New Nottingham Playhouse.

Worked with Spike Milligan as an Assistant Director in 'Son of Oblomov' and 'The Bed-Sitting Room'


Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites/Interview

(1985)'Allo 'Allo-Six Big Boobies (Sang "Ave Maria")

Noye's Fludde (voice of God)

John D. Collins Thanks to Andrew who runs "The Croft & Perry Podcast"!


Contact Info

HMS President
Victoria Embankment
London EC4Y 0HJ



The Snowman

Carnival of the Animals

Peter and the Wolf

William Walton's Facade

Past Events

(Mar 14, 2011) Sir Norman Wisdom OBE Blue Plaque unveiling

(July 17, 2010)Codicote village day parade (Guest of Honor)



TV Plays

(1985)Fox Mystery Theater-In Pocession (Estate Agent)
(1966)ITV Play of the Week-An Experience of Evil (Stephen Whittington)
(1966)Theatre 625-Girl of My Dreams (Arkwright's Son)

(2008)The Mousetrap
(???)When Did You Last See Your Trousers?
(????)The Winslow Boy
(????)That's Showbiz
(????)Richard III
(????)King Lear
(????)The Mousetrap as Mr. Paravicini (St. Martin's Theatre)
(????)Henry VIII in the Old Palace at Hatfield House

(????)Cinderella as Abanazer and an Ugly Sister