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Born on May 6, 1936 in Luton, Bedfordshire, England.
Spouse: Reggie Oliver. Has 1 child.
Height: 5' 4½ inches
Died November 25, 2014 in Saxmundham, Suffolk, England, UK.

TV Appearances

(1998)Diana: A Tribute to the People's Princess (Raine, Countess de Chambrun)
(1993)The Hour of the Pig/The Advocate (Lady Catherine d'Auferre)

(1993)"Then Churchill Said to Me" (Petty Officer Joan Bottomley)

Both images ©BBC

(1989)Scandal (Lady Bronwen Astor)
©British Screen Productions


(1988)"Moondial" (Kate Cane)
(1984)"Who Dares Wins" Ep 1.4
(1983)"The Outsider" (Sylvia Harper)
(1980)Born and Bred-Italian Overture (Cynthia)
(1979)"Love Among the Artists" (Lettie Cairns)
(1979)"The Other One" Ep 2.5 (Miss Blakeney)
(1973-1977)"Van der Valk" (Arlette van der Valk)
(1977)"Warship"- Rendezvous (Jenny Chelten)
(1976)Call My Bluff
(1976)"Sutherland's Law"- Blind Jump (Grace Galbraith)
(1976)"Hadleigh"- Time Out (Nora Urquhart)

(1976)"Space: 1999"- Missing Link (Vana)
Both images ©ITV Studios Global Entertainment

(1976)The Day After Tomorrow (Dr Anna Bowen)
(1975)"NBC Special Treat"- Into Infinity (Anna Bowen)
(1975)Rooms-Angela and Lionel Parts 1+2 (Angela)
(1974)"Dial M for Murder"- The Voice (Jennifer Baker)
(1973)Crime of Passion-Emile (Madeleine Hargreaves)

(1973)"Thriller"- Possession (Penny Burns)
©Associated Television (ATV)


(1972)"Sykes"- Dream (Dr. Barlow)

(1972)"The Adventurer"- The Bradley Way (Gerda Hoffman)

©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1972)A Day at the Beach (Tonie)
(1971)"Jason King" - All That Glisters Parts 1+2 (Martine)
(1971)"Trial"- Mister X (Serina Willis)
(1971)The Passenger (Sue Denson)

(1970)The House That Dripped Blood (Alice Hillyer)
©Amicus Productions

(1970)"Wicked Women"- Alice Rhodes (Alice Rhodes)
(1967)"Sanctuary" (Sister Benedict)
(1966)"Seven Deadly Sins"- In the Night
(1965)Love Story-Give My Love to the Pilchards (April Sears)

(1965)The Greatest Story Ever Told (Mary Magdalene)
©George Stevens Productions

(1965)Love Story-The Commuters (Susan Gracey)
(1964)The Third Man-A Question in Ice (Nina Dimonella)
(1964)A Choice of Coward-Blithe Spirit (Elvira Condomine)
(1963)"First Night"- Menace (Harriet)
(1962)Somerset Maugham Hour-Appearance and Reality (Lisette)

(1961)"Danger Man"- The Dead Man Walks (Nawi)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1961)Dangerous Afternoon (Freda)
(1961)On Trial: The Dilke Case (Virginia Crawford)
(1961)The Breaking Point/The Great Armored Car Swindle (Cherry Winlatter)
(1960)"On Trial"- The Dilke Case (Virginia Crawford)
(1960)"The Four Just Men"- The Grandmother (Madeleine De Seiberd)
(1960)"Inside Story"- A Present for Penny (Penny Knight)
(1959)Private Investigator-The Girl from Paris (Janine Leblanc)

(1959)"Invisible Man"- Flight into Darkness (Pat Stephens)

Both images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1959)"William Tell"- The Shrew (Gretel Furst)

Images in this section used with permission from:
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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1985

Episode: "Goodbye, Mrs. Slocombe"





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TV Plays

(1993)"Armchair Theatre"- What Became of Me? (Diana)
(1979)"ITV Playhouse"- Casting the Runes (Jean Gayton)
(1979)"ITV Playhouse"- The Switch (Shelia Martin)
(1975)"Play for Today"- Goodbye (Zoe Lyle)
(1972)Armchair Theatre-What Became of Me? (Diana)
(1971)"BBC Play of the Month"- Platonov (Sofia, Voinitsev's wife)
(1970)ITV Saturday Night Theatre-Dangerous Corner (Freda Caplan)
(1965)"The Wednesday Play"- The End of Arthur's Marriage (Mrs. Thurloe)
(1965)A Month in the Country (Cambridge Theatre)
(1964)"ITV Play of the Week"- In Search of Happiness (Vera Tretyakova)
(1964)"ITV Play of the Week"- A Choice of Coward #2: Blithe Spirit (Elvira Condomine)
(1962)Romeo and Juliet Old Vic
(1961)"ITV Play of the Week"- I Remember Mama (Katrin Hanson)
(1960)"ITV Television Playhouse"- The Problem of Girl Friends (Muriel)
(1960)"Armchair Mystery Theatre"- Machinal (Helen)
(1959)"Armchair Theatre" - Three on a Gas Ring
(1958)BBC Sunday-Night Theatre-Arms and the Man (Louka)