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Born May 31, 1952 in Carshalton, Surrey, England (UK).
Known Name Variation: Jenny Guy.


TV Appearances

(2013)Ham & the Piper (Jean)
(2005)Nelson's Trafalgar (Lady Emma Hamilton)
(2005)"Billie: Girl of the Future" (Miss Spackman)
--Charlotte Blain
--Boot Sale
(2002)"Harry and Cosh" (Carol Spackman)
(2002)"Cavegirl" (Mum)
(2000)The Fragile Skin (Young Witch)
(1998)Razor Blade Smile (Cindy Arnold)
(1990)"Birds of a Feather"- Falling in Love Again (Lorraine)
(1989)The Phantom of the Opera (Anne)

(1988)Without a Clue (Christabel)
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(1988)"Valentine Park" (Wendy)
(1988)"Room at the Bottom"-The Hostage (Sharon)
(1988)Willow (The Wench)
(1986)"Room at the Bottom"-Winter Schedule (Sharon)
(1986)Biggles: Adventures in Time (Hotel Girl)
(1986)"Prospects"- The P to S Day (Sophie)
(1985)"One by One"- You and Whose Army?
(1984)"Chance in a Million"- Stuff of Dreams (Susan)
--Ice Maiden (Fran Thomas)
--A Message for the Rich (Dorinda)
(1983)"Number 10"- Old Glad Eyes (Annie)
(1981)Sink or Swim-University or What? (Tracey)
(1980)"The Cuckoo Waltz" - Leather (Sharon)
(1980)"Cribb"- The Horizontal Witness (Flossie)
(1979)Of Mycenae and Men (Trudi)
(1978)"A Horseman Riding By" ( Pansy Potter)
--1916: The Profiteers
--1914: Call to Arms
(1978)"George and Mildred"- The Four Letter Word (Maggie)
(1978)"Come Back Mrs. Noah"- In Orbit (Ivy Basset)
(1977)Drama-Six Characters in Search of an Author by Pirandello (Third Actress)
(1977)Cruel Passion (Prostitute)
(1976)Out of the Trees
(1976)Lovebox-Foreign student (The Official)
(1975)Side by Side (Violet)
(1975)Alfie Darling (Party Guest)
(1974)Persecution (Waitress)
(1973)"On the Buses"- The Football Match (Iris)
(1972)"Sykes"- Dream (Expectant Mother)

(1972)Up the Front (Prostitute)

(1970)Tarbuck's Luck Ep 1.1

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1979+1981


"Front Page Story"
"Strong Stuff, This Insurance"





Contact Info

33 Marlborough Mansions
Cannon Hill
London NW6 1JS





Does many promotional types of jobs.


(1974)Comedy Playhouse-No Strings