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Born on May 9, 1931 in Southport, England (UK).
Birth Name: Valerie Jeanne Wilkinson
Louis Hanson (1988 - her death)
Edwin Richfield (1952 - 1973) (divorced)
Height: 5' 5"
Had 3 children with first marriage.
Known Name Variations: Jack Holden or Jenne Wilkinson.
Died on October 11, 2005.

TV Appearances

(1989)"T-Bag and the Revenge of the T-Set" (The High T-Lady)
--The Ceremony
--The Stone Circle
©Jeremy Vines

All 3 images ©Times Films

(1985)Lace II (Woman at Party)
(1984)Bird of Prey 2 (Mrs. Lucas)
(1982)Goodbye Mr. Kent Ep 1.4 (Genevieve)
(1980)"Rings on Their Fingers"- Ladies Man (Mrs. Taylor)
(1980)"Oh Happy Band" (Mrs. Draper)
(1979-1981)"Agony" (Diana)
(1975)My Honourable Mrs-While the Cat's Away (Marian Shanklin)
(1973)"Casanova '73" (Carol Newhouse)
(1973)"Crown Court" - The Black Poplar (Dr. Mary Ryden)
(1973)And Mother Makes Three-The Honeymoon's Over (Marian Browning)
(1973)Oh La La!-A Pig in a Poke (Marthe)
(1971)The Misfit-On Superior Persons (Paula Mathison)
(1970)"Father Dear Father" - This Is Your Wife (Josephine Carter)
(1970)One Brief Summer (Elizabeth)
(1969)Harry Worth-Just the Job
(1969)The Dustbinmen Ep 1.6 (Mrs Greengables)

(1969)Horror House/The Haunted House of Horror (Peggy)
© Tigon/American International Pictures (AIP)/Tigon British Film Productions

(1969)The Best House in London (Lady Dilke)
©Bridge Productions

(1969)Galton and Simpson Comedy-The Suit (Wife)
(1969)"Journey to the Unknown" - The Girl of My Dreams (Mrs. Wheeler)
(1969)The Suit (Wife)

(1969)"The Champions" - Project Zero (Miss Davies)
Both images ©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1968)The Sex Game-Darby Hates Joan
(1968)City '68-The System: The Fleapit (Leo Atherton)
(1968)Work Is a 4-Letter Word (Mrs. Price)
(1968)"Public Eye" - Honesty Is the Best Policy - But Who Can Afford the Premiums? (Vera Burnside)
(1967)"The Baron"- The High Terrace (Sara Knight)

(1967)"The Saint"-The Fast Women(Cynthia Quillen)
Both images ©Bamore


(1965)"The Avengers"-Dial a Deadly Number (Ruth Boardman)
Both images ©Associated British Corporation/ABC Weekend Television

(1965)"The Saint"-The Persistent Parasite (Vera)
Both images ©Bamore

(1965)"Undermind" - Intent to Destroy (Ursula Smythe)
(1965)"No Hiding Place"-A Cry for Help (Margot Cochrane)
(1964)Curtain of Fear-The Rassilov Code (Helen Tovey)

(1963)"The Avengers"-The Undertakers (Paula)

fBoth images ©ABC Weekend Television

(1962)"No Hiding Place"-The Skeleton Wore Boots (Barbara Standish)
(1962)The Primitives (Cheta)
(1962)"Corrigan Blake" - You Can't Win Them All (Girl)
(1961-1962)"Harpers West One" (Harriet Carr)
(1961)"International Detective"- The Madison Case (Helen Madison)
(1960)Escort for Hire (Elizabeth)
(1960)Never Let Go (Mrs. Hurst)
(1960)The Cheaters-Intent to Defraud (Vivien Charles)
(1960)The Odd Man Ep 1.7 (Judy Gardiner)

(1960)The Stranglers of Bombay (Mary Lewis)
©Hammer Film Productions

(1959)"Interpol Calling" - The Chinese Mask (Jane Grant)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)/Wrather Productions/The Rank Organisation

(1959)Top Floor Girl
(1959)Emergency-Ward 10 Eps 1.236+1.235 (Caroline Derby)
(1958)Links of Justice (Elsie)
(1958)Passionate Summer/Storm Over Jamaica (Air Hostess)
(1958)A Woman Possessed (Mary)
(1958)The Whole Truth (Party Guest)

(1958)The Camp on Blood Island (Nurse)
©Hammer Film Productions

(1957)"O.S.S." - Operation Love Bird (Carla)
(1957)High Flight (Jackie)

(1957)Quatermass 2/Enemy from Space (Young Girl)
© Hammer Films

(1957)Man with a Dog (Nurse)
(1956)Assignment Redhead/Million Dollar Manhunt (Sally Jennings)

(1956)Fire Maidens from Outer Space (Fire Maiden)
©Criterion Films

(1956)"The Count of Monte Cristo" - The Devil's Emissary (Marie)
(1955-1961)"The Vise" (Amy Pickard/Vickie/Rosie/Second Maid/Helen/Jean Lansing/Angela/Woman/Salesgirl/Julia/Jean/)

(1955)No Smoking (Receptionist)
©Tempean Films

(1955)The Hornet's Nest (Miss Wentworth)

(1955)I Am a Camera (Clive's Party Guest)
©Romulus Films

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1978

Episode: "A Bliss Girl"



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TV Plays

(1969)"Comedy Playhouse" - The Loves of Larch Hill (Liz Love)
(1968)"Thirty-Minute Theatre" - No Trams to Ethiopia
(1961)ITV Television Playhouse-The Reception


(May 1983)Romantic Comedy (Apollo Theater)

(1976)"Banana Ridge" (Savoy Theatre) Vivienne Martin was also in this play.

(1965-1966)"Say Who You Are" (Her Majesty's Theatre)

(????)The Tunnel of Love (Apollo Theatre)

(1958)"Speaking of Murder" (St Martin's Theatre)