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Born July 17, 1946 in Walsall, Staffordshire, England (UK).
Judy Buxton (? - present)
Has a Daughter-Lucy; Son-Sam with first wife Eleanor.


TV Appearances

(2016)The National Union of Space People (Rupert Darling)
(2015)Mission 2:Redemption (Rupert Darling)
(2015)Art Ache (Steven Phillips)
(2012)Run for Your Wife (Dick Holland)
(2011)Coronation Street Ep 1.7749 (Clive Drinkwater)
(2008)The Alan Titchmarsh Show-Sept 8th episode
(2008)Breakfast-Aug 26th episode
(2008)50 Greatest Comedy Catchphrases (Spike Dixon)
(2007)"The Paul O'Grady Show" Ep 7.42
(2004)Comedy Connections-Hi-De-Hi!
(2003)I'm Dreaming of a TV Christmas
(1997)This Is Your Life-Russ Abbot
(1996) Celebrity Squares-July 29th episode
(1995-1997)"Oh, Doctor Beeching!" (Cecil Parkin)
(1995)Perry & Croft: The Sitcoms
(1993)The Main Event Ep 1.7
(1991)"Noel's House Party" Ep 1.3
(1990)"The Russ Abbot Show" (Various)

(1988-1993)"You Rang, M'Lord?" (James Twelvetrees)
©British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1988)Comic Relief
(1987)"The Les Dennis Laughter Show" (Various)
(1985)The Kenny Everett Television Show Eps 3.1,3.3+3.6 (Various)
(1982+1984)"Russ Abbots Madhouse" (Various)

(1980-1988)"Hi-De-Hi!" (Spike Dixon)
All 4 images ©BBC

(1979)Henry V/The Life of Henry the Fifth (Nym)
(1978)As You Like It (William)
(1978)King Richard the Second (Duke of Surrey)
(1978)"The Mayor of Casterbridge" (Carter)
(1976-1977)"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"
--The Superstar (Aircraftsman Ormanroyd)
--Flight to Jawani (RAF Airman)
(1977)"Secret Army"- Too Near Home (Michel)

(1977)"Dad's Army"
-- Ring Dem Bells (Army Driver)

--Wake-Up Walmington

(1974)"Dixon of Dock Green"- Pay-Off (Alan Hunt)
(1964)"Crossroads" (Mike Hawkins)
(1997)"This Is Your Life"- Russ Abbot
(1996)"Celebrity Squares"-July 29th episode
(1993)"The Main Event" Ep 1.7
(1988)Comic Relief

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1977 & 1979


"The Apartment"
"The Old Order Changes"



Educated at Queen Marys Grammar School.

Had previous jobs as a office worker and wine merchant.


Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites/Interview

Official Website:

Past Events

(Nov 1, 2012-Dec 8, 2012)
'California Suite' at The Mill at Sonning

(Dec 22, 2012-Jan 19, 2012)
'Jack and the Beanstalk' at The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton.

Masterchef (Series 8 Episode 12)

Image ©BBC

October 29, 2006 -Comic Heritage/Tribute lunch in honour of June Whitfield w/ Frank Thornton, Harold Snoad, and John Inman.

Jeffrey Holland Interview Thanks to Andrew who runs "The Croft & Perry Podcast"!

My Interview

1>Over your career you performed with former AYBS cast members like Felix Bowness, Pamela Cundell, Vicki Michelle and Diane Holland as well as many others from big shows/movies like David Griffin, Helen Mirren and Kenneth Connor. What was it like working with actors and actresses you grew up watching?

I was particularly happy to work with Kenneth Connor as I had grown up listening to him on the radio back in the 1950s. I really enjoyed him in a series called “Ray’s a Laugh” starring Ted Ray. He did many character voices in that and my favourite was Sidney Mincing. I first worked with him in “Inman & Friends” before he joined “Hi-De-Hi” and I got the writers to recreate that character and I was thrilled to be standing next to him at the mic when we recorded it!

2>How were you introduced to Elvis Presley and what are your favorite songs?

I was introduced to Elvis by a friend when I was at junior school and he has remained a favourite ever since.  My best Elvis songs are Hound Dog, Blue Suede Shoes and Now or Never.

3>You did some theater work like ‘Waiting For God’ and ‘‘Allo ‘Allo’. What was it like trying to fill in Gordon Kaye and Graham Crowden’s shoes?

With “Waiting for God” I just did an approximate impression of Graham Crowden’s voice but made it my own and because I didn’t look like him I got away with it! With “Allo Allo” it was different. I made Rene my own from the start and I’m happy to report that many people told me that after about two minutes into the show they had forgotten that I wasn’t Gorden Kay! The show itself was the star!

4>You did a lot of radio, television as well as a lot of theater and pantomime work. Do you have a preference and why?

I have been very lucky in my career to work in many different media but I think most actors will tell you that their first love is the live theatre. It certainly is mine. You are there with the audience and there is a very intimate relationship.

5>You are probably one of the few couples that perform together on stage. What is it like performing with your wife in pantomime and are there challenges?

Judy and I have worked together many times in plays on tour as well as Panto. It’s never a problem for us as we enjoy working together. We have the same approach to our work and we think the same way.

6>What are your favorite hobbies other than acting of course! 😊

I love to watch movies on DVD, mainly the Marvel series and I love to read too. My main passion however is Laurel and Hardy!

7>You were in a radio series ‘Inman & Friends’ in 1989. How did that come about and what was it like meeting up with John Inman again after AYBS?

Yes “Inman & Friends" was great fun to do. It came about because the producer had used me many times before in different comedies and knew my worth as a vocal gymnast! John and I knew each other socially too and had done for years so it was ideal really.

8>What are your favorite foods?

My favourite food is chicken in any form! I also love eggs, but I think for me the chicken comes first!

9>Are there any past/present American comedy sitcoms you like and why?

I was very fond of “Happy Days” but I go back a long way and remember oldies like “The Honeymooners” and “I Married Joan”! They were all done in front of a live studio audience like ours were and that makes a big difference!

(Interview and image at top used with permission from Mr. Holland).






Contact Info

Jeffrey Holland
Diamond Management
c/o Jean Diamond
31 Percy Street
London W1T 2DD
United Kingdom



'Allo 'Allo

(March 30- April 4, 2009-Theatre Royal Plymouth)

(April 14th – April 18th 2009-Key Theatre, Peterborough)

October 15- November 29, 2008
'Allo 'Allo
Arts Theatre Cronulla

(October 24, 2006)Caught In The Net at the Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage. Trevor Bannister also made an appearance in this play.


(Thanks to Norwich Theatre Royal).


(December 12-January 19, 2003) Dick Whittington Milton Keynes Theatre Tickets: £10-£18

(Jan 1984)Hi-De-Hi (Victoria Palace)

(1975)"Cyrano De Bergerac" (Chichester Festival Theatre)

(1970's)Dad's Army

Victoria Wood’s Talent


Christmas 03/04-Dick Whittington at the Milton Keynes Theatre