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John Inman

Born on June 28, 1935 in Preston, Lancashire, England.
Birth Name: Frederick John Inman
Nickname: Jazz
Height: 5' 7"
Spouse: Ron Lynch
Died March 8, 2007 from Hepatitis A.


TV Appearances

(2007)A Tribute to John Inman(Being profiled)
(2006)Another Audience with Shirley Bassey (Audience member)
(2005)Sex in the 70's -The King of Soho
(2005)The Funny Blokes of British Comedy

(2004)I'm Free! Inside the Comedy Closet

(2004)"Revolver"(The Antiques Dealer) (Review)
b©BBC Scotland

b ©BBC Scotland
(Nicholas Smith is behind him!)

(2004)"Hell's Kitchen" Ep 1.12
(2004)"Britain's Best Sitcom"
(2004)"Doctors"- Intolerance (Teddy)
(2003)"Loose Lips" August 15th episode (Voice)
(2003)"Comedy Connections"- Are You Being Served?
(2002)"Top Ten" - Camp Icons
(2002)"Heroes of Comedy" - Dick Emery
(2002)"Heroes of Comedy" - Sidney James
(2001)Wendy Richard: A Life on the Box
(2001)I Love Christmas (archive footage)
(2001)The 100 Greatest TV Characters
(2001)Boom Boom! The Best of the Original Basil Brush Show
(2000)BBC Hall of Fame: Barbara Windsor
(2000)"Full Mountie" (Tailor)
(2000) The Mumbo Jumbo (Father Chinwag)
(2000)"Heroes of Comedy" - Kenneth Willaims

(1999)"French and Saunders- The Phantom Millennium

(1999)"Funny Turns"- John Inman

(1999)Call My Bluff-Pantomime Special
(1999)Funny Women-Mollie Sugden
(1999)This Morning June 24th episode
(1999)What a Performance!-Drag
(1999)"It's Only TV... But I Like It" Ep 1.5
(1999)"Laughter in the House: The Story of British Sitcom"
(1998)This Is Your Life-Rick Wakeman
(1998)This Is Your Life-Trevor bannister
(1998)In the House with Cleopatra and Friends
(1998)"Wipeout" - Celebrity Special 3

(1998)Shakespeare in Love (Character player)

Both images © Universal Pictures

(1998)"This Is Your Life"
---- Rick Wakeman
---- Trevor Bannister

(1997)Has Anyone Seen My Pussy?

(1997)"Light Lunch" - How Are We Supposed to Live Without You?
(1997)"Auntie's TV Favourites" Ep 1.6
(1997)Funny Business March 28th episode
(1997)Celebrity Squares Jan 1st episode

(1997)What a Performance!-Camp
©Carlton Television

(1997)Funny Business
---(Jun 26, 1997)Series 2 Show #42
---(Apr 3, 1997)Series 2 Show #31
---(Mar 27, 1997)Series 2 Show #30
(1996)Noel's House Party Ep 6.3
(1996)Fantasy Football League: Melvyn Bragg, Alan Davies, John Inman
(Dec 28, 1995)"Telly Addicts" - Christmas Special w/Wendy Richard, Frank Thornton and Nicholas Smith)
(1995)Schofield's Quest (Presenter)
(1995)An Audience with Shirley Bassey (Audience Member)
(1995)Call Up the Stars (Frank Randle)
(1995)This Is Your Life-David Croft
(1995)Celebrity Squares August 4th episode
(1994)John Inman in America
(1994)An Audience with Jimmy Tarbuck
(1994)"Celebrity Squares" July 30th episode
(1993)"Telly Addicts" Ep 9.5
(1992)"Surprise Surprise!" Ep 9.4
(1991)Gulf Aid
(1990)Die 2 Special

(1989)The Tall Guy (Cameo appearance)
© Virgin Vision/London Weekend Television (LWT)/Working Title Films

(1989)"Family Fortunes" - Celebrity Christmas Special (Fanny the Ugly Sister)
(1988)This Morning (Talk Show)
(1988)Comic Relief
(1986)Whose Baby? June 25th episode
(1983)"Rod and Emu's Saturday Special" Ep 1.4
(1981)Looks Familiar Apr 7th episode

(1981) "Take a Letter Mr. Jones" (Graham Jones)

(Episode guide) Southern (SUNG ALTERNATELY BY MR. JONES AND MS WARNER) "Take a letter, Mr. Jones Ignore the telephone."

"You're a model secretary, You don't leave me in a mess."

"I get my satisfaction In sharing your success."

"Take a letter, Mr. Jones Feeling better, Mr. Jones?"

"You have my appreciation, You always save my life."

"I'm the perfect combination Of a computer and a wife."

"You're a wonder, ( No! ) You're a marvel, ( Well.. )

You're a treasure ( Perhaps ) End of letter, Mr. Jones ( How kind. )"

regular cast: John Inman as Graham Jones Rula Lenska as Ms Joan Warner Gina Maher as Brenda Joan Blackham as Ruth Christine Ozanne as Daisy Claudine Bowyer as Lucy Miriam Margolyes as Maria

___ 001. The Interview Allen Mitchell as Mr. Lewis Bruce Barry as Rod Newton

Ms Warner calls on Graham to help her out when a newspaper reporter arrives to interview her a female executive, but the story ends up dealing with the man behind the woman.

___ 002. The Protector >Allen Mitchell as Mr. Lewis Graham goes along on a dinner date Ms Warner has to make with an overly friendly Australian buyer.

___ 003. The Holiday >Allen Mitchell as Mr. Lewis >James Smilie as Doctor Norton Graham's holiday is threatened when Ms Warner falls ill and needs his help in preparing an important report.

___ 004. The Japanese Contract >Kristopher Kum as Mr. Kimara >Leon Lissek as Roberto An important Japanese contract depends on Graham's ability to keep Ms Warner informed about two visiting businessmen.

___ 005. The Trade Fair >Allen Mitchell as Mr. Lewis >Corinna Marlowe as airline girl

Graham struggles to help Ms Warner organize a last-minute trip to Italy for herself, Lucy and Maria.

___ 006. Business Before Pleasure >Ed Bishop as Joe Bradley Ms Warner shines in a client's eyes after she produces tickets to a sold-out ballet performance, but the tickets are actually Graham's treat for his cleaning lady.

(Episode list originally transcribed in 1997 by Donna R. Lemaster). Used with permission from John at epguides.



(1980) The 22nd Annual TV Week Logie Awards (Guest)
(1977-1983)The Good Old days (Performer)

(1977) "Odd Man Out" (Neville Sutcliffe)
bAll 3 images ©Thames Television

(1978)The Basil Brush Show Dec 2nd episode

(1977)The John Inman Show

(Images provided by an anonymous contributers).

(1976)The David Nixon Show Ep 5.5 (Guest)
(1976)The Basil Brush Show Oct 30th episode

(1976)"This Is Your Life- John Inman

Both images ©Thames Television International

(1976)Celebrity Squares Jan 24th episode

(1975-1978)Seaside Special

1975 Ep 1.6

June 19, 1976 (The Ken Dodd Centenary Show)
Location: Gerry Cottles Circus in Blackpool
Guests - Wendy Richard, Mollie Sugden, Frank Thornton, John Inman

June 25, 1977 Ep 3.3
Location: Great Yarmouth
Third heat of Miss Seaside Special 1977 Natural Beauty Contest
Guest: John Inman

September 9, 1978 Ep 4.10
Location: Weymouth
Guest: John Inman

(1975)This Is Your Life-Mollie Sugden

(1970)"Two in Clover" Ep 2.6 (Bowler)
cBoth images ©Thames Television

(1965)A Slight Case of..-The Enemy Within

All 3 images ©BBC

Images in this section used with permission from:
anonymous contributers


AYBS Stats

AYBS timeframe : 1972-1985

Famous Quote: "I'm Free!"

Sang in "the Clock" and "Camping In".

(1992-1993)"Grace & Favour"(Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries)
(1992) The Best of 'Are You Being Served?' (Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries/Mrs. Annie Humphries)

(1980)"Are You Being Served in Australia?" (Mr. Humphries)


(1977)Are You Being Served? The Movie (Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries)

Magazine/Newspaper Covers/Articles/Fan Club

Past Fan Club

John Inman Fan Club Info and Pics







AYBS based

Best known for the phrase "I'm Free!" on the show.

Real Life Based

He was both Variety Club BBC TV Personality of the Year and TV Times Funniest Man on Television in 1976.

Sold toys at Selfridge's at one point before being cast for AYBS.

First appearance on the stage was at the age of 13.

On 27 December 27, 2005 John Inman entered into a civil partnership
with Ron Lynch, his partner of 33 years in Westminster.

In December 2004, he was diagnosed with Hepatitis A.

Both John Inman and Arthur Brough were cremated/buried respectively at Golders Green Crematorium.







This picture was taken at The Heritage Foundation awards ceremony where John Inman was president at the time.

The award was the Cyril Cantor award for fundraising for charities, also in the picture is David Graham (one of the directors of the Heritage Foundation).

The award is very rarely given.

(Permission for the picture and info was provided by Andy Woodward at Mad About Sport Limited.)

Entertainment Artistes’ Benevolent Fund (

Tatler Shopping Evening in Aid of Sargent Cancer Care for Children

Oxford Mail's appeal



Many PBS appearances

Comic Heritage/Heritage Foundation/John Inman Tribute
Lunch at The Grosvenor House Hotel

John Inman Plaque Unveiling & Lunch
February 10th, 2008 @ 1pm
The plaque unveiling took place at John's home in Maida Vale. Lunch took place at the Marriott in Regents Park.

Confirmed guests included: June Whitfield CBE, Vicki Michelle, Philip Madoc, Derek Shepherd, Bella Emberg, Joe Goodman, Anna Krantz, Pamela Cundell, Andrew Linford, David Croft OBE, Robin Gibb CBE, Rick Wakeman, Jean Fergusson, Burt Kwouk, Frank Carson, Sue Upton, and Linda Baron.

Plaque will be unveiled by Wendy Richard; thanks to Michael White for his generous sponsorship of the John Inman plaque.


October 29, 2006 -Comic Heritage/Tribute lunch in honour of June Whitfield w/
Frank Thornton, Harold Snoad, and Jeffrey Holland.

October 15, 2006 -Comic Heritage/Tribute luncheon for June Brown
Grosvenor House Hotel/London w/Wendy Richard.

Special Tribute to the Late Sir John Mills CBE
Comic Heritage/Sir John Mills Plaque Unveiling
Hills House in Denham
Sunday 9th April, 2006
Plaque unveiling - 11.30am - Hill House, Village Road, Denham, Bucks
Lunch - 12.30pm - Ballroom, Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London W.1.

December 23, 2005-Marries Ron Lynch.

October 30, 2005 'Another Audience With Shirley Bassey' (Celebrity Guest)

September 30, 2005-"Oh Danny Boy" Tribute Luncheon

Sept 22, 2003 The Grand Order of Lady Ratlings event (Bonnington Hotel. London).

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John Inman's family's tribute

Leave a message for Ron Lynch as well as John Inman's family

My favorite tributes:

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©Celine Dion-song "Power of the Dream"

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(Many thanks to Charlotte for providing me with these clips. The best tributes I've seen yet)!

See other tributes here

Audio/Video/Books/Official Websites

Official Website:


Wit Knits (1985-Willow Books)

Book Cover ©Collins/Willow Books

Author(s): George Hostler, Gyles Brandreth
Publisher: Collins
Date: October 1985
ISBN-10: 0-00-218168-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-00-218168-6 (UK edition)


"Of all the fun jumpers I've worn on television it is the pattern for this
one that has been most sought-after by viewers. It's a personal favorite that
I sometimes wear back to front-so that I can say that I've got a
bear behind! It looks good on me, but it looks even better on John Inman."



"Cockatoos are superb, stylish, sophisticated creatures which come from Australia,
New Guinea and the Phillippines. John Inman is superb, stylish, sophisticated
and comes from Blackpool. Overleaf he's modelling one of my favorite Wit Knits.
I hope you like it too."

(Images and quotes used with the permission of the author Gyles Brandreth).

Some Joe You Don't Know: An American Biographical Guide to 100 British Television Personalities

Book cover ©Greenwood Publishing Group

Author: Anthony Slide
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Date: 1996
ISBN-10: 0313295506
ISBN-13: 9780313295508
# of pages: 271 pages

Radio Shows

Radio 4
Aired Thursday December 28, 2006 at 11:30am.
(2006)Under The Skin of Pantomime (Interview with John Inman)


(Used with permission from



John Inman's Vinyl Records


"Are You Being Served Sir?" (LP) (DJLPS468)

Images © Gothic Print Finishers, LTD.
©1975 This Record Co., LTD./DJM/Polygram/Universal Music Group/Polydor Records



(SIDE 1)

  1. Are You Being Served Sir? (Ranked #39 in the UK Singles Charts)
  2. (Lyrics transcribed by Mel Priddle at Used with permission.)

  3. Teddy Bears Picnic
  4. Buttons And Bows
  5. My Big Best Shoes
  6. Come To The Supermarket (In Old Peking)
  7. Nobody Does It Like Me

(SIDE 2)

  1. Sun Signs
  2. The Sailor With The Navy Blue Eyes
  3. I'm Too Old To Be A Mermaid
  4. How Do You Do It?
  5. The Fleet's In Port Again
  6. We All Love Captain Ginger

"Are You Being Served, Sir?" (LP) New Zealand (K 6195)


Are You Being Served, Sir (7"/45 rpm) (DJM DJS602)



"With A Bit Of Brass" (LP) (80810)

Images above ©1978 Webb Ivory/Fine Arts
The West Midlands Police Male Voice Choir and The Webb Ivory Newhall Band

(SIDE 1)

  1. Tandem Song
  2. The King's Horses
  3. The Laughing Policeman
  4. Pennsylvania Polka
  5. Northern Lament
  6. Lily Of Laguna
  7. 76 Trombones

(SIDE 2)

  1. The Music Goes Round And Round
  2. A Policeman's Lot
  3. With Cat Like Tread
  4. Christopher Robin
  5. Omm Pah Pah!
  6. My Gran's Trombone

"I'm Free" (Australlia L 36358)

©1977 DJM/Polygram/Universal Music Group/Polydor Records

(SIDE 1)

  1. I'm Free
  2. No Strings
  3. Best Things In Life Are Free
  4. I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans
  5. Alley Cat
  6. Oh The Fairies

(SIDE 2)

  1. Three Little Fishies
  2. Let's Do It ( Let's Fall In Love )
  3. Give a Little Whistle
  4. I've Got No Strings
  5. You Shan't Come And Play In Our Yard
  6. Odd Man Out

Once Upon A Time (LP) (CBR 1032)

Are You Being Served?(LP)(DALPS 468)


Teddy Bears Picnic (45 RPM) (645DJ/ DJS645)


  1. Teddy Bears Picnic

    Both images ©1975 DJM/Polygram/Universal Music Group/Polydor Records


  1. Sun Signs

©1975 DJM/Polygram/Universal Music Group/Polydor Records

Tiny Seed of Love/Rudolph Valentino (7") (DJS671)

©DJM/Polygram/Universal Music Group/Polydor Records



Are You Being Served Sir?/We All Love Captain Ginger (7"/45 RPM) (DJS602)

©1975 DJM/Polygram/Universal Music Group/Polydor Records


  1. Are You Being Served Sir?

    ©1975 This Record Company, Ltd./DJM/Polygram/Universal Music Group/Polydor Records


  1. We All Love Captain Ginger

©DJM/Polygram/Universal Music Group/Polydor Records



Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer/Nellie the Elephant (45 RPM) (DJS10728)


  1. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

©1976 DJM/Polygram/Universal Music Group/Polydor Records


  1. Nellie The Elephant Chickery Chick
  2. (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window

©1976 DJM/Polygram/Universal Music Group/Polydor Records


I'm Free (JMDJF20510)

©1977 DJM/Polygram/Universal Music Group/Polydor Records


  1. I'm Free


  1. You Shan't Come and Play in Our Yard


Other special versions made:

"We All Love Captain Ginger"

©DJM/Polygram/Universal Music Group/Polydor Records (6102-338)

Are You Being Served 7" RED VINYL

Are You Being Served Sir?. DEMO (UK DJM)(64244)

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. PROMO WITH PROMO COVER (UK DJM 64245)

Tiny Seed of Love Photo Sleeve -DEMO

I'm Free (7") DJS10793

Promo Auto for DJM Records

(Image provided by anonymous contributor)








9th Dec 2004 - 16th Jan 2005 Dick Whittington

Richmond Theatre


13th Dec 2003 - 24th Jan 2004 Aladdin

New Theatre


‘You Make Me Feel So Young' dance routine (Image used with permission of Christopher Farries (
  2003 - 2004 Aladdin

Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne

  Aug 2003-6th Sept 2003 Bedside Manners

Pier Theatre, Bournemouth


9th Dec 2002 - 19th Jan 2003 Aladdin

Theatre Royal

Newcastle upon Tyne

13th Dec '01 - 27th Jan '02 Aladdin

The New Victoria Theatre


  9/24/02 Aladdin Newcastle Theatre Royal    



Are You Being Served? (Stage Play)

Twelfth Night

Brisbane, Australia


(8th Dec 2000 to 21st Jan 2001)

Aladdin Theatre Royal Plymouth    


July 6th - October 28th 2000


Comedy Bonanza 2000 with Billy Pearce, The Nolan Sisters and Jimmy Cricket. Grand Theatre-Blackpool    


December 18, 1999-January 16, 2000 Jack and the Beanstalk

Cliffs Pavillion

Southend on Sea




1998-1999 The Adventures of Robinhood

Grand Theatre at Wolverhamption


(2nd-5th images used with permission of Christopher Farries (


May 11-16, 1998 My Fat Friend

Theatre Royal


Also starred Kim Hartman from 'Allo 'Allo fame.  


April 13-18, 1998 My Fat Friend

Theatre Royal


Also starred Kim Hartman from 'Allo 'Allo fame.  



1998 Being Alive Davenport Theatre    


December 18, 1997-February 1, 1998 Snow White

New Victoria Theatre


Also starred Rula Lenska from "Take a Letter Mr. Jones" fame.  

  Bedside Manners Theatre Royal    

Spring 1997 A Night at the Music Hall      

(Flyer reproduction from my collection).

17th December 1994 - 29th January 1995 Mother Goose Davenport Theatre (Stockport)   Final curtain (Image used with permission of Christopher Farries (

1994-1995 Mother Goose Theatre Royal in Nottingham  
With Christopher Farries before the Matinee
(Image used with permission of Christopher Farries (

Maggie Moone, television and recording artiste, with John Inman during pantomime, Nottingham early 90's.  Maggie was the resident singer on ITV's "Name That Tune" (Image used with permission of Maggie Moone).


1993-1994 Mother Goose Nottingham Theatre  

(Both videos above used with permission from TheatreDude267).


92/93 Christmas season Jack and the Beanstalk Hippodrome Theatre in Bristol   (Image used with permission of Christopher Farries (

1992 Mother Goose

Theatre Royal


1991 Mother Goose

Theatre Royal


Donald Hewlett also appeared in this play.  

(Used with permission of Christopher Farries)
1990-1991 Alladin

Churchill Theatre in Bromley

1990 Pyjama Tops

Pier Theatre



Key Theatre


Christopher Farries, Janet Edis and John Inman // Chris Farries slugging it out with John Inman (Images used with permission of Christopher Farries (

1989-1990 Babes in the Wood

Theatre Royal


John Inman, Christopher Farries,Gerry and the Pacemakers, and Susan Maughan. (Image used with permission of Christopher Farries (
1989 Bedside Manners

Connaught Theatre


Palace Theatre


Alhambra Theatre


  21st December 1988 - 11th February 1989 Goldilocks and the Three Bears Swansea Grand Theatre    
Beginning of 1987 My Fat Friend Devonshire Park Theatre    
  1986-1987 Alladin Grand Theatre at Wolverhampton  
Twankey: “I’ve Just Put The Kettle On”
(Image used with permission of Christopher Farries (
1986-1987 Pyjama Tops Devonshire Park Theatre    

(Flyers and all images in this row used with permission from Andrew).
1987 Babes in the Wood London Palladium

John Inman as Nursie

Nicolas Smith was also in this play.

Christmas 1984 Mother Goose

Churchill Theatre

  19?? Mother Goose Alexander Theatre Birmingham Bill Maynard, Susan Maughan, and Dawson Chance
1982 Mother Goose Empire Theatre    
(Flyer used with permission from          
  1982 The Royal Variety Performance Victoria Palace John Inman as Mother Goose   
December 21, 1981 Mother Goose Victoria Palace John Inman as Mother Goose   
1981 Mother Goose Victoria Palace John Inman w/Arthur Lowe & Ian Lavender
June 9-14, 1980 Pyjama Tops Canberra Theatre    
  January 2, 1980 The Good Old Days Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage  

"The photo was taken when I did a tour with the Good Old Days for eight
weeks about ten years ago with John I think this was taken at the
Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage. I was the chairman who introduced the acts
and also did my act which was comedy magic. Also in the show was Clinton
Ford. John was a wonderful and warm person and is very sadly missed by us all."

-Brian Eames

(The 2 images and info above used with permission from Brian Eames).

  1980 Mother Goose Davenport Theatre John Inman w/Jane Fyffe  
  1979 Mother Goose New Theatre Henchmen w/Billy Burden  
April 17, 1979-May 5, 1979 Charley's Aunt

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

1979? Charley's Aunt

Adelphi Theater


  1979? Charley's Aunt

Congress Theatre Eastbourne

1979? Charley's Aunt

Theatre Royal at Norwich

1979? Charley's Aunt

Theatre Royal at Brighton

1978 Mother Goose Theatre Royal Nottingham    
(Image reproduced by permission of the Theatre Royal Nottingham).
December 22, 1977 Mother Goose



Raymond Bowers also appeared in this play.  
1977 Fancy Free Brittania Theatre (Great Yarmouth)    
a 1977 Fancy Free Pavillion Theatre (Bournemouth)    
1975 Salad Days

Windmill Theater


1974 Let's Get Laid Windmill Theatre    
  1973 Cinderella Palace Brokers Men w/Ronnie Corbett, & Barry Howard  
1972 Cinderella Hippodrome Brokers Men w/Ronnie Corbett, & Barry Howard “I love playing panto dame. It saves wearing a frock at home.” John Inman
  Summer 1972 The Love Nest with Jack Douglas The Grand Theatre in Blackpool    
1971 Pyjama Tops Gaiety Theatre    
  1970 Wedding Fever Pavilion Theatre, Torquay    
Summer 1969 His Favorite Family with Sid James The Grand Theatre in Blackpool    
April 17, 1969

Anne Veronica

(West End Debut)

Cambridge Theatre


Waiter 44 Performances; Mary Millar (Rose) from "Keeping Up Appearances" fame also appeared in this play.
1965 How Now Brown Cow Lyric Theatre    
August-November 1964 Salad Days (Revival 2) Lyric Hammersmith    
  May 1962 While the Sun Shines (Was stage manager, but had to take lead role). The Grand Theatre in Blackpool    
  Early 60's Cinderella Coventry Hippodrome One of the Ugly Sisters

Funny gag that went wrong as recalled by John Inman


1961 Peter Pan  
1960 Peter Pan Scala Theatre



There is a forward by John Inman in this book.


(Images appear by kind permission of unless otherwise specified).

(Used with permission from Connie).



John Inman with Bobby Crush

(Image above used with permission from Bobby Crush who has an official site here).


These 4 images were taken at the unveiling of a plaque in honour of Lew Grade in the foyer of the London Palladium on 19 March 2000:

John Inman and Burt Kwouk.

(Used with permission from Richard Dacre (Photographer). Also runs a Norman Wisdom site here).

John Inman and Paul Daniels.



The four images on the right are of John Inman and Norman Wisdom.

(Used with permission from Richard Dacre (Photographer). Also runs a Norman Wisdom site here).



John Inman and Norman Wisdom taken at an open day at Brinsworth House, July 19th 1998. (This was one of John Inman's favorite pictures)!

(Used with permission from Richard Dacre (Photographer). Also runs a Norman Wisdom site here).

John Inman and Talitha Nonveiller - a graphic novel artist from Australia - taken at Norman's post-Knighthood Investiture party held at the Grosvernor Thistle Hotel, June 6th 2000.

(Used with permission from Richard Dacre (Photographer). Also runs a Norman Wisdom site here).

A cross stitched memento given to John on the very last AYBS recording in the studio. A night with lots of tears.

(Image and info used with kind permission from Joyce Powell who has a John Inman Tribute page with many more photos of John Inman).



His convention at Eastbourne.

(Image and info used with kind permission from Joyce Powell who has a John Inman Tribute page with many more photos of John Inman).

John as Superman-advert.

(Image and info used with kind permission from Joyce Powell who has a John Inman Tribute page with many more photos of John Inman).




These 3 images to the left are the Charlie Chaplin plaque unveiling. John is showing me the gold water rat pendant which only comes out on special occasions.

(Images and info used with kind permission from Joyce Powell who has a John Inman Tribute page with many more photos of John Inman).


Photo taken in Amsterdam. Thanks Jan Sloos for this photo!



Caroline Fields appearing with John Inman in Summer season at Eastbourne.

Pat Holloway, John Inman and Caroline Fields. Taken by Guy Holloway of The Holloways (International stars - Husband and wife team Pat and Guy Holloway - Marimba players).

(Above 2 images used with permission from Caroline Fields).

Christopher Farries' Images

1993 Christmas

1998 Christmas

John Inman with Christopher Farries, Tina Hall, and Frank Windsor.

Break time!

Wendy Richard, Emily Symons, Ron Lynch, Christopher Farries and John Inman at the Bristol Hippodrome.


Christopher Farries and John Inman doing an Echo Gag.

1999 Christmas card shot

1999 Christmas card

Covent Garden Flat: Christopher Farris, John Inman, Ron Lynch, Frank Windsor, Agent Phil Dale, and Barbara Windsor.

Christopher Farries on-set with John Inman

Panto Press-Call with Chris Farries, John Inman and Producer Barrie Stead.

Relaxed at home

(All 12 images above used with permission of Christopher Farries (

August 23,1963-"John Inman, as Tommy, gets a spanking from Dad (Peter Harrison), watched by David Berlin, Noelle Finch, Jeremy Hart and Betty Cardno."
Picture courtesy of Weston, Worle and Somerset Mercury.