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Born August 26, 1902 in Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Scotland.
Birth Name: James Campbell McLeod
Died on May 18, 1984 in Crouch End, London, England (UK).


TV Appearances

(1984)"The Invisible Man" (Old Silas)
(1983)Nutcracker (Stage doorman)
(1982)"Jane" Eps 1.1+1.2 (Porter)
(1981-1982)Metal Mickey-Marshal Mickey (Cowboy)
(1981)"Hi-De-Hi!" - Desire in the Mickey Mouse Grotto (Camper At Table)
(1980)Kelly Monteith Ep 2.3
(1980)Dr Who-State of Decay Part 1 (Peasant)
(1980)Enemy at the Door-War Game (Man)
(1979)Dr Who-The Daemons Eps 1+2 (Villager)

(1979)"Tales of the Unexpected" - William and Mary (William Pearl)
Both images ©Anglia Television

(1979)Thomas and Sarah-The Vanishing Lady (Comic)
(1978)Grange Hill Ep 7.17 (Model)

(1978)Bless Me Father-The Doomsday Chair (Old Man)
©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1978)Enemy at the Door-V for Victory(Man)
(1977)"The Goodies" - Dodonuts

(1977)Dad's Army-Number Engaged (Platoon Member)

(1977)"Murder Most English: A Flaxborough Chronicle" - The Flaxborough Crab: Part 1 (Old Man)
(1975)Moll Flanders (Card Player)
(1975)"Oil Strike North" - Headhunters (Commissionaire)
(1975)Churchill's People-America! America! (Adventurer)
(1974)Glen Campbell & Company (Various)
(1973)Doctor in Charge-There's No Fire Without Smoke (Patient)
(1973)Away frim It All-Such a Small World (Elderly Man)
(1972)"Spy Trap" - Who Among Us? (Commissionaire)

(1972)"Upstairs, Downstairs" - Why Is Her Door Locked? (Magistrate)
©LWT (London Weekend Television)

(1971)Doomwatch-The Islanders (Man)
(1967)Adam Adamant Lives!
--The Deadly Bullet (Man in Theater)
--The Survivors (Mourner)
(1966)Seven Deadly Sins-The Erpingham Camp (Group B Member)

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AYBS Timeframe: 1979-1981


"A Personal Problem"
"Anything You Can Do"
"The Junior"





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TV Plays

(1971)ITV Saturday Night Theatre-Tales of Piccadilly: Out of Town Girl (Man)
(1970)ITV Playhouse-Rumour
(1965)"The Wednesday Play" - The Confidence Course (The Unconfident #7)