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Born on March 15, 1926 in London, England (UK).
Known Name Variation: Jean Mockford
Height: 5' 5"


TV Appearances

(2010)Casualty-Chaos Theory (Elsie Curtis)
(2010)"Doctors"-The Informant (Mary Wicklow)
(2008)Hellboy II:The Golden Army (Bag Lady)
(2006)Graham & Alice (Nan)
(2006)"Doctors"- ASBO (Mrs. Ivy Davison)
(2005)The Mighty Boosh-Nanageddon (Old Lady)
(2005)Casanova Ep 1.1 (Noblewoman 2)
(2004)"Stupid" - The Invisible Pet Dragon
(2004)"Casualty"- Much Wants More (Jinny Carter)
(2004)"Little Britain" Ep 2.3
(2003)"Little Britain"- Hard-Boiled Egg Eating (Kenny Craig's Mum)
(2003)"My Hero"- Time and Time Again (Mrs Bartlett)
(2003)"Last of the Summer Wine"- All of a Florrie (Florrie)
(2002)"Doctors"- Hear No Secrets: Part 1 (Beryl Oakley)
(2002)"The Bill"- 008 (Nana)
(2001)"Mr Charity"- Helping People to Help Themselves (Dame Brockenden)
(2001)Londinium/Fourplay (Miss Daniels)

(2000)"One Foot in the Grave" - Things Aren't Simple Anymore (Catholic Woman)

(1990)"Keeping Up Appearances"- Daisy's Toyboy (Mrs. East)

(1986)"Only Fools and Horses"- The Longest Night (Woman in kiosk)

(1986)"Dear John"- Toby (Mrs. Boyd-Peters)
(1985)"Hi-De-Hi!"- The Great Cat Robbery (Marjorie)
(1984)Don't Wait Up Ep 2.4 (Cleaning Lady)
(1983)The Gaffer-Full of Eastern Promise (Shirl)
(1981)"Frankie Howerd Strikes Again"
(1978)"Accident" - Purple One (Night Matron)

(1978)"All Creatures Great and Small"- The Last Furlong (Mrs. Ransom)

(1977)Mr. Big-The Great Betting Shop Swindle
(1976)Lucky Feller-Kath's Family (Second Woman)
(1976)"Angels"- Day Hospital
(1976)"Last of the Summer Wine"- The Great Boarding-House Bathroom Caper (Rose)
(1975)"Doctor on the Go"- Clunk Click (Mrs. Lewis)
(1975)Further Up Pompeii! (Senna the Soothsayer)
(1963-1974)"Dixon of Dock Green" (Miss Lucas/Woman in Street/Mrs. Pope/Hotel Receptionist/Nurse Downs)
(1974)"The Liver Birds"- Girl Saturday (Receptionist)
(1973)"The Kids from 47A"- The Final Demand (Manageress)
(1972)"Z Cars"- Playtime (Mrs. Lawrie)
(1971)"Please Sir!" - A Rather Nasty Outbreak (Mrs. Duffy)
(1971)"Doctor at Large" (Mrs. Lacey)
--- Devon Is Lovely at This Time of Year
--- A Little Help from My Friends

(1970)"Up Pompeii" (Senna the Soothsayer)

All 6 images ©BBC

(1970)"Doctor in the House"- Finals (1st Pregnant Lady)

(1969)"Doctor in the House"- Why Do You Want to Be a Doctor? (First Woman Patient)

©London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1968)"Z Cars"- Honour Among Thieves: Part 1 (Woman)
(1964)"Z Cars"- You Get All Kinds (Nurse)
(1961)Harpers West One
-Ep 1.13 (Woman)
-Ep 1.3 (Mrs Marks)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1976

Episode: "The Father Christmas Affair"



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