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Born on February 10, 1928 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England (UK).
Birth name: John Henry Ringham
(1966-Oct 20, 2008)Hedwig Felizitas Nowacki
(1959 - 1962)Elizabeth Shepherd (divorced)
Has 4 children.
Died October 20, 2008 in England (UK).


TV Appearances

(2008)Wallander-One Step Behind (Elderly Man)
(2008)Doctors-You'll Be a Man, My Son (Max Wickham)
(2008)Nothingness (Johnstad)
(2007)"Comedy Connections"- Just Good Friends
(2005-2007)"The Secret of Eel Island" (Pearl)

(2005)V for Vendetta (Old Man)
©Warner Bros./Silver Pictures/Virtual Studios

(2002)Making Cocoa (Voice of Tlotoxl, High Priest of Sacrifice)
(2002)Remembering 'The Aztecs'
(2000)Lock, Stock...-And a Fistful of Jack & Jills (Duke of Pewsey)
(1997)"Out of Sight"- Teacher's Pets (Mr. Hassocks)
(1997)"Melissa" (Norman)
(1996)"Bramwell" Ep 2.8 (Smythe)
(1995)"The Governor" Ep 1.1 (Judge Simms)
(1991)"Birds of a Feather"- We'll Always Have Majorca (Superintendent Cogart)

(1991)"The Darling Buds of May"- Christmas Is Coming (Doctor Lacey)
© Yorkshire Television (YTV)/Excelsior

(1991)Woof Returns! A Kid's Best Friend (Mr. Blocker)
(1991)Franchise Affair (The Judge)

(1990+1992)"The Piglet Files" (Major Andrew Maxwell)

All images ©LWT London Weekend Television

(1990+2001)London's Burning (Ron Schuster/Chief Fire Officer)
(1989-1993)"Woof!" (Mr Blocker)
(1989)"We Are Seven" Ep 1.1 (Col Rovers)
(1989)No Strings-One Man's Meat (The Butcher)
(1989)"The Bill"- N.F.A. (Doctor)
(1989)Woof! (Mr. Blocker)

(1988)"A Taste for Death" Eps 1.2+1.3 (Miles Kynaston-pathologist)

All 3 images ©Anglia Television

(1988)The Franchise Affair (Judge)
(1988)"Casualty"- Drake's Drum (Keith Cunningham)
(1988)"Hannay"- Voyage into Fear (Manners)
(1988)And There's More
(1987)"The New Statesman"- Three Line Whipping (Police Commander)
(1987)"Terry and June"- The Mole (Major Fawcett)

(1987)Miss Marple: Sleeping Murder (Dr. Penrose)
© British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)/7 Network/A&E Television Networks

(1986)"Taggart" - Death Call (Gordon Latham-Brown)
©SMG Productions/STV Productions

(1986)"Chance in a Million" - Winning Streak (Lorry Driver)
(1986)New World
(1985)"Bergerac"- What Dreams May Come? (Newspaper Editor)
(1985)"The Tripods" Ep 2.3 (Herr Krummel)

(1985)"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" - The Resident Patient (Inspector Lanner)
©Granada Television

(1985)"C.A.T.S. Eyes"- Under Plain Cover (Sir Patrick Swinnerton)
(1983-1986)"Just Good Friends" (Norman Warrender)

(1983)A Married Man (Mr Maitland)
©Tribune Entertainment/London Weekend Television(LWT)

(1983)"The Cleopatras"-51 BC (Pothinius)

(1982)"The Barchester Chronicles" (Finney)

(1982)"Crown Court"-Ignorance in the Field
(1981)"Maybury"-Eddie (Dr. Joe Tarle)
(1981)Goodbye Darling-Daisy (Omerod)
(1980)"Juliet Bravo" (Superintendent Lake)
---The One Who Got Away
---Shot Gun

(1980)"Minder"- Diamonds Are a Girl's Worst Enemy (Harrison)
©Euston Films

(1980)A Tale of Two Cities Part 2 (Attorney General)
(1980)"Cribb"- The Horizontal Witness (James Hepplewhite)

(1979)"All Creatures Great and Small"- Plenty to Grouse About (Charles Harcourt)

Both images ©BBC

(1979)Thundercloud-Don't Go Near the Water (Commodore Cringle)
(1979)"Two's Company"- The Salesman (Neville)
(1979)Flat Bust (Joe)
(1979)"The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris" (Dr. Harris)
(1979)"Flambards" (Percy Adams)
---Flying High
---Edge of the Cloud

---The Cold Light of Day
©YTV (Yorkshire Television)

(1978)Bless Me Father-The Tennis Match (Albert Appleby)

Both images © London Weekend Television (LWT)

(1978)"The Onedin Line"- Men of Honour
(1978)"Angels" - Values (Mr Johnson)
(1978)Rosie-Further Complications (Newman)
(1978)People Like Us-The First Lessons in Love (Mr Goreham)
(1978)"The Wilde Alliance" - A Suspicion of Sudden Death (Rev. Crabbe)
(1978)"Pennies from Heaven"-Says My Heart (Sergeant)
(1978)"The Ghosts of Motley Hall"
--- Party Piece (Ludwig Stumpf)
---Skeleton in the Cupboard: Part 1 (Webster)
(1978)The Lively Arts-Schubert: A Winter's Journey (Hüttenbrenner)
(1977)A Christmas Carol (Charity Gentleman)
(1977)Rogue Male (German Policeman)

(1977)"Raffles"- The Chest of Silver (First Commissionaire)
©Yorkshire Television (YTV)

(1977)"Warship"- Someone, Somewhere (Cmdr. Hirsch)
(1977)"Yes, Honestly"- But I Being Poor Have Only My Watch (Mr. Pammenter)
(1977)"Just William"- William and the Begging Letter (Mr. Peters)
(1977)When the Boat Comes In-A Wreath with Our Names On (Mr Armstrong)
(1976)Dickens of London (Chapman)
(1976)Happy Ever After-Restoration Piece (Mr Marchmont

(1975+1976)"Poldark" (Henshawe)

All 5 images ©BBC

(1975)Sadie, It's Cold Outside Ep 1.2 (Mr Callaghan)
(1975)"Crown Court"- The Mad, Mad Man (Robert Murray)
(1975)"Barlow at Large"- Vindication (Southland)
(1974)"Warship"- The Immortal Enemy (FO Gibraltar)
(1974)Too Much Monkey Business (Mr. Barnes)
(1974)The Dick Emery Show Ep 12.7
(1974)The Inheritors-The Axeman Cometh (Gaster)
(1974)"Moody and Pegg"- His or Hers? (Mr. Bracegirdle)
(1974)"The Aweful Mr. Goodall" - A Good English Breakfast (Carrick)

(1974)"The Protectors"- Trial (Prosecuting Counsel)
©Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

(1974)Softly Softly: Task Force (Chief Inspector Fox)

(1974)"The Pallisers" Eps 1.24+1.25 (Major Tifto)

(1973)"Crown Court"- The Black Poplar (John Butters)
(1973)The Donati Conspiracy Ep 1.1 (Prosecuting Counsel)
(1973)"Barlow at Large"- Trespass (Chief Insp. Tobin)
(1973)"Great Mysteries"- Farewell to the Faulkners (Police Inspector)
(1973)"Spy Trap"- Sullivan (Severin)
(1973)"Menace"- Valentine (Chris)

(1973)"Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em"- The Job Interview (Rigby)

Both images © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1972)"New Scotland Yard"- Hoax (Detective Inspector Clough)

(1972)"Colditz"- Missing, Presumed Dead (Major Dalby)
© Universal Television/British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1972)"The Adventures of Black Beauty"- The Horse Thieves (Henry Bullivant)

(1972)"War & Peace"-Austerlitz (General Savary)
© C.F.S. Kosutnjak/British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1972)To Encourage the Others (Parris)
(1972)"The Liver Birds"- Birds on the Dole (Clerk Of The Court)
(1971)First Churchills-Rebellion (Lord Rochester)
(1971)"Casanova"-Golden Apples (Doctor Rasp)
(1971)The Flaxton Boys (Mr Jackson)
(1971)Justice-The Rain It Raineth (Webb)
(1971)Bachelor Father-Not in Front of the Children (Desmond)
(1971)The Mind of Mr. J.G. Reeder-The Duke (Bentwood)
(1971)Doctor Who (Robert Ashe)
(1971)"Hine"- Missiles for Sale as New-One Owner (Ferguson)
(1971)"Catweazle"- The Familar Spirit (Oscar/Otto Habbleman)
(1970)Whom God Hath Joined (Schoolteacher)
(1970)Diamond Crack Diamond-Not for Sale (Estate agent)

(1970)"Up Pompeii"- The Love Potion (Buntus)

(1970)The Woodlanders-The Stranger
(1970)Germinal-Mob Rule (Pluchart)
(1970)The Worker-You Have Enjoyed the Sweets, Now You Must Suffer the Sours (Cropper)
(1970)Softly Softly: Task Force-A Day's Work (Bradley)

(1969)"Dad's Army"

(1969)"The First Churchills" (Laurence Hyde/Lord Rochester)
(1969)The Fraud Squad-Two Kinds of Crash
(1969)"The First Lady"- All Right for Other People
(1969)"The Troubleshooters"/Mogul- Some of the Mud Is Bound to Stick (Mr. Perfect)
(1969)The Power Game-Special Envoy: Triangles (Leehouse)
(1968)"The Troubleshooters"/Mogul- The Dispossessed (Arthur)

(1968)"The Saint"- The Best Laid Schemes (Dr. Russell)
Both images ©Bamore

(1968)"Nana" (Labordette)
-The Courtesan
-The Actress

(1968)"Dad's Army"-The Man and the Hour (Mr. Bracewell)
All 3 images ©BBC

(1968)"The Railway Children" (Dr. Forrest)
(1968)Resurrection-Dmitri (Gerasimov)

(1967)Solarnauts-Cloud of Death (Tri-S)
© Wonderama Productions

(1967-1974)"Softly Softly" (Bradley/Chief Inspector Fox/Detective Inspector Evans/Reeves/Ralston)
(1967)"The Baron"- The Man Outside (Inspector Duncan)

(1967)"The Forsyte Saga"-Into the Dark (Chankery/Barrister)
© MGM Television/British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

(1966)David Copperfield (Littimer)
---Toll of the Sea
---Old Acquaintances

(1966)"The Avengers"- A Sense of History (Professor Acheson)
gAll 3 images ©ABC Weekend Television

(1965-1975)"Dixon of Dock Green" (Chapman/Wallace/Marshall/Dr Wayman/Mr Wilton/Mark Lawrence)
(1965)"Redcap"- Corporal McCann's Private War (Colonel Morris)
(1965) "No Hiding Place"- Found Dead (Dr. Ellis)
(1965)"R3"- The Forum (Mr. Sarevsky)
(1964)"The Avengers"- The Secrets Broker (Cliff Howard)
(1964-1971)"Doctor Who" (Robert Ashe/Blake)
(1964)"The Protectors"- Happy Is the Loser (DS Jarrett)
(1963)The Plane Makers-Too Much to Lose (Ken Swanson)
(1963)Ghost Squad-The Grand Duchess (Farley)
(1962-1974)"Z Cars" (Garrett/Dr Parks/Les Tarrant/Mr Brownley/Dave Daley/Owen)
(1962)"The River Flows East" (Detective Sgt. Wendall)
(1962)"Studio 4 "- Comrade Jacob

(1962)Very Important Person/A Coming-Out Party (Plum Pouding)
© Independent Artists

(1961)Galileo (Voice of Narrator)
(1961)Doctor Faustus Eps 1.1+1.2 (Emperor/Chorus Speaker)
(1961)A Coming Out Party (Plum Pouding)
(1961)Deadline Midnight-The Unforgiven (Bert)
(1960)"R.C.M.P."- The Rustler (Bank Manager)
(1960)"An Age of Kings" (Berkeley/Vintner/Humphrey/Fang/Porter/Father That Killed Son/Sir William Catesby/Duke of Gloucester)
(1960)Mill of Secrets-The Auction (Auctioneer)
(1960)Formula for Danger-A Red Dawn Tomorrow (Marchbanks)
(1959)Bleak House Ep 1.11 (Brickmaker)
(1959)Hilda Lessways Ep 1.3 (Dr. Heve)
(1959)Julius Caesar (Trebonius)
(1957)"Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans"- The Ethan Allen Story (Big Jake)

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AYBS Stats

AYBS Timeframe: 1974

Episode: "The Clock"



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-Appeared in television commercials for Terrys chocolate oranges.


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TV Plays

(1984)Theban Plays: Antigone (Chorus)
(1982)"BBC Play of the Month"- The White Guard (Major von Dust)
(1981)Play for Today-No Visible Scar (Man on Plane)
(1980)"BBC2 Playhouse"- Lifelike
(1978)BBC2 Play of the Week: Stargazy on Zummerdown (Alf Smith)
(1975)"Play for Today"- After the Solo (Foreman)
(1973)Armchair Theatre-Brussels Sprouts-Boy Scouts (Skip)
(1973)ITV Saturday Night Theatre-The Death of Adolf Hitler (Walter Wagner)
(1972)"BBC Plays"-To Encourage the Others (Parris)
(1969)The Wednesday Play:The Sad Decline of Arthur Maybury (Schoolmaster)
(1965)ITV Play of the Week-Four of Hearts #2:Please Love My Wife